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Move Osteopathy

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name MOVE Osteopathy
Address Brisbane Holistic Health Centre
Level 1/ 199 Elizabeth ST
Brisbane QLD 4000
Servicing Areas New Farm, Brisbane, Alexandra Hills
Phone 07 32075088
  • QLD - 3
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Move Well, Stay Well

Welcome To MOVE Osteopathy...

MOVE OSTEOPATHY has been providing osteopathic care for patients in Brisbane since 2004. We pride ourselves on high quality, professional and honest healthcare for musculoskeletal related complaints.

Osteopathy a form of manual medicine that is a hands on approach to healthcare recognising the important link between the structures of your body & the way it works. Osteopaths focus on how your skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves and circulation work together to improve your health & well-being

At MOVE osteopathy we provides one-on-one consultations – we take a thorough history and provide osteopathic assessment, diagnosis, treatment, management and rehabilitation for a wide range of musculoskeletal related complaints.

Conditions That Can Be Treated

Osteopathy can be a safe and effective approach to many common aches and pains. We regularly manage conditions including:
  • Acute and chonic neck and back pain.
  • Headaches and migraine.
  • Arthritic complaints.
  • Sports or work related injuries
  • Muscle or ligament strains
  • Postural strains
  • Back pain during and after pregnancy
  • Advice and guidance with rehabilitation

Why Come & See Us?

Principal Osteopaths Giulian Di Venuto and Kellie Rawlings have been practicing in the Brisbane and New Farm area since 2004 and have grown their practice with referrals from patients to become a great team of dedicated osteopaths over 4 convenient locations

We aim to provide a high standard of care to our patients. All of our osteopaths at MOVE are university trained with masters level qualifications, are government registered and Members of the Australian Osteopathic Association In compliance with national registration we all regularly complete and are involved in continuing professional development and education outside of our practice.

Within our practice we regularly meet to discuss, learn and improve our clinical skills to provide you with the best care possible. Just give us a call or click the 'Make an Enquiry' button for more information.

Dedicated To What We Do

We love what we do! We take pride in our profession and our training. Our Osteopaths are all government registered, university trained with bachelors and masters training. We all meet high professional standards and complete annual continuing professional education to practice.Our thorough and diverse educational backgrounds and experiences enable us to provide our patients with the best treatments possible.

Our Locations

Brisbane City Clinic 1
Brisbane Holistic Health Centre
Level 1, 199 Elizabeth st, Brisbane CBD (opp Hilton)
ph: 07) 3229 3661

New Farm Holistic Health Centre
Centro on James, 46 James St, New Farm (opp Palace Cinemas)
ph: 07) 3854 0087

Aquatic Natural Therapies
1 Bluebell Street, Alexandra Hills
ph: 07) 32075088

Meet Our Team

Dr. Giulian Di Venuto - Osteopath

Dr. Giulian is an experienced osteopath who has a special interest in the treatment of acute and chronic spinal pain and headache.

He has been involved in the health and fitness industry since 1996, initially as a Personal Trainer focusing on musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

He uses a variety of osteopathic techniques including joint manipulation and gentle soft tissue releases. Sometimes he also uses SCENAR, an electro therapy modality, musculoskeletal Acupuncture & Dry needling, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine and exercise prescription to complement his treatment of pain.

Giulian has recently returned from a six month sabbatical in the Italian Alps where he was fortunate to work with professional skiers and current/ past members of the Olympic and World Cup teams.
Giulian regularly attends continuing professional development courses, he presents at industry conferences, has instructed osteopathic technique at the Victoria University osteopathic medicine program, published in peer review journals and is the former Head of Faculty for Remedial Therapies at the Australian College of Natural Medicine.

Dr. Kellie Rawlings - Osteopath

Kellie is an experienced second-generation osteopath. She has been in osteopathic clinical practice for over 11 years and has a special interest in osteopathic treatment during pregnancy. She uses a direct manipulative approach that focuses heavily on releasing muscular structures. She has lectured extensively and has received awards for teaching excellence.

Dr Hilton Blauensteiner - Osteopath

Hilton is a multilingual Osteopath (German & Mandarin) with ten years experience in aged care. He employs a broad range of techniques and predominantly uses a softer approach that includes gentle manipulation to restore balance to the body and manage the pain associated with many musculoskeletal conditions.

