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Alison Downes

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Alison Downes
Address Elanora QLD 4221
Servicing Areas Elanora, Queensland
Mobile 0409 760 543

Gentle, effective chiropractic care for all the family.

Alison Downes

Vector Point Cranial Therapy

Vector Point Cranial Therapy (V.P.C.T.) is a gentle, effective chiropractic technique that uses specific reflex points to activate spinal muscles, realign the spine and relieve pressure on spinal nerves.

V.P.C.T. is particularly helpful with:
  • Tension headache

  • Back pain! Neck pain

  • Pelvic imbalance

  • Energy levels

  • Spinal subluxations

  • General health & wellbeing

  • Recovery from illness & trauma

  • Stress

One analogy often used to describe VPCT is that of using braces to straighten teeth. In the case of VPCT, the muscles surrounding the spine are stimulated to pull the misaligned vertebrae into alignment. This is a process of re-educating the muscles to function properly.

For those who are unable to receive standard chiropractic adjustments due to osteoporosis, specific illness, difficulty relaxing, etc. V.P.C.T. provides a very safe, alternative method.


Over a period of 17 years, Alison has explored many techniques for treatment including:
  • Kinesiology

  • N.E.T. (emotional release)

  • S.O.T (sacro occipital technique)

  • Nutrition

  • body talk

  • Vector Point Cranial Therapy

in practice, Alison draws upon this body of &nowledge to give a wholistic approach to selecting the best technique to suit the needs of each individual.

Alison Downes graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Science (1991) and then from Macquarie University in with a Masters Degree in ChiropractIc (1994).

Service Categories

Applied Kinesiology, BodyTalk, Chiropractic