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In Touch Wellness Centre

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Dr Emily Sist
Address 18 Holdsworth ST
Fremantle WA 6160
Servicing Areas Fremantle
Phone 08 9430 6111

Network Chiropractic - Fremantle

In Touch Wellness Centre

The Chiropractic technique utilised at In Touch Wellness Centre is called Network Spinal Analysis. It is a gentle and extremely effective style of chiropractic care used to evaluate and adjust the spine. The purpose of NSA is to allow restoration of proper nerve function for full health and peak performance.

Network Spinal Analysis is a chiropractic body technique developed in America over the last twenty years by Dr Donald Epstein. It has evolved from many of the gentle techniques of chiropractic into an analytical and corrective practice. Light touches are applied, as well as specific body contacts and body positioning, to develop breathing and body oscillations or waves. In this way stored tension is dissipated.

As NSA works to dissolve the accrued tension in your body, it also allows your body to develop new strategies for releasing tension on its own. The greater clarity and flexibility promoted by NSA make your body so much more adaptable to the challenges of your busy life.

B. Chiro (hons); B Sc.

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Breathwork, Chiropractic, Energy Healing, Hawaiian Massage, Kinesiology, Spiritual Healing, Sports Injury Therapy, Workshop

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In Touch Wellness Centre