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Dragonfly....Spiritual Spa

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Kim Pasalich
Address Suite 8
287 Vale RD
Terrey Hills NSW 2084
Servicing Areas The Northern beaches and North Shore, New South Wales
Phone 02 9450 2638

Dragonfly ...spiritual spa Natural Therapies Centre & Gift Shop........ Come, relax and breathe in the tranquillity, there's no place like it in Sydney

Dragonfly....Spiritual Spa


Health fund rebates - it is essential that you advise us when booking which fund you wish to claim a rebate from as the therapist performing your massage must be registered with your fund. Most health funds provide a rebate on Remedial massage, however you will need to verify details with your fund as it is dependant upon your level of cover.

The benefits of massage:

· Increases circulation
· Relieves stress, body tension, headaches, muscular aches & pains
· Strengthens immune system
· Enhances health & nourishment of skin
· Alleviates deep muscular tension, stiffness and soreness
· Restores joint mobility
· Leaves you feeling relaxed, energized and more flexible

Traditional Body Massage
Remedial or relaxation
30 minutes $60
45 minutes $80
60 minutes $100
90 minutes $140
Aromatic oil massage add $5 to above prices

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stones soothe and release sore muscles. Pointed, textured stones are used as tools for deep massage. An upgrade to your remedial massage the stones will dissolve tension and are deeply relaxing.
60 minutes $165
90 minutes $200

Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy is the ancient science of healing, relaxing and energizing by the use of plant extracts. This full body massage combines the essential oils from plants and movements done in a nurturing, rythmical and repetitive manner, allowing the body to deeply relax and healing to take place on all levels.
75 minutes $135

Alternative Therapies

The word Reiki is comprised of two Japanese words: Rei, meaning ‘universal,’ and Ki, meaning ‘life-force energy.’ Reiki’s life-force energy is said to be ‘universal’ because it is the essential underlying energy that makes up every living thing. By boosting and balancing your Chi or life-force energy through Reiki you can bring health and vitality to all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self improvement for everyone.
60 minutes $100

Ear Candling

Ear Candling
Ear Candling is an ancient, natural method to clear excess earwax, fungus and infection from the ears and sinuses, and it's a vital tool in the fight against earache, sinusitis, runny nose, tinnitus, migraine and many stress related conditions. A non-invasive, painless, very calming, soothing and relaxing treatment.
45 minutes $65

Traditional Thai Foot Massage

The benefits of traditional Thai foot massage:

· Induces a state of deep relaxation
· Improves blood flow throughout the body
· Due to increased blood flow, elimination processes are enhanced
· Stimulates the central nervous system
· Stimulates energy flow throughout the body
· Through the process of deep relaxation, improved gait and posture is achieved.
This improves total body function

Traditional Thai Foot Massage
a massage of the lower legs and feet that involves hands on stretching and massage to open Sen (energy) lines, along with the use of a stick to stimulate the reflex points on the feet which correspond to the internal organs of the body. Thai foot massage stimulates these points to promote general health and well being.
60 minutes $100

Manicures & Pedicures

USPA concept treatments soften, soothe, refresh and nourish and include full nail analysis & treatment polish.

USPA Concept Manicure
Complete anti-ageing manicure with restorative Pure C Complex Serum, Mud Therapy and Hydration. Finish with your polish choice.
60 minutes $60

USPA Concept Pedicure
Wild Thyme Foot Pumice, restorative Mud Therapy mask, , complete nail work and nourishing Tangerine and Rose Moisturiser. Finish with your polish choice.
60 minutes $65

Express Manicure
Focus on groomed nails and nourished hands with pure botanical extracts.
30 minutes $40

Express Pedicure
Grooming of the feet and nails with stress relieving massage and nourishing hydration. Finish with your polish choice.
30 minutes $45

Lu'Lur Ritual Pedicure
Incredibly nourishing pedicure experience from the rituals of Bali.
Mandi Susu Milk Bath, Tumeric and Hibiscus Scrub, Coco Cream and Sacred Tamanu Anointing Oil massage, complete nail work and finish with polish of your choice.
60 minutes $70

GELeration Manicures & Pedicures

This unique gel in a bottle is applied like a polish with the durable strength of a gel. GELeration lasts for up to 3 weeks without chipping, peeling or fading and is easily removed by your therapist on your next visit. For those who really care about keeping their nails in the best possible condition without ruining your natural nails.

