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A Better You...Naturally

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Leanne Stockwell
Address 10 Ironwood CRT
Arana Hills QLD 4054
Servicing Areas Gaythorne, Queensland
Phone 07 3355 0684
Mobile 0418 750 039

Naturopathic medicine and anti-ageing technology

A Better You...Naturally

A Better You is a specialised Naturopathic clinic in Gaythorne, Brisbane – with a strong emphasis on Kinesiology. Our focus is to get you WELL and keep you at OPTIMUM health.

How do we achieve this?

We use a successful combination of Kinesiology, Naturopathic Medicines such as vitamins, minerals and herbs, and dietary and lifestyle changes. We also address any emotional issues which may be related to your health condition.

In our clinic we focus on integrating conventional health sciences with natural therapy and traditional medicines. This allows us to treat your physical, mental and emotional state as a whole.

The founding philosophy of naturopathic medicine is “the healing power of nature”. Your body was born with an innate ability to heal and repair itself. Once your body is given the right support, the healing will begin. This is our goal when treating you and keeping you well.


Kinesiology is a valuable and non-intrusive method of detecting such things as stress, hormone imbalances, deficiencies, organ weakness and structural problems occurring within your body. It is also a great way to treat health problems and re-establish balance. Your particular health issues may be due to a number of things including emotional issues, behavioural habits, neurological ‘wiring’ or physical trauma.

Kinesiology uses the body itself as a diagnostic tool. By simply testing strength and weakness in a muscle such as an arm muscle, it is able to show us where and what the problems are. With the added help of Homeopathic test kits we are able to be very specific in pinpointing your major health concerns.

Fertility and Hormones

At North Brisbane Naturopathic Centre we are focused on helping you achieve a healthy, stress-free conception AND pregnancy. Our goal is then to keep you at OPTIMUM health before and after your baby comes into the world.

Fertility in both prospective parents can be greatly impaired by the effects of toxins such as chemicals (from food and the environment), heavy metals (such as mercury), radiation (from computers, electrical equipment and microwaves), food allergies/sensitivities (to foods such as wheat and dairy), nutritional deficiencies (like zinc and essential fatty acids), as well as by hormone imbalance in general.

Weight Loss

There is a HUGE amount of conflicting information out there about weight loss. So let’s explain a few things:

For you to successfully lose weight, two things have to happen: •Your body’s metabolism needs to be working efficiently •You need a program that is right for you!!


We use a simple muscle test to confirm whether or not you are sensitive to a particular substance. In a one hour visit we can test your body against any and all of the above substances (and more) and assess exactly what your problem ‘allergens’ are.

Diagnostic Tests

In order to assist us in diagnosis and treatment of your particular health issues we rely on the information provided by a variety of diagnostic and pathology tests.

Leanne Stockwell

Leanne completed her Naturopathic and Herbal Diplomas in Brisbane at the Australian College of Natural Medicine. She has now been practicing in Brisbane for 10 years. Leanne uses her Naturopathic knowledge as well as her skills in Kinesiology and allergy assessment and treatment to get to the CAUSE of your health Issues and get you back to being HEALTHY and free from Illness.

Leanne is well-known for her work in the areas of hormone imbalance, thyroid disorders, allergies, weight loss and detoxification. She also loves working in the areas of fertility and pre-conception care.

One of Leanne’s greatest tools is Kinesiology. It helps her to diagnose and treat many disorders in a more effective way. Leanne is able to pinpoint your health problems and is then able to identify the best treatment regime for you personally. The result is that you feel better much more quickly.

Service Categories

Allergy Testing / Treatments, Herbalists, Iridologists, Kinesiology, Natural Fertility Management, Naturopaths, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Womens Health

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