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Hills Family & Sports Chiropractic

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Hazel Jenkins
Address Shop 2 Pennant Arcade
354 Pennant Hills RD
Pennant Hills NSW 2120
Servicing Areas Pennant Hills, New South Wales
Phone 02 9980 9000

We specialise in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries including joint & muscle pain, back & neck pain, headaches, RSI and poor posture.

Hills Family & Sports Chiropractic

Standard treatments last for 1/2 an hour and include massage, adjustments (manipulations) or low force techniques to treat the joints, nervous system and surrounding muscles and other soft tissues.

Rehabilitative exercises are prescribed to assist the healing process, improve posture and to help prevent future injuries.

The initial consult includes a thorough examination, assessing the whole body to reach a diagnosis. X-rays or other investigative tests may be requested if necessary.


Chiropractic is a technique used to restore healthy, balanced joint function both in the spine and the rest of the body.
Chiropractic care works to increase and maintain joint mobility, restore muscular balance and remove nerve irritation.
Abnormal joint motion can lead to pain in the short-term and increased joint degeneration (osteoarthritis) and inflexibility in the long-term.
Pain and symptoms can result from muscle spasm, inflammation in muscles, ligaments or spinal discs or from pressure or strain placed upon the nerves.
Chiropractic adjustments or manipulations specifically restore joint movement, reducing stress on the surrounding soft tissues and nerves and decreasing pain and symptoms.
Regular long-term chiropractic maintenance of joint function can help to prevent abnormal degeneration of the joints, allowing a full and active lifestyle as you get older.




    The chiropractors at Hills Family and Sports Chiropractic have all undertaken a minimum of 5 years university education in the health sciences with a focus placed on musculoskeletal and neurological diagnosis and chiropractic skills. We are committed to looking after your spinal and musculoskeletal health and improving your quality of life.
    On your first visit we will go through a complete history and physical examination, to determine if chiropractic can be beneficial to you.
    Referral for X-rays or special tests may be requested, if necessary, to aid in your diagnosis.
    A treatment schedule will be developed for you incorporating half-hour visits focusing on chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue massage and rehabililatative exercises.
    Safety is an important issue to us and different levels of adjustments/mobilizations will be used depending on the needs of your body

    Member of the Chiropractors Association of Australia


    Rehabilitation is important both in the spine and the rest of the body to maintain muscle flexibility, strength and correct function. This allows for optimum quality of life, both while working and during recreation.
    Rehabilitation is important both post-injury and to correct poor posture, particularly in desk workers.
    Chiropractic works well with rehabilitative exercises to maintain normal joint function as you strengthen or re-train the muscles around the joints.
    At Hills Family and Sports Chiropractic home exercises are prescribed to help maintain the treatment results in between visits and to begin rehabilitation of your spine and body.
    A rehabilitation program can also be prescribed for you to complement any gym work you are currently doing.


    Pregnancy is an exciting time and the body undergoes many important changes throughout the 9 months, including weight gain and the release of hormones to prepare the body for labour. Unfortunately, while necessary, these changes can cause back or other joint pain, which may make the experience of pregnancy less enjoyable.

    Chiropractic care can help relieve back pain associated with pregnancy. By maintaining joint movement and through utilisation of exercises to improve flexibility and strength chiropractic care can help your body adapt to the changing pressures associated with pregnancy.

    Chiropractic adjustments are modified to suit the changing body at all stages of pregnancy, allowing safe and effective treatment throughout all three trimesters. Chiropractic care can also effect the flexibility and stability of the pelvis, which may improve the ease of delivery during labour.

    After the baby arrives a lot of stress can be placed on the body through lifting, carrying and breast-feeding. Chiropractic care can help the body deal with these stresses more effectively and rehabilitative exercises can help to improve posture and regain strength post-pregnancy. Chiropractic can help your body recover more quickly post-pregnancy and enable a full, happy, healthy and active lifestyle as you enjoy your new baby.


    Chiropractic care can help alleviate headaches because it addresses joint and muscular imbalances in the neck and spine, which may cause or trigger the headache. In one study conducted at Macquarie University, chiropractic treatment significantly reduced the severity of migraines in 71% of the people surveyed.

    Chiropractic treatments involve the use of gentle spinal mobilisations or adjustments to restore joint mobility and soft tissue massage to release muscular tightness. Rehabilitation of the neck and spine is also beneficial for chronic headaches. Most importantly chiropractic care is a very safe form of treatment for headaches.


  • Registered Chiropractor
  • Member of the Chiropractors Association of Australia
  • University tutor/lecturer within the chiropractic department
  • Master of Chiropractic (Macquarie University)
  • Master of Applied Science - Radiographic Image Interpretation (CSU)
  • Bachelor of Medical Science (Sydney University)

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    Chiropractic, Mens Health, Sports Injury Therapy, Womens Health
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