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Contact Name Sarah Penrose Dip.Hom.Med
Servicing Areas Karratha; Pilbara.
Mobile 0477 285 863

Sarah Penrose. Karratha. 04772 858 63

Good Health for Great Life

Homeopathic medicines work to stimulate our own natural abilities to heal ourselves and strengthen us to be more resistant.

Treating the whole person is an essential element of Homeopathy.
Our symptoms, disease or pains do not exist in isolation but are a reflection of the state of our health. Symptoms show where our imbalances lie.
Homeopathy uses these symptoms as sign posts to 'point the way' to the Homeopathic medicine which will provide relief.

Homeopathic medicines are complementary, meaning they do not interact with other medications. Homeopathic medicines are non-addictive.

Using Homeopathic medicines to detoxify & cleanse the system can greatly assist in the elimination of the toxic loads which a lot of us carry. The use of supplements and other products to detoxify is counter-productive as these products can and do compound on top of that which our body is trying to remove.

Homeopathic medicines are environmentally friendly – they don’t degrade our environment or health with toxic medicines or by-products which then enter our bodies, water supply and food chain.

Homeopathic medicines are excellent medicines for pregnant women, infants, babies and nursing mothers & can be helpful for a wide range of childhood and teenage complaints and also for the many conditions effecting men, women and the elderly.

Homeopathic medicines work with physical and emotional symptoms and can be useful in long standing diseases or in acute situations.

Sometimes a past event i.e. an accident, an illness, a trauma or shock can have far reaching implications on our health; Homeopathy can be effective in addressing and healing that impact.
Homeopathy can help you to let go, be rid of and move on from past grievances, anger, overwhelming fears and grief.

Homeopathic medicines have a pleasant taste, are free from dairy and gluten and are manufactured in pharmacies by suitably qualified pharmacists in strict accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.


Homeopathic Consultation

Appointments are held at Pilbara Chiropractic, 26 De Grey Place, Karratha.

Adults- $180 initial consult; $110 thereafter.
Children- $110 initial consult; $80 thereafter.

Homeopathic medicines are an additional cost of $15.

Liz Lalor Fertility Method program fee structure differs - please contact me directly.

Allow 1.5 hours for an initial consultation & 1hr thereafter.

As I am an integrative Health practitioner you must also be under the care of a general practitioner M.D.

Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine

A study of 16 Homeopathic medicines which can be used at home.
This course was designed by the Australian Homeopathic Association.
Course is running again in October 2016.

It has become increasingly popular for parents to treat their children and loved ones at home for a wide-range of common acute problems which is to be encouraged. However, if your child or loved one is suffering from a chronic ailment, a frequently recurring problem or emotional illness the Homeopathic cure is best left to a Registered Homeopath as they will have the skills and objectivity to best perceive your child or loved ones condition

World Homeopathic Awareness Week

WHAW happens every year world wide and serves to actively promote to the community who perhaps haven't heard about Homeopathic medicine or know that Homeopathy is a legitimate system of medicine.

When choosing any health professional, always ensure they are a Registered Practitioner-this means they are fully accredited and are competent to assist you and your family with health care

Homeopathy in Australia

Good Health for Great Life website

Sarah Penrose

Dip.Hom.Med (2010) Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy.
Cert. HbT (Homeobotanicals) (2010) Naturopathic College of NZ
Cert. Nutrition (2005) Naturopathic College of NZ

  • Australian Register of Homeopaths AROH
  • Member Australian Homeopathic Association MAHA


    I have learned that there are many different homeopathic remedies for many different illnesses and acute health problems, some of which I have used on my baby when he has been irritable from wind pain or tiredness and they have helped him hugely. I have also used a remedy myself when I was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and having bad dreams about a bad experience in the past, I was amazed at how it helped me to overcome those dreams and helped me from the inside, instead of just something to stop the symptoms, it actually helped me to deal with the cause. Homeopathy really amazes me and being a nurse for 7 years I have always used Western medicine, but when Western medicine can be very impersonal and often sees physical complaints separate to emotional complaints, homeopathy looks at every aspect of health-mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. I believe Western medicine has it's place, but homeopathy is my first port of call due to it being free from toxins and it is a very holistic medicine. I am so grateful that I met Sarah and that she introduced me to homeopathy.

    I have seen Sarah on two occasions and have found her to be thorough, professional and very effective. She explained the process clearly and provided great support to me. I would not hesitate to use her skills and knowledge again in the future.

    Homeopathy helped me get rid of stomach troubles I had had for 6 years. I had tried all sorts of things and none worked. Then I found Sarah and my stomach has gotten back to normal. No worries with it now. Am so rapt. Homeopathy is fantastic!!!
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