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Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Peter Chen
Address 223 Parramatta RD
Annandale NSW 2038
Phone Enquiries : 02 9560 9347
Mobile Enquiries: 0411 377 938

Don’t tell me what’s wrong, because I'll find out and tell you!

Sydney Natural Therapy & Chinese Medicine

If you don't know what's wrong with your computer, how can you repair it ?

You can visit my website or to find more information for different diseases. We have to understand the real cause and full picture of the disease to guide us to cure your disease.

Unique Logical Medicine can use basic medical knowledge and common sense to explain the real underlying cause of your medical problem and help you to understand why and how these diseases arise.... When I see you and look at the full picture of your problem, I will understand the real cause and relationships between the symptoms, causes and consequences of your disease. Because all your organs function together, they work and support each other. On the other hand, one organ or some organs can not function properly or in a poor condition, they will affect each other and your general health will decline, you will suffer some symptoms or disease.

According to the changing signs of your body and their relationships, I can logically deduce your organs and system's functioning and the symptoms, causes and consequences of your disease. Only when the medical practitioner who can fully understand the real cause of your health problem and the diseases, they are able to tell you the problem and the real cause of your medical problem and why without ask you any question.

It will make sense to you. My methods are accurate and have been proved by over 26 years of clinical practice. The treatment is effective, natural and safe. It treats both symptoms and causes of disease and cures many severe diseases and medical problems. The Best Therapy is to improve your own health to cure the diseases. You can visit my website or to find more information for different diseases. It is certainly worth it for you come to see me from far away or even from overseas.

Many patients come to see me from far away of Sydney and the different states of Australia, some of them even come from oversea, they are very satisfied with their results.

  • Logical Medicine. Sydney Acupuncture / Acupressure
  • Electric acupuncture with deep herbal massage without needles.
  • Sydney Natural therapy and Chinese Medicine improve own immune system to fight cancer and reduce side effects from chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  • Naturopathy TCM for pregnancy and healthy baby.
  • Sydney acupuncture IVF support pregnancy.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine TCM prevent miscarriage support natural pregnant centre.
  • Sydney Naturopathic Medicine. Holistic Naturopath & Naturopathy.
  • Sydney Iridology. Chinese Medicine. Natural Herbal Medicine.
  • Sydney Reflexology. Energy Healing. Sydney Physiotherapy.
  • Natural Therapy for infertility. IVF Support, Natural herbal medicine support IVF. TCM. Herbal Medicine Support. IVF Preparation. Women’s disease,
  • Endometriosis, No period, severe period pain, irregular bleeding. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Alternative Medicine and Treatments to support Cancer patients and reduce the side effect from chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  • Natural therapy to improve Severe Depression, Anxiety. Panic attack. Severe Migraine and headache, Cluster Headaches. Sleep disorder. Sleep apnea.
  • Insomnia. Alzheimer’s disease. Natural way to quit smoking
  • Weight Loss Therapy for overweight and obesity. Special healthy diets to lose weight.
  • Remedial Massage Therapy. Herbal Deep Tissue Massage Therapy.
  • Skin Disease. Severe Acne, Severe eczema, Psoriasis.
  • Sport Injuries, Arthritis & pain Therapy.
  • Counselling. Colon cleaning. Colon irrigation. Liver cleaning therapy. Cupping. Holistic Doctor
  • Ear needles therapy. QI Gong. Osetopathy therapy. Exercise Physiology. Homoeopathy. Feng Shui.
  • Dietitian. Nutrition. Lymphatic Cleaning Therapy. Iridology to find diseases and medical problem.

In only one consultation ($30), I can explain possible causes of your problem or disease.

You can visit my website or to find more information for different diseases.For more information, please call me or make an appointment to see me, I will explain to you using common sense and cure your problem.

223 Parramatta Road Annandale Sydney Inner West New South Wales 2038

The process of diagnosis by Logical Medicine is similar to that of using common and basic mathematical formulas to solve a mathematics problem step by step. It will make sense to most people who are willing to open their minds and look at the explanations with a scientific eye.

