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Neural Transmission Repatterning (NTR) Therapy

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Contact Name Phoebe Allwell
Address Suite 17,81-91 Military RD
Neutral Bay Counselling & Therapy Center Neutral Bay NSW 2089
Servicing Areas Neutral Bay Counselling & Therapy Center Neutral Bay, New South Wales
Mobile 0418 296 107
Fax 02. 96603923

NTR THERAPY is an evolutionary body of holistic and integrative frequency healing .

Neural Transmission Repatterning (NTR) Therapy

Hello and welcome to Neural Transmission Repatterning (NTR) Therapy.

NTR therapy works within the energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of your Being to help regenerate, repattern and rewire neural pathways and circuitry within the brain, central nervous system and entire body consciousness system which have been altered by emotional or physical trauma, injury or other causes.

Working with the subtle-energy body and the innate intelligence of your body will help to restore a compromised system back to integration, health and wellness.

NTR Therapy is a quantum model of frequency/vibrational healing that has been developed and created through International Energy Medicine Therapist, Healer and Educator Phoebe Allwell's ongoing years of specialising in energy medicine, trauma and the brain.

The Biggest Myth:
Most people think of themselves as simply the physical body with it's bones, muscles, tissues and blood vessels. However we also possess this amazing energy network called by different names....the chakras, the meridians and the energy consciousness system.

If this network becomes stagnant or blocked we may eventually develop and experience various conditions and dis-ease.

In the "Quantum Healing Model" energy frequencies or vibrations act to restore the body's original health and wholeness by clearing blockages of energy flow and correcting any negative changes.

Neural Transmission Repatterning Therapy ( NTR) will therapeutically assist and support you to heal these blockages to restore the natural flow of your energy, enhancing your body's own natural healing potential.

What Clients Say about NTR Therapy:
Clients often report that after a NTR session they feel more present and integrated.....their brain and body feels lighter, experiencing a deeper stillness with a sense of being more alive and present with improvement or changes in their health condition, levels of pain or discomfort.

Neural Transmission Repatterning Therapy (NTR) together with the innate Intelligence of your body will bring a compromised system back into alignment and integration of health and wholeness.

Who can Benefit:
children, adolescents and adults.

Some of the conditions NTR can help include:
ADD/ADHD and learning difficulties,autism spectrum, depression and panic attacks, anxiety and stress related conditions, PTSD/trauma recovery, immune and endocrine functioning, environmental toxicity, chronic pain and illness, pre and post surgical procedures, emotional and spiritual issues and others....

Each session is individually created by Phoebe to meet your personal needs and you are held in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment.
Phoebe offers a fully confidential service with a professional consultant.

Sessions can be in person or via long distance healing.

To read more visit our web site:
for more information contact Phoebe Allwell at 0418296107

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner (BHSP) usa
Graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (USA). A 4 year in-depth professional training programme in Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. BBSH is a licensed institution in the State of Florida. USA
Professional member AHHA, ACHA
Professional indemnity insurance

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