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Core Yoga Studios

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Chanthalah Webster-Tight Natha
Servicing Areas West End, Queensland
Phone 07 3846 4335

Welcome to Core Yoga Studios, one of Brisbane’s longest running, premier yoga studio and the original Core Yoga in the heart of West End! Love your life and get moving!

Core Yoga Studios

At Core Yoga, we are truly excited to share with you our passion for yoga, health, and a balanced, holistic way of enjoying your life.

We pursue excellence and to ensure you are taught in a safe and optimally beneficial way, all our Core Yoga teachers are either physiotherapists or have been taught by physiotherapists; a beautiful integration of eastern yogic wisdom and modern western medicine.

Core Yoga is for everyone, and our commitment is to create an inspirational and motivational environment that facilitates your positive experience and learning of yoga, whatever your experience and level. You can choose to join us for regular group classes from our extensive timetable, enroll in our specialized courses, work one-on-one, or refine your understanding with our workshops, immersions and retreats.

Yoga will benefit you! Feel good now!

Experience heightened positivity and feel more alive, healthier and happier! Your physical yoga practice may begin on the mat, however, as more people continue to turn to Yoga’s wellness tradition to maintain strength, develop functional flexibility, reduce stress and find inner “ease”, often our greatest challenge can be carrying the valuable yoga principles into our daily life.

That’s why we offer classes seven days a week, so that you have plenty of opportunity to get into a rhythm and experience a regular, guided yoga practice. With regular practice you will improve your core stability and awareness of optimal postural alignment.

You will develop inner resilience and build outer strength, extend your flexibility, maintain focus and concentration, but also experience deep states of mental clarity and relaxation.

The Core Yoga Approach

Our team at Core Yoga have expert knowledge to modify yoga asanas (postures) to suit each individual and are dedicated to continuing their professional development as teachers of the science of yoga. We take a sincere and personal interest in your progress and joyfully share in your growth in yoga experience. We believe that through understanding, compassion, and openness, the integration of eastern and western knowledge, we can begin to experience insights and understand some of the complexities of the human mind and body, and cultivate harmonious union, the true essence of Yoga.

Core Yoga Styles

Create a strong foundation for your yoga practice by getting back to the basics and refining your technique. Learn personal posture variations to make your yoga practice unique. If you have never done yoga before or it’s been a while since your last class, this is a great place to begin. The content in this class is similar to general classes however, the flow of the class is deconstructed so that instruction is give with clear verbal cueing and visual demonstration before the class embarks on the movement.

This is the best class for those with previous yoga experience. You will love this open class combining both mindful, flowing vinyasa (fluid, sequential movement) and stronger, sustained asana. More complex asana is taught sequentially.

This class is fantastic for those with a solid, regular yoga practice. “Meditative Movement” is harmoniously created with inspiring, dynamic flowing vinyasa, inversions and advanced variations. This class is on offer in workshop and immersion presentation.

Yin Yoga
Focus within and delight in your deep, meditative state with slowly held postures. Gently stretch your fascia (connective tissue) to create tension-relieving mobility in your joints, freeing your pelvis, spine, and your mind! This is a perfect class to prepare you for meditation or to assist you in de-stressing from the week.

Flowing vinyasa sequences to ignite your inner fire! Improve your cardiovascular health, sweat and flush out those toxins and revel in your control, endurance, strength and flexibility. This class is suitable for those with general yoga experience.

Yoga Class Timetable

The velocity of modern life is much faster than we are naturally made to deal with. Maintaining a healthy body is about balance. Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance. Disequilibrium on any of these levels can present in the physical body as tension, discomfort or pain.

Tension and pain of any sort is the bodies way of alerting us to a growing inbalance; which if not addressed becomes more deeply ingrained and harder to correct, often developing into disease. Deep tissue remedial massage is an effective method of addressing these imbalances.

Pain is something you should not get used to.

Core Yoga Physio Solutions
Distinctively Different – Integrative Care for Optimal Health
Modern Physiotherapy and Yogic Wisdom ensures that you are moving in a safe and beneficial way.

Movement plays one of the most important roles in life. Reveal your physical potential and don’t get weighed down with problems that can be greatly improved with a holistic approach of physiotherapy-based yoga, geared towards getting you moving well and with confidence.

At CoreYoga Physio Solutions we have a genuine interest in your health and wellbeing, and work with you to achieve your goals. Reclaim your physical freedom! Our service is distinctively different, combining a unique integration of Physiotherapy-based Yoga. Our highly skilled physiotherapist can help you get the best out of your body and your life by using this refined therapy approach.

To help you attain an optimal state of wellness, we offer comprehensive support and guidance; determining what is the cause of your problem, logical strategies outlining what to do, when to do it and how much to do.

We are dedicated to reduce your pain and stiffness, facilitate your optimal biomechanical efficiency, and boost your body’s natural healing process. Our effective teaching tools will enable you to move your body safely and to its full potential.

