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Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Tanja Luck
Servicing Areas Western Australia
Mobile 0421 774 131

With over 18 years experience specialising in the Field of Water Exercise Therapy, Energy Medicine and Wellbeing, we have worked alongside some of the best Specialists in the field. Delivering Technically excellent Practitioner Training Courses, Community Health programs, Seminars and specialised individual consultations.

About us continues to contribute significant Aquatic exercise training and Community wellbeing programs/Services. provides expertise and tailored water exercise therapy training for individuals, Community groups, Sporting groups, Corporate and the Health Spa Industry.

AQUAWELLBEING MINI PROMO from Robert Koenig-luck on Vimeo.

Summary of Services

Try Community open sessions in aquabalance R ( water dance, flow, chi, pilates and yoga ) water flotations and water meditation, antenatal sessions, deep water running, aqua step, aqua combat, aquazumba.
We also offer ancient dance for energy balance, and yoga for pain management and relaxation.
Practitioner Certification in the Nationally recognised Aquatic Exercise Professional course, Emergency Water rescue response for critical incidents,Water Therapy & Water fitness courses, plus National Industry guidelines for safe exercise practice and technical specifics for special population groups. We also run Senior First Aid courses for Community and Fitness Industry Professionals.

Community and Government Organisations engage in our Motivational Wellbeing seminars, inhouse yoga, ancient dance for womens health forums, energetic balancing sessions and water wellbeing getaway retreat programming.

Water exercise equipment

Our Partners sell Unique innovative aquatic equipment such as water bikes, tredmill, gym, step + hydrotherapy tools. To compliment these we offer educational information discs, poolside resources and unique water meditation relaxation tools.


Well-being is more than being physically fit and practising good nutrition. It is fluid like water, constantly changing form. It is also determined by you, noo-one else can define it for you.

Your well-being state may include feeling centred, calm, content, having ample daily energy or simply having quality rest time. When we have the capacity to be flexible, creative, and are moving with a sense of purpose, we tend to feel more balanced.

Our Purpose aims to empower individuals and communities by engaging them in creative water and wellbeing experiences drawing from the age old healing properties of water combined with wellness wisdom from across the globe.

Many of us spend our lives focusing on a wealth retirement plan, and we may overlook the need to create a well-being plan. If we don't acknowledge our well-being as a priority, we may find we are not well enough to enjoy our retirement.

Our Mind is incredibly powerful and can influence chemical changes in the body; we can create an attitude that leads us to dis-ease or good health. The mind is in charge with how we decide to live our lives and the reassuring news is, we can positively program the mind. We may not be able to change our genetics, but we can positively have an influence on the environmental factors that influence our health. Water is one powerful healing and vital environmental element that can influence our overall health both internally and externally.

Our Water Philosophy

By blending the element of water with wellbeing concepts we begin to increase the awareness of our own energy) beginning with the sensation of water against our own body, we can recognise muscular tension, tightness, breath, our emotional state and in the long term, reoccurring patterns that exist in our lives. With this deepened awareness we are more able to accurately read our own energy and the energy of others around us. This knowledge helps us to shift our habitual ways of seeing and responding in the world. We begin to move with our authentic essence energy rather than resisting, and thereby strengthening our wellbeing states.Moving effortlessy and being present in the moment is the KEY.

We Can Offer You

We provide training on your site or centre for your Community group in Senior First Aid, Emergency Water Rescue: or even brief seminars in optimum health & wellbeing, yoga dance: or therapeutic chair massage: at your community event.We can either individualise a water exercise rehabilitation program for you in your home or conduct specific aquatic exercise courses at your Corporate venue, School or Lifestyle pool.

BA Sci, BA Language, National Presenter,Certified Trainer Assessor, Aquatic Emergency Rescue Examiner,Certified Senior First Aid Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist,Advanced level Arhatic Yoga Pranic Therapist, Registered Exercise Therapist American Fitness Association + Fitness Australia, National Presenter.

Service Categories

Antenatal Classes, Energy Healing, Exercise Physiology, Meditation, Personal Trainers, Pilates, Pranic Healing, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Womens Health, Yoga

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