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Wisdom Body

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Amanda Patterson
Address Mullumbimby NSW 2482
Servicing Areas Ocean Shores, New South Wales
Mobile 0421 079 644

Massage and nervous system healing
Deeply present, grounded and connected.

Wisdom Body

Make pleasure your guide.
For women sensitive by temperament or due to traumas accumulated in life

Hi, I’m Amanda, a Body-Passionate explorer of the human psyche. I help people unwind trauma and frozen patterns in the emotions, mind and body accumulated through accidents, trauma and illness. I am also passionate about self-care for women and parents and run programs to support them to fill their own well and come home to themselves.

Trained in Somatic ExperiencingTM, years of training in body work, energetic healing, conscious dance and Vipassana meditation. I Love, love, LOVE my work. (It's one of those marriages made in heaven!!)

I am passionate about helping people get the support and nurturing they need to live a balanced and happy life. I take my time with each person who calls to get really clear what it is they need and want and whether I am the right fit for them. I especially love treating women and pregnant women and assisting them to drop deeper into their bodies, Relax and feel held.

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If you'd like to know more about me, read on below….

I am a qualified remedial and pregnancy masseuse, and Somatic Experiencing therapist with over 13 years experience working with people from many walks of life, in day spas and in my private practice. My services are perfect for sensitive people, those wanting to feel more alive and comfortable in their skin and people suffering from the effects of trauma (mental, emotional or physical).

With experiential study in the self-development and healing fields spanning two decades, I understand the intricate interweaving of the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Utilizing deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, Reiki, and Somatic Experiencing, I treat each client as a unique expression of their life experience, hopes and dreams. I work with compassion, presence and a playful attitude, and Love my work.

I am qualified in Somatic Experiencing ™ which heals stress and trauma via the nervous system. This training informs my massage sessions with an understanding of the human organism in terms of fight, flight and freeze, the ways we get “stuck” in any of these states, and the ways we can create movement and flow again. This translates into a compassionate and sensitive reading of your energy as I massage and a deeply nurturing experience for you.

My intention is to assist the body’s innate wisdom to bring itself back to balance, bringing You a greater sense of enjoyment, vitality, peace and harmony in your life. If you are truly committed to experiencing the best you can be, I’d love to help you.

What Clients have said:
"Thank you Amanda for the best neck and shoulder massage I have ever had. Your intuitive, healing presence felt very clear and strong for me. I appreciate your help with clearing energy and your very soft warm hands"
- Megan Edwards, Hand in Hand; Parenting by Connection Coach and mother.

"Amanda. I enjoyed your sensitive caring presence, which held a safe and gentle space for me to melt into and unfurl... In gratitude"
Coral Nuten Jones; Trauma Resolution, Holistic Counseling and Somatic Experiencing therapist

"Amanda is very very very good! Thank you for being here"
Sal Martin, Retreat Leader, Yoga Teacher and Whole Food Chef

"Lovely, thank you, I feel so much more in harmony with life"
- Matt, Remedial Masseuse

"Thank you for honoring my body mind and spirit. Your touch was so connected, sensitive and aware. I feel truly held. Much gratitude"
Elushia Sheehan, Remedial Masseuse and Somatic Experiencing therapist.

"Such a great way to spend an hour of my day! I feel so peaceful and relaxed, always leave feeling great from here."

- Katherine Clark, mother

"Amanda has worked for Radiance Retreats on a number of occasions and received excellent feedback each time. She is intuitive and individually tailors each massage to suit the needs of each client. I have also experienced Amanda's massage and I really enjoy the way she is very present to the clients' needs or requests"
- Anthea Amore, Healing Space Coordinator at Radiance Retreats

"Thank you Amanda, I love receiving massages from you. I feel completely safe and nurtured to let go, by you being present and intuitive to what i need. Your massages are always so whole, thorough, deep, releasing and nurturing"
Natasha Hain, Pregnancy yoga teacher, Aum facilitator, Red Tent Yoga Byron Bay co-manager

"Amanda supported our detox retreat by providing lymphatic drainage massage to our guests. Amanda's professionalism, skilled expertise, and warm, open-hearted nature made it a pure pleasure to work with her. Our guests reported feeling blissful, rejuvenated, and deeply relaxed after their sessions with Amanda and felt at ease in her presence. I would highly recommend Amanda as an advanced healing practitioner."
- Neti Read, Director, Sahaaja Detox Retreat

“Fabulous. Best massage Ever! Thank you for being present with me through the treatment. Sensitive and beautiful touch"

- Nathalie Verdejo, Fine Artist, Channel, Reiki Master and Masseuse

For more information or to see how I can help you contact me today!!

Ready to book a session? Call or text me on 0421079644


  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Somatic Experiencing SEP
  • Island Style Pregnancy Massage
  • Certificate of Reiki Mastery
  • Bachelor of Social Science
  • Senior First Aid Certificate

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