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CaS Therapy – Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Clinical Supervision, Newport, Melbourne and surrounding

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Cas Willow
Address 28 Mason ST
Servicing Areas NEWPORT, Victoria
Phone (03) 9327 2293
Mobile 0428 655 270

CaS Therapy is a unique blend of Conscious and Subconscious Therapies, that has been developed by Cas Willow who is a Qualified Professional Counsellor and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist who "Helps You Gets Results".

CaS Therapy – Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Clinical Supervision, Newport, Melbourne and surrounding

Welcome to CaS Therapy

Discover How to Engage the Power of the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is working whether you are aware of it or not, and often against you if you don’t know how to be it’s master with some simple therapy and guidance.

I suspect that if you are reading this page then you must be looking for answers and assistance to solve some of the issues that are impacting on your life or that of your family and those that you care about.
You may have tried many different solutions over time which had not worked effectively for you. Sometimes it takes a little further research to actually find the right treatment.

Despite what you have tried, there is obviously something holding you or your loved one back from living the life that is truly wanted and deserved. The best way to have that life that you so desire, is to locate and identify the actual cause of the problem once and for all and THEN establish an Individual Treatment Plan.

Specially developed CaS Therapy is a combination of 15 different modalities carefully blended and weaved effectively together creating the most innovative and powerful source of therapeutic treatment.

CaS Therapy has been designed to help you achieve what you desire most.
This is a therapy that really works, time and time again, this type of therapy has been developed from a true system that is evidence based from world experts.

CaS Therapy offers you a way to live a quality and balance life right now!
The therapy guides you through learning and changing pathways moving through and past the road blocks into the here and now; creating a future filled with positive and wonderful experiences.

There are Five Simple Steps to the ‘Something Needs to Change’ System which will lead to the New Balanced YOU!

Step One : I Meet with you (preferably in person as this is a vital step) and complete a detailed analysis followed by an individual treatment plan.

Step Two: A Commitment is seeded coupled with the Implementation of CaS Therapy which identifies and empowers you to leave old patterns and beliefs behind creating space for new and workable beliefs congruent to your true self.

Step Three: An Action Plan is developed specially for you with all the tools and assistance you need to achieve the set goals.

Step Four: A Monitoring Pathway is implemented to help bring balance to the changing process and to assist with any blockages that have been identified.

Step Five: A stringent Maintenance Plan is individually designed giving you that peace of mind to live a happy and balanced life according to your beliefs, values and desires.

If YOU are feeling this is right for you,
then pick up the phone and book your appointment today.

Appointments available in Newport in Melbourne

Phone: (03) 9327 2293 or Mobile: 0428 655 270

Ask to Book an Appointment for "CaS Therapy" asap

Hypnotherapy… Can Change Your Life!
Are YOU Ready to Make the Change and Put The Pieces of Your Life’s Jigsaw Puzzle Where They Belong?

Hypnosis is simply an altered state of consciousness; a natural occurring phenomenon which we experience every day of our lives. A Hypnotherapist gently assists the client to move in and out of that altered state of consciousness by creating naturally occurring stimuli. Hypnotherapy is an easy and gentle way for the mind and body to heal naturally.

Counselling is a confidential process primarily focused on empowering and enhancing the psychological well-being of the client, thus enabling the client to reach their full potential. The ‘counselling’ process is about the Counsellor supporting, assisting and guiding the client to work through their issues addressing their needs at their own pace, empowering the client to strive and pursue their chosen pathway.

Grief… Counselling assists with understanding the various experiences of grief, that each person moves through as they progress through the grieving process, which each person needs to do at their own pace.

Anger Management… is about identifying your core issues, anger tolerance & reactions to certain stimulus’ then introducing a new & different way to handle your thoughts, feelings & behaviours.

Addictions… such as ‘Alcohol & Other Drugs’ can be an escape from reality for many people. By working through your emotions and the core issues, then identifying your triggers, you can gain back your ‘Self Power’ and begin a new and exciting life without the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Health Fund Rebates Available:

Rebates may apply if you are in a private health fund. Please check eligibility with your health fund. If not, then ask for a form from your therapist to complete for your health fund to support a change in their eligibility criteria. Hypnotherapy is now being recognised through out the world and is a leading therapy with a high success rate.

Hypnotherapy and / or Counselling can be useful for:

  • Helping you make the decision Not to Smoke,

  • Loosing Weight and Weight Management,

  • Body Movement and Exercise,

  • Empty Nest Syndrome,

  • Work Related Stress,

  • Procrastination,

  • Increasing your Energy Levels,

  • Letting Go of Hurt and Pain,

  • Grief and Loss, Anxiousness,

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks,

  • Phobias and Fears,

  • Gambling, Addictions – Drugs and Alcohol,

  • Pure Relaxation and Coping with Stress,

  • Meditation to a High Level,

  • Reducing Exam Nerves,

  • Performance Enhancement,

  • Improving Your Study Finding your Life Purpose,

  • Planning,

  • Communication Issues,

  • Relationship Issues,

  • Parenting Issues,

  • Challenging Teenagers,

  • Children’s Issues - Bedwetting, Bullying,

  • Separation Anxiety,

  • Sleep Issues,

  • Self hypnosis,

  • Food Challenges / Food Issues, Sugar Cravings,

  • Migraine and Headache Management,

  • Insomnia and Other Sleep Issues,

  • Self Esteem Issues,

  • Reconnecting with your Mother and/or Father,

  • Self Development and Personal Growth.

  • Adoption Issues,

  • Accepting Long Term Illnesses,

  • Public Speaking,

  • Overcoming Shyness and Internal Nerves,

  • Dysfunctional Behaviours,

  • Performance Anxiety,

  • Managing your Anger and Coping with Fatigue,

  • Services Provided

    Psychotherapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Ego State Therapy, Drawing Therapy, Alcohol and Other Drug Education, Holistic Treatments, Effective Communication Training, Successful Parenting Training, Mentoring, Exclusive Individual Unique Retreats for Behavioural Change and for Putting Your Life Back Together, Group Work, Meditation and Relaxation Groups, Educational Pathways, Secondary Consultations, Case Discussions and Coach Support.

    What is Hypnotherapy?

    Hypnotherapy is basically therapy under hypnosis; where you are guided through a trusting and transparent communication process to achieve your desired goal. You are always in total control and remain in total control right through out the whole process; being aware of your surroundings and your body. Hypnotherapy can be used to reduce physical and mental symptoms, increase your health and wellbeing and resolve any past issues. Hypnotherapy can also help you plan for the future and be ready and open for new and exciting experiences.

    How can Hypnotherapy help?

    Hypnotherapy has been around for a long time and is widely known as one of the most gentle and soothing therapies available. There are many interesting and unique hypnotherapy techniques utilised to assist people in changing their lives permanently. There are a number of articles and case studies, if you are interested in learning about how other people have changed their lives through utilising the power of Hypnotherapy. Some of the more unusual Hypnotherapy success results, have been proven for some people who have suffered with Severe Anxiety and even from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

    Hypnotherapy has helped many people to stop smoking, overcome anxiety issues, have quality sleep, reach a deep level of pure relaxation, stop biting their nails and picking sores, even stop people from picking their noses (and yes, some people do have that problem in public), dealing with children’s issues, to loose and manage weight, to deal with fears and phobias, and to stop headaches and migraines.

    Hypnotherapy can also be used to increase self awareness and self confidence, and to assist a person to reach their full potential, it can also help with pain control, and managing a person’s anger.

    You need to choose a treatment that you feel comfortable and happy with so take your time to chat and explore the options available to you.
    Hypnotherapy can be used successfully for many different issues.

    What is Hypnosis?

    Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of deep relaxation. Once a person has achieved this altered state of consciousness a therapist is able to use therapeutic and direct suggestions, with a highly increased success rate, plus identify and explore problems with ease and concentrate on the issues that will accomplish successful change.

    What does Hypnosis feel like?

    This is often a question that is answered differently as the experience varies from person to person. The majority of people experience a pleasant, relaxed, comfortable feeling of gentle and soothing drowsiness or a heaviness of the body as well as a sense of effortlessness and calmness. The altered state is a comparable feeling to the experience of day dreaming or zoning out. Many people may even feel that they have not been hypnotised, however what they thought was only 10, 15 or 20 minutes was actually an hour or two session. Hypnotherapy can bring about instant changes or simply subtle changes that you notice over time.

    Is Hypnosis Safe?

    Hypnosis is a naturally occurring process that does not use drugs. The hypnotic state is achieved through a permission pathway and is controlled by the client. At any time through the hypnotic process you can come out of trance or stop the process. You are aware of your surroundings and your body.

    Please note: that there are no side effects to hypnosis. Many people are hesitant to leave this wonderful relaxed state as they often feel so free and peaceful wanting to bring that feeling back with them. You can always purchase Hypnotic CD’s which can help bring that state back for you whilst you are in your own home.

    What is Self Hypnosis?

    Self Hypnosis being able to place yourself into this deep relaxed state of altered consciousness. You are totally in control and have the power to manifest anything you so desire or to bring about change in your life. Methods of inducing self hypnosis can be personalised to your particular need and provided to you on your own personalised hypnotic CD (which is available at an additional cost).

    Can anyone be Hypnotised?

    Always remember that being hypnotised is a choice therefore no one can hypnotised you against your will.

