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Being Well Centre

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Andrea Sun
Address By appointment only: clinic, phone or skype
2- 39 Enoggera TCE
Redhill QLD 4059
Servicing Areas Brisbane Qld, Australia, NZ & Internationally (Phone/Skype)
Phone 07 3106 7226

Are you concerned that you won’t feel better?

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee our results…..

Most of our clients feel improved wellbeing overall. We guarantee you’ll feel improved wellbeing after 3 sessions and following our suggestions, or the next one is FREE! (minimum 4 hours, within 1 month).
  • Health Fund Rebates instantly!

  • Are you open to different, effective natural methods to resolve health disorders and improve your life?

  • Are you looking just for a relaxing, nurturing session?

  • Or are you interested in Being Well for Life (mind, body & heart balance)?

  • Would you like stay more naturally relaxed, balanced and empowered during all of lifes changes and uncertainty?

  • Would you like to be more relaxed and healthy in a more fun, natural way?

  • Are you in pain? Back pain? Neck pain?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed? Tired? Stressed?

  • Do you have the flu?

  • Are you experiencing restless or poor sleep? Waking up tired?

  • Worried about the future?

  • Gynaecological problems?

  • Like someone to talk to?

  • Need help- physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually?

  • Relationship stress?

  • Feel low or depressed?

  • Headaches?

  • Sports injuries? Operations?

  • Need clarity re work direction?

  • Sinus?

  • Poor digestion? Constipation?

Whats unique about us? Here's 17 reasons to choose us....
  1. We offer individual single sessions or combination sessions to support the whole of you: mind, body & spirit. This leads to more long term results.

  2. Being Well for NOW or Being Well for LIFE sessions/packages

  3. Acupuncture Scar Bridging Specialists: We bridge scars with fine, sterile acupuncture needles, to remove scar blockages and restore blood flow to muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and organs.

  4. We are 100% committed to supporting your individual needs.
    Each session is thorough and well targeted to the problem. We take the time to treat you as a whole person- symptoms and underlying causes.

  5. Professional, confidental, relaxed and comfortable environment.

  6. We teach you simple, effective, natural self-care maintenance techniques or products you can use at home and work. eg. Qi Gong tips, AcupPressure Points, Breathing & Relaxation Techniques, 5min Meditations you can do anywhere, environmental tips, dietary support

  7. Our motto is to support you to: Be naturally relaxed, healthy, happy - being you! And bring more relaxation, fun, flow and enjoyment in life. (Instead of giving you lots of shoulds and shouldn'ts, which stresses us out more).

  8. Neck and shoulder heat pack on arrival.

  9. In winter, the room is heated, and we use nurturing, cosy "heated towels", and a light blanket for your massage- so you can totally relax and not get cold!

  10. Easy free street parking

  11. Nervous needles, or have children that are scared- don't worry!
    We can use simple and effective AcupPressure with fingers, orAcuPressure Balls instead!

  12. Need support after the session- depending on what you need we, we can give you an AcuPressure Ball on an Acupuncture Point to continue the positive relaxing effect.
    Or some natural health products eg. essences or electromagnetic products

  13. Professional, caring, supportative practitioners

  14. Unique Meditation Massage

  15. We teach Pellowah Healing Courses: Level 1 & 2, so you can maintain long term wellbeing, relaxation, inner strength and empowerment through all of lifes changes. It gives you more independence, self sufficiency and enables you to support the ones you love for the rest of your life- free of charge!!!! (See Pellowah Healing Testimonials)

  16. Referral Gift Card
    If you refer a friend, you receive $10 off your next appt, as a thankyou!

  17. Discount "Being Well for Life Packages"
    Invest in your health now and save $$$ later!
    Save from $60 upwards with each package.

  18. Can't travel, Sick in Bed? Interstate or Overseas?
    Phone/Skype sessions available & Distant Pellowah Healings

Gift Vouchers & Instant Health Rebates available.
Invest now in your Health & save $$$ later.....

Ring (07) 3106 7226 for more information.
Guaranteed results