Dr Vin Cahill - Osteopath

Dr. Vin Cahill trained at Victoria University in Melbourne and has worked in private practice for the past 5 years. He is a passionate and experienced Osteopath who has played a lot of sport, including Australian Rules Football, running, cricket and swimming.

Dr Vin joins the Move Osteopathy Team after travelling through Asia for the past 11 months, and amongst other things, Dr Vin worked in an orphanage in Cambodia and at Mother Teresa's place in Calcutta, trekked in Nepal, went fishing in Burma and did a lot of diving in Indonesia.

Dr Jin Ong - Osteopath

Jin trained at Victoria University and has been in private practice for four years in New Zealand. Treats a range of musculoskeletal injuries predominantly structurally using soft tissue and manipulation techniques, and also incorporates dry needling into treatment. She has a special interest in treating headaches and has found dry needling especially useful for athletes in training.

Whilst in New Zealand Jin developed a passion for skiing and rock- climbing and also enjoys running and swimming.

Dr Sonia Brozko - Osteopath

Sonia is passionate about Osteopathy and likes to incorporate a range of osteopathic techniques including mobilization, joint and soft tissue manipulation and dry needling.

Sonia takes a special interest in treating neck pain, headaches and postural pain. Integrating many areas of health and well-being, all treatments are individualized to the patient to include education, manual techniques and postural re-training and strengthening exercises.

Sonia has previously worked as a Remedial Massage Therapist and was an assistant teacher in osteopathic technique for first year students.

Her experiences through a student exchange program in the USA allowed further development of her skills, working alongside leading lecturers and physicians.

Dr Jed Pullen - Osteopath

Jed completed his studies at Victoria University in Melbourne.

His love of sport drove his passion for knowledge about the human body and ways to help those who are injured. Jed treats a variety of conditions, acute and chronic, aiming to relieve pain and increase activity. A broad range of treatment techniques are tailored to the individual usually consisting of soft tissue, stretching, joint manipulation and mobilisation amongst others. Maintaining movement, strength and fitness is of high importance to Jed.

To maintain fitness Jed enjoys a variety of sports including: running, swimming, tennis, cricket and surfing. He also enjoys the adventure of the outdoors and overseas travel.

Dr Kieran Schulz - Osteopath

Kieran graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in England.
He is a passionate osteopath whose international training gives him a wide-base of clinical experiences from the UK, Europe and America.

He approaches each patient with a broad range of techniques favoring a combination of gentle soft tissue manipulation, stronger adjustments and strengthening exercises. Kieran's professional interests include human biomechanics and postural pain.

Dr Grant Sinclair - Osteopath

Grant is a dedicated and enthusiastic osteopath whose interest in osteopathy developed from playing soccer at a young age all across Australia and overseas, Grant became interested in how the body moves and functions from walking or running mechanics to posture and breathing complaints.

Grant has special interest in treating athletes from the weekend warrior young and old to the elite sportsman and looks to identify how osteopathy can be of use to improve the quality of life and improved performance, by keeping up-to-date with continuing professional development and research.

Grant has a variety of techniques which he will use on an individual basis, taking into account the patients presenting complaint and lifestyle factors. Grant's consults involve techniques range from gentle mobilisation, soft tissue, stretching of specific muscle groups and adjustments to more subtle indirect techniques. These techniques are aimed at achieving a change in the body's musculoskeletal structures to kick start the body’s own self-healing.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!


Dr. Giulian Di Venuto - Osteopath
  • Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy)
  • Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences)
  • Diploma (Nutrition)
  • Advanced Diploma (Naturopathy)
  • Certificate (Acupuncture & Dry Needling)
  • Certificate (Exercise Prescription)
  • SCENAR Level 2

Dr. Kellie Rawlings - Osteopath
  • Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences)
  • Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy)

Dr Hilton Blauensteiner - Osteopath
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy)
  • Masters in Osteopathy

Dr Vin Cahill - Osteopath
  • Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences)
  • Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy)

Dr Jin Ong - Osteopath
  • Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences)
  • Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy)

Dr Kieran Schulz - Osteopath
  • Bachelor Science (Hons Osteopathy) Diploma in Osteopathy

Dr Sonia Brozko - Osteopath
  • Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences)
  • Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy)

Dr Grant Sinclair - Osteopath
  • Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences)
  • Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy)

Dr Jed Pullen - Osteopath
  • Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences)
  • Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy)

We are all Members of the Australian Osteopathic Association

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