I will explain everything to you using general medical knowledge and common sense. It will make sense to you. The treatment is effective, natural and safe. It treats both symptoms and causes in many cases of different medical problems. I established Logical Medicine 26 years ago.

Logical Medicine is based on logic and common sense to explain the real cause.

Logical Medicine, Chinese Medicine & Natural Therapy Clinic use combined treatments to treat the real cause of the disease Logical Medicine. Chinese Medicine.

Therapy for Neurological diseases:

  • Severe Depression, Anxiety
  • Panic attack
  • Severe Migraine headache, Cluster headache and dizziness, Vertigo balance disorder
  • Alzheimer's disease.
  • Mental illness
  • Natural Fertility therapy for Infertility
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Miscarriage.
  • Low libido, IVF, IUI, ICSI & ART preparation
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Endometriosis No period, severe period pain, Amenoroeah, Irregular period
  • Anovulation
  • Fibroids
  • Low sperm count
  • Poor sperm quality
  • Poor sperm motility
  • Sperm defects
  • Impotence, Low libido, Premature
  • Ejaculation, etc.
  • Sydney Acupuncture / Acupressure
  • Sydney Naturopath & Naturopathy
  • Natural Therapy to treat the real cause
  • Sydney Chinese Medicine
  • Chinese Herbal medicine
  • Sydney Western Herbal medicine
  • Natural herbal Medicine
  • Weight loss therapy for overweight, obesity
  • Special healthy diets to lose weight
  • Sport injuries therapy & Natural Pain healing and relief
  • Traditional Chinese medicine TCMRemedial therapy
  • Remedial massage therapy
  • Deep herbal massage therapy
  • Remedial sport, Deep tissue massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Massage: Chinese ( Tuina) , Sports, Deep tissue, RemedialArthritis, neck & back pain therapy, osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis.Naturopathy & Reflexology Therapy
  • Nutrition & Diet advice It tell you what is the best diet for you to absorb more nutrients form the food what you eat.
  • Iridology

The clinic has been operating for over 26 years and featured in the following publications:

  • Sydney Morning Herald (11/5/94 p15
  • The Western Suburbs Courier (19/9/90 p13
  • Glebe & Western Weekly (13/2/91 p15
  • For Me Magazine (28/1/998 p17)

If you would like to come and see me, please call me and make an appointment.

Hours : Monday-Friday  9.30am-6.00pm , Saturday: 9am-1pm

Address: 223 Parramatta Rd, Annandale 2038

Tel :02 9560 9347

Call for a free chat, I will help you understand the real cause of your problem and the best way to treat it First clinic consultation only. $30. Treatment $60 (45 min1 hour). Treatment and herbs, if desired, are billed separatelyRebate available for some health funds

Easy parking or 10min walk from Stanmore stationLocation in Annandale on Parramatta Rd between Young & Macquarie stBuses from CBD about 10 minutes. Bus no: 413, 435, 436, 437, 438, 440, 461, 480 & 483. Get off bus after Young St, opposite shell patrol station.


Peter have studied both Western and Chinese medicine in Medical College of Guangzhou China and received his degree level training in Western and Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China.

Experience 28 years clinical experience in TCM, Natural Therapy and Western medicine and used to work as an orthopedic surgeon in Guangzhou China (including time at Guangzhou Hospital, China and 26 years of private practice in Sydney.)
I have created and developed Logical Medicine. This unique medical science is able to find out all real causes of chronic diseases using general medical knowledge and common sense. Logical Medicine can also find out the real cause of the diseases without asking patients any questions. This is a great break through in medical science fields.

AccreditationA.N.T.A. : Australian Natural Therapy Association
T.C.M.A. : Traditional Chinese Medicine Association
ADDRESS223 Parramatta RoadAnnandale, NSW, 2038

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