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Erin Jamieson Kinesiology

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Erin Jamieson
Address 10 Whitehorse RD
Ballarat VIC 3350
Servicing Areas Ballarat, Victoria
Mobile 0412 715 121

Erin Jamieson Kinesiology ...Your journey to health naturally Let me show you on my website

Erin Jamieson Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of body movement, encompassing holistic health disciplines which use muscle testing to monitor information about a person's well being.

Your health is monitored on all levels to establish the triggers that are creating imbalance in your body, be that physically, mentally or spiritually.

How can it help YOU
Everyone is an individual, so the great thing about muscle testing is that it will monitor stresses that are specific to you. Once we have identified what the stress is that is preventing you from healing or functioning better, we use a range of complimentary techniques to release this stress and allow the body to get back into balance.

What sorts of things can it help?
Muscle Injury/Sports Injuries
Your body needs to be well balanced to work together for optimum performance. Some muscles work too hard, others not enough. Injuries to one part of the body effect every other part of your body. Kinesiology allows us to test muscles, assess your structure and use techniques such as sports massage, fascial trains, trigger point therapy, LEAP, NOT and acupressure to promote healing and better performance.

Stress effects your body on many levels, possibly leading to anxiety, depression, fatigue and disease and you may not even think you are stressed! It's not just adults either. Kids, teenagers and young adults are all under increasing pressure these days. Work stress, exam stress, relationship stress, time management, self image stress, electronic/computer stress, nutritional stress.
Kinesiology can help bring these stresses to your awareness and uses complimentary therapies such as traditional chinese medicine, flower remedies, tissue salts, chakras, sound, aromatherapy, exercises and nutritional advice, LEAP brain integration and NOT to bring your body back into balance.

Memory and Learning difficulties
Brain integration can help unlock the blocks that may occur which inhibits our ability to learn and remember. Great for kids, adults and the elderly.

Conditions it has been helpful for:

Injuries, muscle soreness
Memory enhancement
Goal Setting and life direction
Nutritional deficiencies
Learning enhancement

What can I expect
The first consultation is 90 minutes long. You remain fully clothed and a full medical history is taken. We talk about the issues and then use muscles testing to test for the stress in your body and bring this to your awareness. A range of complimentary therapies as mentioned are then used to bring the body back into balance and promote healing.

Subsequent consultations are either 30 or 60 minutes long.

Take time to care for the most important person in the!

Experience an ARoMATOUCH technique essential oil massage.
Exclusively using doTERRA' CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils for an unparelleled grounding experience to improve wellbeing by reducing physical and emotional stressors and supporting healthly automonmic functions.

Investment in yourself?

$70 per hour $50 student per hour $45 pensioner per hour
$85 per 90 minutes
$35 per half hour

doTERRA Aromatouch Techniques - $100 (60 minutes)

By appointment: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (AM)

Health Fund Provider


"I came to Erin feeling extremely tired and stressed out about constant pms symptoms. She was calm and caring and able to identify a number of contributing factors. Mostly these were emotional problems which were effecting me physically. Healing occured through a combination of treatments, diets, and essences. Kinesiology offered a holistic approach to healing which makes more sense than just taking pain relief medication"
Sandra H

"After signing up for a 100km walk for charity with a target of finishing within 22 hours, I turned to Erin to help me prepare for the task. She was fantastic and went out of her way to help. Erin helped me with shin splints, foot pain, flexibility, hydration advice, taping, calf cramping, knee soreness, back ache, gait issues and even motivation to train! Thanks Erin for making such a huge contribution to the cause"
Justin P (Oxfam Walk)

Certificate of Sports Massage
Sports Trainer - Level 1
Members Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd (AIK)
Member Australian Sports Medicine Association (Trainer/First Aider)

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