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Harp to Heart Healing

Contact & Location Information
Servicing Areas Banyule, Victoria
Mobile 0402 314 980

Harp to Heart Healing

Welcome to Harp to Heart Healing

Take this moment to rest on your life's journey... imagine the sound of the healing harp weaving a tapestry of light within you and around you...calming your mind, revitalising your body and inspiring your spirit...

Modern day living can be challenging simply by balancing the responsibilities of your daily life and finding the time to nurture yourself. Sometimes, as your journey unfolds, you arrive at crossroads, face obstacles or search for meaning.

At Harp to Heart Healing, I inspire you to create the life you want and deserve... a life where you can live from a peaceful centre amidst the challenges... a life of authenticity, empowerment and joy... a life where you can experience deep levels of healing and access your inner wisdom, creativity and potential.

Let's journey together and positively transform your life!


Experience increased inner peace and empowerment even in the face of life's challenges through meditation: a powerful self-help tool for sustaining and regaining a balance of mind, body and spirit. Meditation Classes include journaling and a Meditation to the sounds of the Celtic Harp. ( Visit website for further information)


A Reiki Healing Session is a sacred experience. During the session, you lie fully clothed upon your back on a massage table for an hour or an hour and a half. I will guide you to relax and place my hands upon areas on your body, or within your auric field, that correspond to major energy centres or chakras. You will feel healing energy emanating from my hands as they become very warm or cool, smell aromatherapy oils of high, energetic vibration that serve to enhance the healing session and hear soft, relaxing music, singing bowls and finally the celtic harp as you totally indulge in the healing experience. As a channel for universal life-force energy, I remain completely focused upon you, trusting my intuitive abilities to provide you with deep healing in accordance with the will of your soul.

Intuitive Healing

There will be many times on your life journey when you may want to seek guidance and healing. This is a normal part of being human. As an Intuitive Guide, I inspire you to view the stress, worry or crisis as the catalyst towards a more fulfilling life. I work with you as an individual and respond to what is immediately occurring with you. The environment I hold for your healing is safe, supportive and meaningful; it is a place where you are not judged and simply accepted for all you are. Through inner-work, using a variety of meditation techniques and processes, I will guide you to make sense of what you are going through in order to develop new insights and create changes to positively transform your life.


SoulCollage® was created twenty years ago by collage artist and psychotherapist, Seena Frost. In this soul-tending process, you contact your intuition and begin to create an incredible deck of cards that reflect the many aspects of you. Simply by trusting your inner wisdom, you will be guided to find images from magazines and various sources that seem to ‘call to you’. These images are then intuitively arranged and pasted onto matt-boards in ways that communicate the unique language of your soul and tell your on-going ‘Story’.

No prior artistic ability is required. It is like creating your own personal deck of oracle cards, for each card will find its place in one of four unique suits.
(Check out my SoulCollage Gallery at

If you would like to radically love and accept yourself, this process is invaluable!

Please visit my website for further information and announcements regarding upcoming Workshops and Retreats.

I look forward to journeying with you on your path of positive transformation!
Till then, many blessings, Norma.

Service Categories

Counselling, Energy Healing, Meditation, Reiki, Spiritual Healing

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