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CAROL PERRY - Certified Hakomi Therapist & Professional Development and Insight Meditation Teacher

Contact & Location Information
Servicing Areas Lismore area, New South Wales
Phone 02 6688 6269
Mobile 0429 886 269

Mind/Body Psychotherapy for Individuals and Relationships;
Professional Development & Meditation Retreats

"Hakomi...reaches as deeply into the body as it does the mind, and by reaching for both, touches the soul."
Ron Kurtz (Founder of Hakomi)

CAROL PERRY - Certified Hakomi Therapist & Professional Development and Insight Meditation Teacher

Carol specialises in:

1. Mind/Body Psychotherapy for Individuals and Relationships

2. Coaching and Supervision

3. Communicating Mindfully in Conflict & Difficult Situations

4. Insight Meditation (Vipassana) Retreats, Insight workshops, Mentoring, and Insight Groups

1. Mind/Body Psychotherapy - Hakomi

Are you seeking:
  • relief from persistent painful emotions and behaviours
  • a deeper understanding of yourself and others
  • greater freedom to choose what you do
  • greater pleasure in everyday living and
  • richer, happier relationships.

“It’s great to have a therapist! Someone who is on your team and has no agenda.”

Hakomi mind/body therapy is a respectful and sensitive approach.

Using the mind/body process you access and work with a special state of consciousness called “mindfulness”. With mindfulness you reach beneath your everyday habitual responses and experience the freedom to choose fulfilling, life-affirming paths.

The Hakomi Method will help you with:

stress and anxiety - go beyond the symptoms, and release the deep and unconscious causes

crisis work - with respectful sensitive support you discover what you really need and find greater freedom to respond

fears and phobias - find freedom by uncovering the hidden source of your fears

self-worth - discover the difference between your story and a state of openness that sees freshly and finds fulfilment

anger - experience ways to hold anger and reflect rather than being blindly driven and overwhelmed

couples and interpersonal issues - Discover how your deep vulnerabilities, fears and reactions, get in the way of connection. Get in touch with your needs and unique resources

trauma - trauma is not a life sentence. Overwhelming experiences can be transformed

depression - rediscover the aliveness and goodness of your own heart; bring a sense of fullness and choice back into your life

spirituality - open to a larger sense of being

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2. Coaching and Supervision
  • Discover your full potential, your passion and strengths

  • Develop your problem-solving and people skills

  • Learn to stand your ground when under pressure

  • Get the support you deserve in challenging situations
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3. Communicating Mindfully in Conflict & Difficult Situations

Byron Bay - 7th & 8th May 2016

More Info : .

Melbourne - 24th June 7.00 - 9.00 pm & 25th June 9.30 am - 4.00 pm
Venue: Buddhist Society of Victoria, Malvern East
Further details TBA

By uncovering and changing patterns and habits that stop you using the communication skills you have learned, you wilwill feel powerful, alive and effective in all aspects of your work and personal life.

• •Access your body as an ongoing resource for grounded presence and empowerment;

• • Explore the link between past experience and how you react at “trigger” events;

• •Learn easily followed methods for staying present and holding your ground kindly;

• •Practice methods to reduce stress and feel more at ease.

What others are saying about this workshop

“Carol Perry’s workshop, more than any other process has helped me to recognise my own limitations as a communicator and to identify ways in which I can become more effective both in hearing others and expressing myself. This workshop offers a radical approach to understanding and changing how we communicate”
Stella Mulder
Organisational Development,The Brotherhood of St Lawrence

"Carol’s workshop is both inspirational and transformative. The combination of Carol’s wisdom and experience and the tools and technologies has given me access to a richer and more authentic
communication style. I highly recommend this course”

Gilbert Rochecouste
Managing Director, Village Well

Other workshops offered:
  • Strategic Questioning
  • Staff Supervision
  • Time Management
  • Emotional Intelligence in the workplace
  • Mindfulness in the workplace

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4. Insight Meditation (Vipassana)

A form of non-religious Buddhism that examines the habitual patterns of mind that create confusion, anxiety and pain. Through the practice of calmness, mindfulness and inquiry we can cultivate wisdom, open the heart to our true nature and a profound ease and connection with life.

Carol brings over 30 years of Insight meditation experience to her teaching. She regularly leads retreats, Insight groups and workshops, and Mindful Communication workshops throughout Australia.

Open Heart, Open Mind Retreat
Victoria, Strathbogie Ranges 20th - 27th October 2016
Teachers Carol Perry & Subhana Barzaghi

For more information and to register: and follow the links to Carol Perry's schedule

Women’s Wisdom And The Dharma Group
Meets on 3rd Sunday of the month (except December and January) near Bangalow NSW

For information and to be included on the mailing list: contact Marita

Women’s Day of Mindfulness: Saturday 16th July, 2016 in addition to regular group on 17th July 2016

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Carol Perry
  • Certified Hakomi Therapist
  • BA (Melb.) Grad. Dip. Soc. Sci. (Psychology), Cert. Teaching,
  • Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Accredited NSW Attorney-General

Carol has twenty years’ experience in community development, as a workshop leader in personal development and as a coach for managers and staff, in the government, education, community and private sectors.

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Counselling, Meditation, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy