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Soul Teachings

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Yvonne Bost
Address Unit 37
12 Tanunda DRV
Rivervale WA 6103
Servicing Areas world wide
Phone 08 6189 2940
Mobile 0405 525 698

New Energy Teacher and Mentor
Yvonne teaches Aspectology, DreamWalker Ascension Transitions, DreamWalker Death Transitions, Sexual Energies School, Discovering Your Passion School and Integrating Breath.
She is also a Resonance Repatterning® practitioner of 16+ years standing.

Soul Teachings

Yvonne works as A New Energy Teacher, Mentor and a Resonance Repatterning Practitioner.
She runs Adamus St. Germain's DreamWalker Ascension Transitions School and DreamWalker Death Transitions School, Tobias' Sexual Energies School and Tobias' Aspectology School.
These schools are run as 3 day workshops and are truly life-changing.
If you would like Yvonne to present a school in your area, please contact her at: [email protected]

I am looking for your expression of interest in the SES workshop to run in the period from the beginning of April until mid May 2015.

Aspectology, also called New Energy psychology. In this school, Tobias speaks about the Aspects we create to experience and manage our lives. An aspect represents a certain part of you, for example the parent, the musician, warrior or business person, the healer, a child, but also past life identities, certain talents and abilities and even your biology are Aspects. These Aspects can sometimes become fragmented or wounded causing unbalances in your life.
This school will teach you how you can reintegrate these aspects back within and thereby enjoy life in a new way.

DreamWalker Ascension Transitions
Adamus Saint-Germain discusses the process of going through an in-body ascension. This occurs when a human gives permission to reunite with their Divine wholeness while staying on Earth in a physical body, rather than going through the death and reincarnation process. Adamus says this is the most difficult process a human will ever encounter, and the most sacred.

DreamWalker Death Transitions
In this three-day workshop detailed information is provided about what happens before, during and after you transition. By the end of the workshop you will have a completely new and different view of death as well as life.
The workshop also allows you to become a DreamWalker facilitator. DreamWalkers provide comfort to loved ones or clients, help them to gently go through the death transition process, and guide them through the non-physical realms.

Sexual Energies School - understanding physical and psychic energy abuse
In this three-day workshop detailed information is provided about the dynamics of physical, psychological and sexual abuse (“energy stealing”), focusing on the release of deeply embedded energetic wounds and the rebalancing of personal energies. This workshop is generally experienced as one of the most intense and transformational of all the Shaumbra Institute workshops.

Discovering Your Passion School
The feeling of loss of passion can be one of the most challenging parts of our spiritual awakening. We feel lost, dull or even hopeless without passion, so we try to recreate a passion based on our old concepts and are disappointed when these new activities fail to enthuse or excite us. But as Tobias says, you’ve changed everything about your consciousness; therefore, it should be no surprise that the old human-oriented passion changes as well.
Through this course,you’ll discover that passion is the soul’s desire to express its joy, and this joy can be part of everything and anything you choose to do in your life.

Cost - US$ 495 -595

The Resonance Repatterning System
will help you identify and transform unconscious negative patterns and beliefs by listening to the soul instead of the mind.
These patterns and beliefs will prevent you from living the life you choose for yourself.
By tuning the frequency patterns of your negative feelings and beliefs to their optimal frequency, and activating the positive intentions you want for yourself, profound changes will occur in your life. You CAN create a life filled with love, joy, health and happiness.
Modalities which may be used within the sessions, depending on your needs are colour - sound - movement - breathing - chakras - meridians - flower essences - essential oils, to name a few.
can be done in person, by proxy or by phone.
Working with adults, children, couples, families, groups and animals.
Cost: $125.00
Also available for corporate work: team building, motivation, goal setting etc.

* Mentor
* New Breath Teacher
* Crimson Circle Certified Teacher for:
* Aspectology,
* DreamWalker Ascension Transitions
* DreamWalker - Death Transitions
* Sexual Energies School and
* Discovering Your Passion

* DreamWalker Birth guide - adoula

* Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner, HRA-US

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Breathwork, Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing

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