Learn To Bring Balance To Your Life
  • Comprehensive care with your health needs
  • Thorough assessment using integrative physiotherapy
  • Identification of predisposing factors, postural and habitual movement contributions
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Comprehensive management strategy and planning
  • Blended therapy approach to treatment using “hands-on” Physiotherapy and personalized Hatha yoga prescription
  • Integrative management with your medical professional
  • Private health rebates available, some Medicare benefits may

Who we are
Chanthalah Webster-Tight – Yoga Teacher, Physiotherapist
Intermediate Member YTAA
MPhty St, BA Dance, AD Dance, Dip Yoga Teaching IYTA

Chanthalah (pronounced gen-ta-lah) believes Yoga is for everyone; and yes, she was gifted with her traditional Lao name by her parents! She is dedicated to revealing the gifts of yoga to her clients through her specialized, sequential approach, combining evidence-based, Western medical knowledge of Physiotherapy with the ancient Eastern science of Yoga.

Chanthalah is an Australian Registered Physiotherapist and member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), completing her Masters in Physiotherapy Studies at UQ. Completing her Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance and Diploma of Yoga Teaching (IYTA) in 2000 she has been Co-Director of Core Yoga Studios with Nathan for 9 years.

Chanthalah lectures in Anatomy for Creative Industries in the Dance Dept at QUT, is the diagnostic physiotherapist for QUT Dance and has loved teaching yoga and complementary training methods to dance students for the past 8 years. Chanthalah is a sensitive and articulate communicator, focused on optimizing the wellbeing and of her clients through the practice of yoga and physiotherapy.

For those that are regulars to Chanthalah’s classes, you will also know that she has a quirky sense of humour, gets very excited about experiencing movement, and is not very attached to her yoga mat; choosing to move around the room so that everyone has a greater opportunity see her attention to detail.

Nathan Tight – Director, Practice Manager, Yoga Teacher
Intermediate Member YTAA
(AD Dance, Dip Yoga Teaching IYTA)

Nathan has been practicing yoga since childhood, infused in the Eastern science of Yoga. In 2000 he completed his Associate Degree in Dance Performance and Diploma of Yoga Teaching, and has been Co-Director of Core Yoga Studios with Chanthalah since 2002.

Nathan’s dance and visual art background informs his refined and articulate teaching style, emphasizing mindful and controlled movement through both static and dynamic vinyasa sequencing. His extensive knowledge of anatomy drives his classes, empowering students to individually modify postures to suit their specific needs. For the past 8 years Nathan has been a valued sessional lecturer for Creative Industries in the Dance Dept at QUT, sharing his experience and insights with tertiary dance students.

His choreographic crafting of movement has also led him to choreograph for Rock’n’Roll Circus (Circa), and the opening ceremony of the 2002 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting for the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts, which was attended by Her Majesty.

For those that frequent Nathan’s inspiring classes, you will also know that he has a love of fine coffee, is a culinary artist, with a particular flair for preserving and making his amazing organic, traditional French sourdough country loaf.

Chanthalah Webster-Tight – APA registered Physiotherapist
MPhty St (UQ), BA Dance, AD Dance (QUT)

Chanthalah believes that we are made to move. She is a Physiotherapist and Yoga teacher with a special interest in dance and her passion is to assist people in being the best they can be.
Since completing her training from the University of Queensland she has gained experience assessing, treating, educating and rehabilitating a variety of conditions across different populations. She has completed her Associate Degree in Dance Performance and her Bachelor of Arts (Dance) from Queensland University of Technology. Chanthalah has been on the teaching staff at Creative Industries (CI) in the Dance department for the past 8 years teaching Yoga and Alignment for the Transitional Training Program (TTP).
For the past 4 years she has also been lecturing and tutoring in Anatomy (Architecture of the Body) which she loves. This year Chanthalah is the diagnostic physiotherapist for Creative Industries and has experience working with professional dance companies including dancers from the Queensland Ballet, Expressions Dance Company, Australian Dance Theatre, West Australian Dance Company, and New Zealand Ballet.

Chanthalah constantly undergoes further professional development and attends conferences through memberships of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), the Australian Yoga Therapy Association (AYTA), the International Yoga Therapy Association (ITYA) and the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS). Chanthalah is an active member of the APA, and each year she introduces the Therapeutic Applications of Yoga and Physiotherapy for undergraduate physiotherapy students at UQ, ACU & Griffith. In 2009, she was invited to present the research findings of a pilot study in paediatric physiotherapy, conducted by herself and her peers on “Extending physiotherapy practice horizons in musculoskeletal screening in young people with Primary Language Disorder.”

Assisting athletes to get the best out of their body, their training and their motivation is an area that Chanthalah loves. For the past 18-months, Chanthalah has conducted 6-week courses and day intensives for runners, cyclists and swimmers to understand the performance-enhancing benefits that Core Yoga can provide through specific yoga, physiotherapy, and modern meditation practices.

Call Core Yoga today to ask how Chanthalah can help you!

Michelle Teresa Brady
Massage Therapist
Remedial Member AAMT
Dip. Remedial Massage
Cert. Holographic Kinetics

Michelle was trained at the southern school of natural therapies, Melbourne in 1998. She has 11 years practical experience working as a remedial massage therapist, in differing contexts and countries.

Michelle has developed an effective intuitive style that assists people searching for rebalance. Maintaining a healthy body is about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

Remedial deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, shiatsu, polarity therapy, reiki, reflexology, arun and holographic kinetics are examples of some techniques that may be used to best facilitate healing. Incorporating different techniques and modalities depending on the clients needs, the deep tissue remedial massage session with Michelle will support and stimulate your body's own healing process.

Service Categories

Ayurveda, Hawaiian Massage, Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Thai Massage, Yoga

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