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7 keys to The Fountain of Youth Western Science ­Oriental Roots

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Contact Name Morris Ishay
Address Umina NSW 2257
Servicing Areas Umina, New South Wales
Phone 02 4342 6639

Since 1986 - Industry leader in Energy Medicine

7 keys to The Fountain of Youth Western Science ­Oriental Roots

Welcome to Healing is (a) Awareness of self and others (b) Voltage of the Cells (c) Proper Nutrition

  • Regeneration on a cellular level using microcurrents and colorpuncture
  • Non-surgical treatment of frozen shoulder and other injuries
  • How to take 10 or more years off a person's appearance without surgery
  • Scenar: space-age technology.
  • Neck-shoulder, back pain relief with Microcurrents and colorpuncture.
  • The body is electric first. To heal we simply correct the switches.
  • The history of non-surgical facelifts
  • 'Before' and 'after' initial treatment
  • Learn why and how to spray oxygen to erase facial lines and wrinkles
  • Kabbalah's sefirots, the chakras, and a holistic view of man and his universe
  • Energy Medicine for new cells to replace damaged ones
  • Join me in enjoying longevity without degeneration
  • How to use Energy Medicine to look and feel younger
  • Let food be your medicine
  • Skin care products
  • Revolutionary multiple high frequencies for lymph drainage, cellulite and body regeneration.
  • Incontinence breakthrough, and how to void the bladder
  • TMB - Therapeutic Medical Blanket
  • Perlux P117 Light Pen
  • Workshops and 1-2-1 hands on training.
  • Clinic and Salon services.
  • Equipment purchase.
  • Qualification Details
  • Testimonials

    The Color Mask of the Face - Colour Therapy for the face according to Peter Mandel

    Regeneration at the celllular level. Treat aches and pains neck, shoulder, lower back, headaches, neurological, urological, muscular, respiratory and emotional problems.

    Major health funds rebates.


    For treatment, training and equipment purchase, e-mail Morris to-day.

    Regeneration on a cellular level

    Patient orient I review the unique aspects of your condition whether physical,mental or emotional and will apply the modalities that will remove the pain and put more energy and happiness into your life.

    Non-surgical treatment of frozen shoulder,
    hernia, neck and back pain.

    Restoring the voltage of the cells in the injured areas will enable the body to
    heal itself, using micro-currents, color-puncture, scenars, TMB and other modalities to improve functionality before contemplating more invasive modalities.

    Email or call Morris to-day on (02) 4322-5373 for a FREE consultation or an initial half price treatment. Major Health Fund rebates are applicable. e-mail Morris to-day.

    Non-saurgical facelift. Will take 10 years +
    off the appearance of a person over 40

    Treating the skin inside out, addressing the appearance as well as the cause of lines and wrinkles,
    with micro-currents and color-puncture, and using the face as a micro-system to treat the whole person
    on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

    You will be able to experience a rejuvenating and healing experience following an initial 30 min. treatment, and will do your own 'after' treatment self-assessment.
    My 'satisfaction or no payment' guarantee applies.

    Call Morris to-day 4342-6639 for more information or e-mail:, to arrange an early appointment..

    Secrets of acu-scenar revealed

    In the 1980's scientists thought to imagine if we could speak to cells, instructing them to grow more quickly or slowly, to change their function by secreting or receiving key molecules like hormones, to replace damaged cells, then no scalpel would have to be lifted, no drug injected into the blood stream. A team of Russian scientists took to task to understand the language of cells which is now the basis of Scenar technology.

    The device sends out a series of signals through the skin and meaures the response.
    Each signal is sent out when a change in response to the previous signal is recorded in the electrical properties of the skin. Visible responses include reddening of the skin, numbness, stickiness, and an increase in the electronic clattering of the device.

    The C-fibers, which comprise 85% of all nerves in the body, react most readily to electronic stimulation, are responsible for the production of neuro and other regulatory peptides. Digestive, cardio-vascular, respiratory, urinary, dental, urological, nervous and other systems respond to treatment with

    Microcurrents validated by two Nobel Prize scientists

    Two German scientists Dr.'s Sackmann and Nehrer in 1991 won the Nobel Prize for their research on channel ion theory. Their findings showed conclusively that the cell membrane uses (calcium) channels which control nutrition intake and waste output, responds to microcurrent stimulation. A process known as electroporation, rapid departure (detoxification) is stimulated, enhancing nutrition uptake. Microcurrent therapy jump starts the body's healing process.

