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This is a specialized area requiring sensitivity and understanding to help deal with issues about sex.

Sexual Issues

Some couples experience differences in appetite and desires.

Many things play a part in being sexually compatible. Factors such as conditioning experienced growing up with inhibiting moral structures, neglect in education or emotional or sexual abuse in its many manifestations.

Women particularly need to have their emotional needs met before they feel like getting close and feeling passionate . Resentments block the pathway to connectedness. I often say foreplay starts before breakfast.

Talking to a therapist can validate and normalise negative or maladaptive feelings and behaviours, particularly in relation to experiencing oneself as a fully functioning sexual being.

Feeling confident to communicate our needs and develop strategies for open communication is paramount to a healthy and satisfying intimate relationships.

Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in particular, can be most effective in helping a wide range of issues to do with sex and intimacy.

Here are some broadly described issues that therapy will assist:
  • Mismatched libidos
  • Loss of attraction.
  • Repairing after an affair
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Dealing with past trauma or negative conditioning
  • Sexual addiction

These are areas for which I have had a special interest for over 20 years. You and your partner can be assured of discretion and a compassionate environment in the professional setting.

The following more complex issues can be helped with talk therapy and I'm some cases aided by hypnotherapy:
  • Difficulties reaching Orgasm
  • Premature Ejeculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Vaginismus
  • Addiction to pornography


Vaginismus is an uncontrolled, involuntary spasm of the vaginal muscles. These spasms cause sexual intercourse to be painful. It is a complex disorder because it is both a psychological and becomes a physical condition yet there is nothing wrong with the vagina as medical examination confirms. My clients usually present with this problem in their 20,s and 30,s. Many have hidden the shame associated with not feeling "normal" by limiting their sexual experiences or having the sexual intimacy between themselves and their partner to become distant and unforfilling.

Male partners feel afraid of hurting their partner or in some cases just interpret it as rejection and retreat from initiating intercourse. Vaginismus is fairly uncommon, but it can cause severe physical and psychological pain. It can be linked to a sexual encounter that has been painful physically or emotionally in the past or a belief system often inculcated by parental or religious views that have distorted the natural arousal, relax, enjoy, release sequence.

Hypnotherapy is extremely helpful in unravelling this issues after a session of talk therapy has brought up consciously presenting issues, current strategies and practical interventions that are presently in place.I have experienced a high success rate dealing with this problem and allowing the sexual life to be a happier healthier encounter that is embraced with enthusiasm instead of anxiety.

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