GELeration Manicure
Soak, cuticle work, file and GELeration polish
45 minutes $60

GELeration Pedicure
Soak, cuticle work, file, exfoliation, massage and GELeration polish.
60 minutes $75

GELeration Express Pedicure
Cuticle work, file and GELeration polish
45 minutes $65

GELeration Polish Removal
15 minutes with Manicure $15
20 minutes removal only $20

Uskincare Concept Facials

The benefits of A Uspa facial:

· improves, heals and rejuvenates all skin conditions
· removes environmental pollutants
· smooths and revitalises skin
· promotes cell growth and tissue repair
· diminishes redness and irritation
· helps fight the signs of aging
· Promotes glowing, balanced, refreshed skin
· Takes you on a sensory journey
· Will leave you feeling uplifted and totally relaxed

USPA Mini Facial
Designed for those who do not have the time for a concept facial but still want to see results - a quick version, great as a weekly treatment. Also great for those that just want to trial USPA's gorgeous products.
30 minutes $75

USPA Focus Facial
Ideal for all skin types needing the benefits of a therapeutic facial. Incorporates powerful plant serums, mud therapies and essential oils, to effectively address your most pressing skincare concerns.
45 minutes $95

USPA Eye Contour Wrap
Uspa's holistic eye treatment blends ancient customs with carefully selected botanicals scientifically shown to repair and soothe the delicate contour areas of the eyes. Gentle pressure point massage reduces puffiness and dark circles while fresh produce influenced by Ayurvedic medicine regenerate and firm the eye area. Relax while the feet are revitalised and subtle Marma energy points are balanced for the ultimate synergy in restoration.
45 minutes $95

The Concept Facial
The 5 Uspa concept facials are personalized to your specific needs. They all include a lymphatic facial massage plus a hand or foot massage. You will also receive a full consultation and skin care analysis with advice on home care to ensure lasting results.
60 minutes $120

Dragonfly Signature Facial
The ultimate facial experience filled with Balinese ritual! Begin your sensory journey with a ritual foot bath of uplifting Wild Thyme and then melt away any stress with a tension relief back massage. Find yourself floating away as you enjoy being totally pampered from top to toe. Your Signature facial also includes a lymphatic and relaxation facial massage, scalp massage, foot massage and Balinese body palming.
90 minutes $180

Uspa Body Treatments

Uspa body treatments restore balance to the body, harmonising the inner and outer self. Each holistic treatment will smooth the skin, increase circulation, purify, hydrate and soften according to the nature of the ingredients and intention. Treatments include restorative massage for the face and scalp to relax and restore with aromatherapy benefits. We recommend complementing with a body massage to fully realise the benefits of rejuvenation for the body.

Organic Coffee Body Scrub
Full body exfoliation utilising the detoxifying properties of caffeine and sea kelp, infused into fine ground pumice and uplifting grapefruit. Followed with a Lu'Lur dry oil for smooth nourished skin.
30 minutes $75

Organic Coco Cream Wrap
Therapeutic dry brushing prepares the skin for a luxurious blend of warm organic coco cream and coconut infused with vanilla and bergamot. Relax in a warm wrap of natural cloth for an uplifting face and scalp massage with Sacred Tamanu Anointing Oil. After a jasmine foot massage, the blend is further smoothed in to reveal highly nourished and protected skin.
60 minutes $140

Hot Oil Elixer Infusion
A holistic body oiling utilising the power of pure plant essential oils to bring about well being. Begin with an Ayurvedic sensory journey to assist in intuitively selecting an essential oil belnd that resonates to bring about balance. Following a therapeutic dry brushing, the warm customised oil blend is rhythically smoothed into the skin. Wrapped for warmth in natural cloth, a restorative facial and scalp massage allow for deep relaxation.
60 minutes $165

Aloe Linen Wrap
Therapeutic dry brushing stimulates sluggish circulatory systems and prepares the skin for this infusion of potent anti-oxidants and nourishing hydration. The benefits of green tea and beta carotene are easily assimilated into the skin, smoothed on in a blend of warmed Lu'Lur dry oil and soothing aloe gel. Wrapped for warmth, relax with Balinese body palming and restorative Uskincare facial.
75 minutes $185

Coffee and Sea Kelp Contour Wrap
Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, coffee and sea kelp increase cellular metabolism and detoxification. Fine ground pumice and organic coffee gently exfoliate the skin while grapefruit and vanilla uplift the senses. Followed with a specific body contour hydration to smooth the appearance of the skin in challenging areas.
* Recommended as a series of 6 treatments over a period of 3-6 weeks for both Cellulite and Detox. Book a series of 6 treatments and receive 10% off.
90 minutes $190

Dragonfly Concept Rituals

Inspired by authentic rituals, Dragonfly has created these experiences to bring about the ultimate in renewal for the skin, body and mind. A way to reconnect with what is important in your life.

Dragonfly Deluxe
Your choice of either a relaxing 1 hour massage with a therapeutic 30 minute Reflexology treatment OR a 30 minute massage with a 1 hour traditional Thai foot massage .
90 minutes $140

Dragonfly Revival
Revive the skin with a full body exfoliation and then follow up with a relaxing massage. Guaranteed to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.
90 minutes $155

Dragonfly Heaven
This is the ultimate feet treat and the house specialty!
A 1hr Lu'Lur ritual pedicure plus a relaxing, balancing and de-stressing 1hr Traditional Thai foot massage. This one will leave your feet looking fabulous and your whole body feeling utterly relaxed.
2 hours $155

Dragonfly Tranquility
Ease away the stresses of the day with a half hour tension relief back massage followed by a 1 hour USPA concept facial.
90 minutes $160