    Doctors and physical therapists all over the world have been using microcurrent to heal injured muscle, tendons, wounds and a myriad of injuries and ailments for the past fifteen years. Internal exchanges within the body have long been understood by medical practitioners. Applying that knowledge has been slow in developing.

    Double-Blind studies Lerner and Kirsch on chronic and acute back pain show the overwhelming effects of MENS over other modalities. A 1982 study by Cheng et al, using micro current accelerated ATP 500%. Amino acid transport increased 30-40%.
    Microcurent therapy augments the body's own healing ability with no discomfort to the patient. It eliminates overdoses, overstimulation, misuse and side effects, as it is compatible with the body's biological electric current.

    Jade micro-current is now part of Main Stream Cosmetology. Estheticians have been using it for
    more than 20 years with client satisfaction and increased income. I will be happy to provide you the
    equipment and training. Give me a call on 4342-6639

    The body is electric first. To heal we simply correct the switches.
    • 1842 Carlo Matteuci, Prof. of Physics, University of Pisa shows an electric current accompanies each heart beat – the beginning of ECG

    • 1878 Richart Caton discovers electrical brain signals

    • 1916-1950 Harold Gaxton Burr PhD showed that the exact time of ovulation could be determined by measuring the voltage of the cervix.

    • 1951 Dr. Yoshio Nakatane mesures electronically acupuncture points, Ryodoraku .

    • 1951 Dr. Reinhold Voll identifies specific spots on the skin that measure specific parts of the organism.

    • 1983 Bjorn Nordernstrom MD – chairman of Nobel Committee, Stockholm, invented deep biopsy needles to biopsy lung tumors. He showed that chronic disease is always accompanied by low voltage and reversal of polarity.

    • 1965 TENS theory of pain mechanism shows frequency studies having hypoalgesic effects.

    • 1973 A. Karasev, Russia, refined the TENS technique by sending electric signals to the brains, and the first Scenar devices.

    • 1937 Sir Thomas Lewis describing a hitherto unknown network of cutaneous nerves.' He called it the 'nocifensor system' and deduced, from his experiments, that it was an independent cutaneous nerve system, unrelated to known pathways and unconnected to the autonomic nervous system. It was composed, not of nerve fibres, but a network of thin lines, similar to meridians.

    • 1982 study by Cheng et al, using micro current accelerated ATP 500%. Amino acid transport increased 30-40%. Micro current therapy augments the body's own healing ability with no discomfort to the patient. It eliminates overdoses, over stimulation, misuse and side effects, as it is compatible with the body's energy systems .

    • 1985 Pierre de Vernejoul at the University of Paris carried out a definitive and much-quoted experiment. He used a radioactive marker, technetium 99m, which he injected into subjects at classic acupuncture points.
      He then used gamma camera imaging to track the subsequent movement of the isotope. He was able to show that the tracer migrated along the classic meridian lines, travelling quite quickly: a distance of 30 cm in 4-6 minutes. There was no significant migration of the tracer at other sites than an acupuncture point. What this simple but helpful study proved beyond doubt is that meridians are definitely real 'vessels' but they conform to no macroscopic anatomical structures whatever. Once again, scientific testing has validated ancient wisdom and shown that the acupuncture meridians flow in one direction only - that which was described by the original Nei Ching text.

    • 1991 Two German scientists Dr.'s Sackmann and Nehrer in 1991 won the Nobel Prize for their research on channel ion theory. Their findings showed conclusively that the cell membrane, using (calcium) channels which control nutrition intake and waste output, responds to micro current stimulation. A process known as electroporation, rapid departure (detoxification) is stimulated, enhancing nutrition uptake. Micro current therapy jump starts the body's healing process. Doctors have been using it to heal injured muscles, tendons, wounds and a myriad of injuries and ailments for the past fifteen years. Internal exchanges within the body have long been understood by medical practitioners, applying that knowledge has been slow in developing.

    A wide range of electro-magnetic tools are available in my clinic, including:

    The Jade micro-currents device with colors-sounds-gem frequencies; the Russian Scenars , the TMB
    'therapeutic blanket' and Mandel’s color-puncture devices.

    For products, treatment, training contact Morris at (02) 4342-6639 or e-mail:

    The history of non-surgical facelifts

    More than 20 years in business, since 1986, JADE micro-currents is now considered an industry leader in facial toning, body restructuring, lymphatic drainage and the treatment of neuro-muscular aches and pains. The face is viewed as a micro-system to treat holistically the entire person.

