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Bowen Dynamics Training Facility

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Getting on to the main reason for the email is to give you a report on Roy’s methods of Nerve Dynamics. I have used it on every client since the course and I am pleasantly surprise by the results. Only one psoas did not respond and it is a very deep seated one and even deep pressure and 10 minute rubbing did not fully release it, although it did improve it. However all other psoas conditions where I use primarily leg length discrepancies and sacral misalignments as my main assessment tools all responded well realigning themselves correctly. So although it is early days yet it is all looking very good.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge on what appears to be a key in not only making soft tissue therapy effective but that it literally means that we can work smarter rather than harder.
Kind regards

Neil Skilbeck (chiropractor & one of “Tom’s Boy’s”)

Email from Neil to other course participants & their feedback
It is about 10 days since Roy Brown introduced us to his methods that he calls Nerve Dynamics. Although it is early days yet I have found on the few clients that I have treated that the response of the bones to the newer method has been at least on a par with the normal cross fibre that we are all used to. I have performed my measurements of leg length and sacrum before and after the treatment and I have been pleasantly surprised how well the bones have shifted. My mind still cannot grasp it but it seems to be working.

Neil Skilbeck (chiropractor & one of “Tom’s Boy’s”)

I have been using Roy’s method with interesting results. I came home and worked on Neil & found it very hard to find nerve points that worked. It seems that you have to activate some points on these difficult people before you start. These seem to be people with pain or those who have many problems in their body. I tried this and it worked better. I have used the psoas and lymphatic moves with success.

Rosemary B NSW

I have been using the technique and have found it very effective. Occasionally I have had to cross fibre a Psoas lesion to gain full release but I did it while holding a nerve, either at 7th rib or sciatic and it has released with a couple of moderately gentle movements.

I have asked my patients for their feedback and so far they all prefer the new approach even though some have been surprised at how tender or sensitive a nerve point can be. Some have added that they have felt things shifting and realigning throughout the whole body after a release in just one area. I like mixing things up as you know and am finding that adding Roy's work to what I already know is making treatment easier on both myself and my patients and I am completing each treatment in less time, which is an added bonus.

Caroline B Qld

The nerve bundle between second and third toes (Morton’s neuroma) seems to have disappeared. My wife does not have the pain there that she had before. So, I presume that Roy’s techniques have worked. I check it reasonably often and the ganglion dos not appear to be there. I will keep checking to see if it appears, but to date it is not evident.

John P WA

Just a short note to let you know of another success that I have had with Nerve Dynamics. It’s not the only success, as in most cases I will release a muscle on most people that I treat. However this is a bit special.
A friend of ours was visiting from Victoria (Bendigo). She has had a sore left shoulder for some ten years. Hasn’t been able to lie on her left side for that period of time. I’m still learning the technique and am having much success with it, but this was something else again. The technique fixed the shoulder (I forgot to tell you that she has had treatment for the shoulder from many different areas – not Bowen however). Was she happy – you bet. Was I happy, you bet.

John P WA

I rate this course as equal to the best I've ever attended. Roy is to be commended on his unique interpretation of this modality. Simple principles = advanced Understanding. John G Gold Coast QLD

Blew my mind! Fabulous weekend, so so much to absorb. Terry M-F Moree NSW

Brilliant! I love this course and got so much out of it. Thank you both so much! Thank you for passing on your knowledge. Jill H Mudgeeraba QLD

Felt more relaxed than some other courses, very informal yet informative. Valuable information, well presented. Judith B Stones Corner QLD

Great Value. I'll come again for a revision! Dagmar V Gold Coast QLD

Extremely well planned and presented. Would love to do another one in the future. Marilyn S Currumbin Waters QLD

I found being able to ask questions and ask for a demonstration on myself excellent. Thank you. I wish you all the best with this. PRACTITIONERS NEED YOU! Jenny W Sarina QLD

How can you learn so much at a basic Bowen weekend? I came away with a new, natural and logical way to work after all of these years. Lawrence M Coromandel Valley SA

Opened up the mind to unlimited possibilities in resolving problems. This was the best all over Bowen course that I have been on. Gayle P Valentine NSW

If I had been to this when I was beginning Bowen I would have understood it better. Can I attend another one please? Lynne F The Basin VIC

This is a huge eye opener. I wish you had been around 14 years ago. So many answers to questions I’ve been asking. Fascinating. Maggie B Sussex England

It was an interesting and fascinating perspective on Bowen. This has opened up a huge new avenue to understanding Bowen. This weekend definitely has the WOW factor! It opens Bowen up in the way of understanding it on an unlimited level, which, in my understanding is how Tom worked. Greg L Raymond Terrace NSW

Good to have the how and why moves work, Roy's explanation really enhanced my confidence using Bowen. Dale M Nowra NSW

This two day course helps you incorporate the use of nerves and leaves you wondering how much more can be achieved performing your Bowen moves. The use of the nerves acts as an amplifier for your moves and as such is an innovative approach with extraordinary results. Susan C Prospect SA

Hello from Darwin.
I have just finished four days of fascinating teaching from Roy Brown and Ann D’Arcy (Brown). I’m pleased to say they came to Darwin to have a look and also to deliver four fascinating days of Bowen tuition. I am very grateful being one of only two students attending the Nerve Dynamics and Hormone Dynamics courses presented by these two Dynamic people.
Darwin has a population of around 300,000. Complimentary therapies are not abundant but do exist. Unfortunately finding willing participants for the two courses proved difficult. At the end of the day we had two students with two teachers. How lucky were we.
We were introduced to Bowen Nerve Dynamics by Roy, a veteran of the subject. His passion and knowledge regarding nerve and muscle involvement in Bowen Therapy is a marvel. The two days were jam packed with remarkable stories about people receiving Bowen Therapy using techniques involving the nerves as well as muscles. From head to toe the new moves we were taught by Roy were simple yet powerful. Activating the nerves to help enhance the Bowen move made complete sense. After all Tom Bowen was quoted to say “I use Muscles and Nerves” (Government enquiry into natural therapies, Webb Report). It would appear he was right. A full two days of sparking up nerves and muscles from dawn to dusk. (A shame Roy and Ann missed the sunset at Mindil Beach both days, boy Roy can chat)
The next two days were a little less hectic. Typical Arian, a very orderly and organised Ann and Hormone Dynamics. We could all relate to it, three girls, three sets of 50 year old hormones. We waited with baited breath for Ann to give us the answers, cure us from those sweaty moments, those sleepless nights, the memory loss, the cranky moods, the bloating. Her delivery was impeccable, with every hormonal explanation from conception, to birth, to growing up, to growing old. Then to our joy we were taught a progression of amazing Bowen moves and other helpful hints that would help treat many of the hormonal imbalances in our lives.
Timed to perfection, we walked away with a wealth of knowledge that can only enhance our practise of Bowen Therapy and Roy could finally take Ann off to East Point to catch a glorious Darwin sunset. Great Bowen education and pick up great recipes too (ask about the sesame balls)



I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I feel I have been able to learn and retain this and I feel comfortable giving advice and a treatment. Thankyou, I have learnt so much. Dyann F Norfolk Island

I really enjoyed your course. You’re a great teacher. Very informative and I like your step by step process of explaining moves and what they influence. Mandy H NSW

Much more enjoyable, was able to retain more and felt more than ever before. The notes are really comprehensive, fabulous! Thankyou! Julianna P NSW

Better organised, excellent manual!!! Theory & practice well-balanced.
Coni M NSW

Very enjoyable workshop, excellent delivery. Instructor obviously passionate about the subject matter. Karen A NSW

The workbook is much better & explains why we do certain protocols. It was very informative. Love combining moves with nerves – so much more effective. Georgina A NSW

More informal, more informative, and a fun way of taking the knowledge in and sharing with others. Ema S NSW

More content looking at a deeper perspective on hormones and the environment. Brigita T SA

Totally invaluable, fantastic. Tony K SA

There is more foundation in this course than previous. Useful discussion between participants on what is found during learning process. I'm very happy with the extra tools I now have from your course. Thank you! Kirsty-Lee J SA

Enjoyable and informative experience. Ann explains how and why well. Caroline B SA

Very informative, very easy to follow with plenty of explanations. Definitely needs to follow on from 'Nerve Dynamics' as it seems to flow on. Much easier to understand than previous courses with the same topic however it was also very different. Marianne G WA

Much more informed than previous hormone course. Arthur M WA

Great course, DO IT! Combined with 'Nerve Dynamics' really adds value to your practice. Gail M WA

Great course, instruction and exchanges of information. Genuine moves, gives you confidence to work with pregnancy and babies. Matt J WA

This information has and will allow my business to expand and offer new hope to females and males. Steve S NSW

Good professional delivery, heaps of info in a short period of time. Personal history of severe endometriosis – immediate reduction in pain. Judith D NSW

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