Dragonfly Extremity Remedy
Soak and exfoliate tired feet with uplifting wild thyme and then go on a sensory journey to choose the right elixir for you. Lie back and relax with a divine scalp massage, hand massage and finally a 1 hour traditional Thai foot massage...pure bliss!
90 minutes $160

Dragonfly Delight
Begin with a Coffee and Sea Kelp Body Scrub to exfoliate and revitalise the skin followed by a 30 minute massage. Organic Coco Cream is smoothed into the skin for a full body wrap creating the ultimate in nourished skin. Relax on a bed of warm water pillows for an uplifting face, scalp and foot massage with Sacred Tamanu Anointing Oil.
2 hours $250

Dragonfly Ultimate Indulgence
Fine ground pumice and organic coffee exfoliate the skin followed by an application of a blend of warmed Lu'lur dry oil and soothing aloe gel. Wrapped for warmth on a bed of warm water pillows your eyes are given a lift with an eyebrow shape and tint. An individually prescribed Uspa facial and eye contour treatment will transform the face with balancing and regenerative extracts. Completed with a Balinese inspired Lu'lur pedicure for the ultimate indulgence.
3 hours $365

We use both hot and strip wax.

Full leg $45
3/4 leg $38
1/2 leg $30
Toes $10
Bikini from $27
G-string $35
Brazilian $60
Brazilian Maintenance $50
1/2 leg/Bikini Combo $50
Full leg/Bikini Combo $66
1/2 leg/Brazilian Combo $75
Full leg/Brazilian Combo $86
Full Arm $35
1/2 Arm $28
Under Arm $17
Lip $14
Chin $14
Side $14
Lip/Chin $24
Eyebrow tidy $18
Eyebrow shape/correction $25
Full face $55
Mens Chest from $40
Mens Back from $40
Mens ears/nose $25
Mens eyebrow tidy $14

Eye Enhancements
We use Belmacil tints & Eleebana Perming products

Eyelash tint $29
Eyebrow tint $17
Lash & brow tint combo $42
Eyelash perming $60
Eyelash perm & tint combo $85
Eyebrow tidy & tint combo $32


Pure Natural Beauty You
Uspa strives to use only pure elements and natural extracts from plants. Wherever possible their ingredients are organically grown and produced in Australia. By using plants and herbs in our daily life through skin and hair care, aromatherapy, body treatments even freshly cut flowers we can experience their remarkable chemistry. Effectively engaging nature leads to total beauty and a sense of wellbeing.

Custom Basics - The cornerstone of the system
Nails are not alike! As hair and skin differ from person to person - dry or oily, normal or damaged - so do nails. Nails also present specific problems which must be solved. They're caused by reasons as diverse as stress, hormonal changes and misuse. Jessica's hands-on experience as a manicurist taught her that one treatment cannot be right for everyone. Working with the finest chemists, she customized basecoats for different nail types - to make sure that you have exactly what you need for the lifelong health of the nail.

Zen Spa by Jessica
Pedicure for the spirit
A harmonious blend of Eastern Philosophy and natural botanicals and aromatic essences with Western technology that utilizes Papain, an active enzyme that helps to break down rough, dry skin while regenerating new cells for healthy, smooth skin.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles
Healthy, safe and PBA free, Cheeki, is a new Australian brand of Stainless Steel water bottles that are available in a great range of colours, designs and sizes. Dishwasher safe and environmentally friendlier - a fabulous way to encourage kids (& adults) to drink more water!

Beauty stems from a state of mind........

For appointments please contact:
Kim Pasalich 9450 2638

We are open 7 days
*PLEASE NOTE* Our reception hours are 10am - 4pm however please phone first if you wish to pop in and see us as we may be with clients in which case reception may be unattended.
Monday 9am-5pm (By appointment only)
Tuesday 9am-5pm
Wednesday 9am-5pm
Thursday 9am-9pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 10am-4pm
Sunday 10am-4pm (By appointment only)

Cancellation Policy
We request a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or change a booking, or a cancellation fee of 50% of the treatment value will be applied. If you fail to show up for your appointment the full treatment value will be applied. This also applies to gift vouchers.

Spa Etiquette
Please arrive 10 minutes before your first treatment to fill in your consultation form. Late arrival may mean we are unable to honour your booking or your treatment time may need to be reduced - the full treatment cost will still apply.
A credit card number will be requested for all treatments with a value of over $150 to secure your booking - this will not be charged until the day of your treatment.
You may like to stay behind after your treatment and enjoy an organic herbal tea in our cosy waiting area.

Please note that our parking is at 18 Myoora Rd. Drive down the unsealed driveway and park in the car park off to the left. Then follow the flagged pathway through to the 2 story Sumatran hut and we are upstairs. There is no longer access from Buddha Belly car park.

Gift vouchers available.
Referral and loyalty programs running.

All therapists are fully qualified and incredibly passionate in the modalities that they practice. They are also accredited with the appropriate associations.

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Aromatherapy, Beauty Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Day Spas, Ear Candling, Reflexology, Reiki, Remedial Massage, Stone Therapy Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage

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