    The brain child of Prof. Dr. Charles McWilliams, who incorporated discoveries of France's Dr. Nogier, Japan's Dr. Nakatane and Germany's Dr. Voll, to which he creatively adds the frequencies of colors, sounds and gems. I took the system to Darling Harbour's Trade Shows and presented workshops throughout Australia, as a result hundreds of Estheticians have incorporated Jade esthetics in their treatments. Micro-current technology is now part of main stream cosmetology.

    Will take 5 sometimes 10 years off any woman over 40's face in 20 minutes. Check it out. Give Morris a call on (02) 4342-6639 for a FREE demonstration or a half price initial treatment. Order the manual with the 10 step by step treatment procedure. $15 incl. P & H. e-mail Morris today

    'Before' and 'after' initial treatment :

    Annoyed, anxious, ashamed, betrayed, bitter, bored, concerned, crushed, depressed, desperate, destructive, despondent, disappointed, foolish, nervous, resentful, skeptic, stupid, weepy and worried.

    20 minutes later, self-assessment:

    Awed, calm, capable, cheerful, clever, electrified, energetic, fascinated, settled, vitalized, rejuvenated, looking and feeling 5 and often 10 years younger.

    Learn why and how to spray oxygen to erase facial lines and wrinkles.

    Originating in US hospitals in the treatment of burnt skin, the procedure has been adapted to cosmetology. It places millions of molecules of oxygen onto the skin every minute, which together with anti-oxidants, is designed to retard, prevent and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, the complicated effects of aging, cellulite and post surgical wounds.

    We found an improved nebuliser used by the medical profession for deep tissue penetration with 140% more product delivery than the previous model and 180% more than a conventional nebuliser . It will return to the reservoir for recirculation particles greater than 5 microns. Particles under 5 microns will reach the client's skin with a pressure equivalent to 16 litres per minute even when the gas cylinder' meter is kept at its maximum 6-l.p.m.

    The system wipes out lines and wrinkles. Best results are achieved by combining with the JADE Micro Current therapy. Check it out. Call to-day (02) 4342-6639 for a free demonstration or half price treatment.

    Energy Medicine for new cells to replace damaged ones

    The five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water, encompass all the phenomena of nature. It is a symbolism that applies itself equally to man (Su Wen). The laws governing these elements (sheng, horary, co-cycle, mother-son, etc. ) are the true language of brain cells. The laws of five elements enable us to balance the body's energy system, helping the body to heal itself.

    I invite you to join me in enjoying longevity without degeneration.

    Osteoarthrites, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, periodontal disease, coronary heart syndrome diabetes and urinay malfunctions even cancer, all of which sound like very different diseases that are treated by a variety of medical specialists. The question of our age however is whether as a group their aetiologies have anything in common, and whether there is a connection of this shared aetiology to the philosophy and practice of complementary medicine.

    A new paradigm in health care is evolving, and with it a validation of complementary medicine ‘s approach to chronic disease that integrates lifestyle, environment, physical, structural, energy medicine, diet and personal growth. We are witnessing not necessarily a “change of the guard” but rather the need to integrate different medicines for pain relief, the treatment of chronic diseases, to live longer without degeneration

    I will review with you the type of equipment that will best help you achieve your immediate as well as your long range goals. When financed it may cost you less than the price of a weakly cup of coffee. An initial consultation fee is mostly refundable by most Health Funds.

    So call Morris to-day on (02) 4342-6639 for an appointment , or e-mail: for further information.

    How to use Energy Medicine to look and feel younger

    Energy medicine or subtle matter is used as a general term to refer to types of matter associated with our unseen higher energies. It is used by acupuncturists and natural therapists and more recently by practioners of Scenar technology. By changing the polarity of a site of injury and correcting the 'switches', It restores the power supply to the cells and is programmed for self-healing. The Chinese call it 'qi' , the Indians 'prana'. It is also referred to as 'élan vital' and mentioned in the Bible as 'ruah'.

    It views the body systems as interconnected and interdependent and treats them accordingly. It integrates body, mind, and spirit, leading to healing, wellbeing, expansion of consciousness and a passion for life.

    Check it out! Give me a call on (02) 4342-6639.

    Let food be your medicine

    Macrobiotics, originating from Japan and introduced in the US by Mishio Kushi, is rich in Yin Yang ingredients and cooking recipees intended to treat the body and restore health by nutrition. Mishio has led numerous macrobiotic workshops at my Awosting Retreat in the New York Catskills, and his macrobiotic students were always hired as Chefs and put in charge of the kitchen.

    I have incorporated my mother Camilla's Mediterranean recipees such as stuffed grape leaves, meat or meat-less with rice-onion-garlic-oil-lemon-salt-parseley and tomato. The formula is also applied as stuffings to zuchini, whole tomatoes, green or red peppers and cabbage. "We are here because of your mother's cooking" I have been
    repeated told by my guests.So be it ! For her humble tender loving care Camille deserves our eternal gratitude. As The Mother of Awosting she lives in the heart of the hundreds of guests who came week after week for the benefit of her presence and cooking.

    THE TOMATO: The key to all protective carotenoid activity depends on carotenes and is underpinned by LYCOPENE (from Tomato).
    THE GRAPE: Anthocyanadins the flavonoids found in dark-skinned fruits - are potent antioxidants.
    THE OLIVE: Olive Oil - provides the most viable emulsifiers for Lycopene, without which it cannot be efficiently absorbed.

    Five Element Cooking incorporates the flavors of : Bitter, sweet, pungeant, salt and sour. They are the flavors of thecorresponding organs of heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys and liver. I often diagnose a patient's constitution and use food recipees to restore balance, health and well being.

    Skin care products:

    4oz. Aculift pearl cream moisturiser; 4oz Deep cleansing gel for oily skin; 4oz Herbal fresh and tone with Jasmine; 4oz Facial mask; 4oz Facial cleansing cream for dry skin; 4oz Jade balm for skin problems; Jing eye drops for stressed eyes; 4oz electrode activator; 4oz Phoenix Balm for acute problems; 4oz Dragon balm for chronic skin problems; 2oz Alpha Hydroxyeel; 4-oz Facial scrub; 8oz Cellulite Body Gel ; 8oz Aura body bath; 8oz tea-tree body cleanser; 8oz cellulite body scrub; 8oz aura body cleanser.

    Revolutionary multiple high frequencies for lymph drainage, cellulite and body regeneration.

    Stimulates circulation, increases glandular activity, promotes pore elimination, oxygenates skin tissue, stimulates hair growth, relieves itchy tight scalp, enhances professional preparations.

    Dr. Eberhart, called it "cellular massage and is one of the reasons why high frequency currents produce such a marked benefit on nutrition and metabolism." At these high frequencies and yet of such low current that they are scarcely felt and muscle contractions are not produced. These waves easily penetrate superficial tissues, have a warming effect, reaching sluggish cells, helping them burn off toxins and cellulite. Training manual, CD and treatment procedures come with the purchase of the device. Call to-day for a treatment or a FREE demonstration.

    Incontinence breakthrough, and how to void the bladder

    Getting up frequently at night to go to the toilet.
    Trouble getting your urine stream to start, needing to 'go' so urgently, you can't wait. Trouble stopping the flow of urine, pain or burning feeling when urinating.

    A couple of minutes brushing with hand-held scenar device voids the bladder by an additional 40% and treats incontinence, as indicated by ultrasound measurements.

    Call 4322-5373 to TRY-RENT-BUY at discounted prices.

    TMB - Therapeutic Medical Blanket.

    Using the principles of the renowned Wilhelm Reich, scientists have developed a blanket that prevents the body's emissions from dissipating outwards. It converts these emissions and reflects them back helping restore homeostasis. In just 20 minutes the body can correct itself within the perfect micro-environment created by the blanket. Simplicity in application, absence of known complications, use it at home or in the work place for a daily stress relief, relaxation, sleep improvement, prevention of diseases and support in their treatment. Recommended particularly for those who have endured recent illness, trauma or surgery. Take it with you when you travel, or to hospital, for pre and post surgery's accelerated healing and reduction of dependence on drugs.

    Call 4342-6639 or e-mail: for the latest discounted price.

    Colour Puncture (Mandale) – Perlux P117 Light Pen

    This hand-held tool comes with a set of 7 glass rods, each infused with natural dyes of different spectral colors (red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and violet). The rods emit the precise frequencies of colored light that Mandel has deemed most effective for his therapies. They have a patented “pyramid tip” suitable for application to an acu-point. When light is applied to the skin through the pyramid focus, research has shown that, although the light may appear to diffuse slightly on the surface of the skin, it actually collects under the skin into a single focused beam that rapidly penetrates deep into the body.
    Scientists have proven that colored light frequencies applied to the body support healthy cellular communication

    Emotional trauma is stored in the body as cellular memory, often in early years of life where there are not even words to access it. Later, this trauma can express itself in body symptoms. If you suspect that your symptoms may be related to old, unresolved emotional issues or trauma, Colorpuncture can help gently unwind and release these buried issues. Also, many people become ill because they are deeply out of touch with their soul path or life direction. Colorpuncture helps people easily move toward living their life potential, by gently releasing the energetic blockages and programmed beliefs that stand in their way. Some of the many physical symptoms that can be treated include:
    • Pain
    • Allergies
    • Hormonal imbalance
    • Stress & Anxiety
    • Migraines
    • Digestive Issues
    • Tinnitus
    • Insomnia
    • Hernia
    • Frozen shoulder
    • Immune weakness
    • Detoxification
    • Poor lymph flow
    • Meridian and organ support.