    No one can make you do anything unless you give them permission to do so.
    Almost everyone can be hypnotised. For some people being hypnotised comes naturally and easy and for others a little more time and practice.
    Everyone naturally goes into a form of hypnosis even when they simply read a book or watch a movie.

    The action process of being hypnotised is all about the mind and body taking a rest.
    Therapeutic assistance is simple and astonishingly easy through hypnotherapy.
    All you need to do is have a desire to change, to engage in the process, to trust in the hypnotherapist and you will easily be able to achieve this deep state of relaxation both physically and mentally.

    How many sessions will I need?

    The number of session differs from one person to the next, as everyone is different, with different needs. Some people want to work on a particular issue and other people may want to work on many issues, it’s all up to what you want and need. A treatment plan can be completed in your first session. Feel Free to contact me and I can explain everything you need to know in your first session.

    What is Ego State Therapy?

    Ego State Therapy is a powerful and effective method of achieving the agreed goals of therapy either using hypnosis or whilst in a conscious state.

    Ego State therapy refers to the concept that everyone is made up of many different parts. One part that is angry, another part that is happy, plus a part that is anxious, and then there are many other different and unique parts in all of us. Sometimes we may not like those parts that are performing in a way that does not suit you, like the angry part which becomes aggressive to the people you love and adore. Some of these parts maybe in
    conflict with each other and may be exhibiting dysfunctional behaviour. Often these parts are unhappy or upset by past traumas or actions. When the therapist conducts therapy under hypnosis many outcomes can be achieved as they soon discover and work with an individual part to access and release core issues. This type of therapy is known for its rapid change empowering you to move forward in life and live the life you truly want and deserve as a powerful individual who is in control of your own life.

    How much does it cost?

    The cost varies of course, depending on the type of therapy chosen and required and the length of time you are required to be in session. Counselling starts from $100 per session, where as Hypnotherapy begins at $130 for approximately a 60 to 90 minute session.

    Groups Work and Workshops depends on time, numbers attending and content.

    Concessions are available for students and pensioners.

    Payment by Cash on the day is accepted. Credit card facilities are available. And payment can also be arranged by PayPal prior to attending your session.

    If you unable to keep your appointment please contact the service with the required minimum of 24 hours notice or a late cancellation fee will need to be charged to cover the appointment time, if it is unable to be filled with such late notice.

    Hypnotherapy CD’s are available at $30.00 each inclusive of GST, (postage extra if required) and
    Mp3 versions are available for download from the products section of my Website for just AUD $20.00 each also inclusive of GST.

    All products can be viewed and purchased from Cas’ Website: where you can also download a FREE 25 minute Relaxing Mindful Meditation as well as Claim a Copy of the "Balance Bubble" which shares some great tips to enhance your life.

    Other Relevant Questions

    Sometimes knowing what is right for you can be a challenge. If you are not sure if Counselling or Hypnotherapy is suitable for your issues, please call me prior to booking your appointment on
    03 9327 2293 or 0428 655 270

    Cas is a qualified Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist who also has the additional Diploma of Ego State Therapy, who has always continued with her studies so as she can offer an extensive and diverse range of therapies to suit the wide and varied needs of her clients, with whom she is so very passionate about assisting them to move forward to a better place for themselves in their own lives.
    Simply put, Cas has the experience that you just can not buy, with over 25 years as a therapist, assisting those in the community with some of the most trying and complex issues.
    Cas has been running groups for both men and women for Alcohol and Other Drugs Issues, Parenting, Relaxation and Meditation, Managing your Anger and for Food Issues.

    Please feel free to consult with Cas on any of the numbers given.
    Cas has a number of products which assist and support you through out your daily life.
    Remember to take the time to visit Cas’ website at for further information and times of up and coming and available workshops.

    Remember that every moment counts because it is here NOW.

    Private Health Fund Rebates Available.

    Cas offers Clinical and Group Supervision for Therapists Cas is a member of the ACA College of Supervision, the ACA College of AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) and the ACA College of Hypnotherapy.


  • Hypnotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Supervision

    Call - (03) 9327 2293 or 0428 655 270 Now for the Next Available Appointment Time

    Voc Grad Dip in Counselling Supervision; Dip.Prof.Couns; Dip. Comm. Welfare;
    Dip.Resid.C.Serv; Dip. AOD; Dip. Bus. Management; Cert.Bereav.Counselling;
    Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy. Cert. IV Training & Assessment;
    Certificated in I.D.T; Certificated in Practices of Family Therapy.
    Certificated in A.C.T. Dip. Ego State Therapy. MAIPC, CMAHA, AMAHS, MACA, NACH.
    Private Health Fund Provider

    Service Categories

    Art Therapists, Counselling, Hypnotherapist, Meditation

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