    For a FREE demonstration, treatment, training or equipment purchase call Morris at: (02) 4342-6639 or e-mail:

    Workshops and 1-2-1 hands on training.

    FREE demonstration. 50% off your initial treatment. Major Health Fund benefits
    are applicable.. Call Morris at (02) 4342-6639 for an appointment.
    Clinic and Salon services.

    ** #1: Communication skills for greater awareness of self and others. . 45 min. $60.00
    ** #2: TMB - WIilhelm Reich's theraputic blanket. . 20 min. $30.00
    ** #3: JADE Natural Facelift , 45 min. $60.00
    ** #4: Oxygen Facials : . 15 min. $60.00
    ** #5: DENAS, DIADENS, SCENAR: 45 min. $60.
    ** #6:DERMA RAY for cellulite, lymphatic drainage and weight .loss . See brochure before/after photo. 30 min. $60.00
    ** #7: The Jade facial and body work collection for home care. Call for an update price.

    Equipment purchase.

    Complete Jade system US$3500* with facial and body electrodes includes charts, video, CD, DVD, initial set of products and hands-on training .
    TMB Therapeutic blanket:. Large 160 x 220 cms A$641*- .Small size 110 x 160 - A$356*.
    Oxygen Facials: You can rent the oxygen tank
    Denas, Acu-Scenar Devices. Please call for updated special price
    DERMA RAY. for cellular massage. Call for our updated price.

    Order form:
    Your Name Address:__________________Tel.______________Fax._____________
    e-mail.______________________Device required for home-care._______________
    Professional background _______________________________________________
    Interested in the following devices__________________Training ________________
    Payment. Bank card.______________________Money transfer into our

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    Qualification Details

    Morris Ishay, DSc., PhD (M.A.)

    Member CMPAC: Complementary Medicine Practitioner Associations Council. Provider # 0744061H
    In 1971 I established the Awoating foundation Inc., at Awosting Lake and 110 acres on top of the New York Catskills, as shown above, where I introduced East-West training seminars, and played an important role in the development of the New Age Human Potential Movement.

    In 1977 I worked in close association with Prof. Charles McWilliams, inventor of the JADE micro-current technology with frequency specifics, which I introduced in Australia and S.E. Asia.

    In 1986 I interned in Guang Am Mein Hospital, Beijing, for further clinical studies of China’s medical history, after passing the Florida State exams in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

    Distributor and Instructor of JADE,SCENAR technology and personal development communication skills.

    Trained in Gestalt and Psychodrama by the founders of these therapies.

    Ordained Minister by the New York Center of Theological Studies.

    Apply Acu-Scenar, Jade micro-current and oxygen facials into Cosmetology and other systems.

    Awarded a DSc. degree by Medicina Alternativa in recognition of research, discoveries and development of the treatment of tinnitus, which does not respond to western medicine, has an honorary PhD and the title of Swami.

    Presently operates a treatment and training clinic in Umina Beach, NSW, Australia, and can be reached at (02) 4342-6639. E-mail:


    We are highly impressed by your cheerful and we would even say blooming appearance. Each of us would like to look like you at your age. Books should be written about you and scientists learn your case. You are an example for overall imitation. Best regards,
    Sergiy Solomko, Director Consultative & Commercial Center INVET ( Ukraine Scenars)

    To Prof. Sir Anton Jayasuriya,
    This is to recommend Dr. Morris Ishay to receive your highest honors for his many years of devotion to the natural therapies, and specially for his discovery of a successful treatment for tinnitus, which generally does not respond to western medicine.
    > Kind regards, Dr. Ralph Alan Dale, Ed.D, PhD, C.A., Dipl.Ac., author of more than 70 books, monographs, charts and videotapes, originator of micro-acupuncture systems.

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    DISCLAIMER. Our internet site and offers are intended to heighten awareness of health information, education and research and does not suggest diagnosis or treatment. The information is not a substitute for personal medical attention.

    Call Morris on - 02 4342-6639


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