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Peter Zapfella

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Peter ZAPFELLA
Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
2b Binnar CRT
Perth & Glen Forest WA 6000
Servicing Areas Perth Hills, SOR, Darwin
Phone 08 95 352 358
Mobile 0432 718 026

FREE of SMOKING - for life! Peter Zapfella is a highly renowned and Internationally Accredited Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Alignment Therapy, Time Line Therapy®, Neuro Semantics, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.
He has been in private practice for almost 20 years.
Peter consults for some of Australia's largest companies, and members of the general public, with his one session FREE of SMOKING - for life! method, and other therapies.

FREE of SMOKING - for life!


Peter Zapfella is an Internationally Accredited Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Peter himself has trained under Master Trainers...Dr Everett James Ph.D Hypno (USA), Dr Adriana James Ph.D Hypno (AUS), Julie Silverthorn Psych (USA), John Overduff Psych (USA), Philippa Bond (AUS), Dr Michael Hall Ph.D Psych (USA), Rev. Dr. Bodenhamer Ph.D Theo (USA), and Dr Susan Chu (HK), Ardith James (USA), George Faddoul (AUS), Lori Flores (USA), Tim Halborn (USA), Dennis Sartain (UK), Sue Knight (UK), Kis Halborn (USA), Bogdan Bobocea (AUS) and others.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training has an International standard within all NLP training organisations, and NLP has been certified within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Peter Zapfella is a Master of Hypnosis. He graduated from the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science in Melbourne, under the stewardship of the late Doctor James Goulding Ph.D (AUS), Joane Goulding (AUS) - developer of 'SleepTalk' for children (, and media psychologist, John Cheetham (AUS). John is well known for his commentary, as a psychologist, on radio’s 3AW , 6PR, 5AA and 2UE and the National Nine and Channel 7 TV Networks across Australia.

Peter qualified with a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, a course now fully recognised by VQA and DEST. He won an annual student prize in 1995, before furthering his training in hypnosis in the US. He has not limited his training and experience to just the therapy side of hypnosis. Peter is also an accomplished comedy hypnotist - having performed his own Comedy Hypnosis Show across Australia and internationally for more than a decade. This has given him a depth of knowledge and experience few hypnotherapists can equal.

He has been a counselor, NLP therapist and hypnotherapist in private practice since 1995.

Peter developed the Emotional Alignment Therapy (EAT) method, demonstrating his profound understanding of how the unconscious mind works. He has developed the unique one session, quit smoking tobacco method. In fact Peter usually requires just one session with his clients (individually - not groups) to effect their desired change, way beyond tobacco smoking (see list below) - now you can successfully overcome your issues with the convenience of just one session. Be it personally or online via Skype from almost anywhere in the world.

FREE of SMOKING - for life! in ONE SESSION

FREE of stress and struggle.
FREE of weight gain.
FREE of nicotine withdrawals.
FREE of patches, pills, gum and silly gimmicks.
FREE of (those one size fits all) group sessions. We treat you as an individual - not a number!
FREE of on going sessions. Our total fee is actually less than some of those group sessions you see advertised!
FREE individual follow-up session available if you were to relapse.

Deal with YOUR smoking addiction (most therapies ONLY deal with the habit part)

Our client list includes major mining companies (Woodside and Rio Tino) and thousands of successful individuals, including psychologists, doctors, nurses, and counselors, across Australia ... and now across the world.

Contact Peter for corporate quit smoking information. Brochure available upon request.

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By using the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Alignment Therapy (EAT) processes, almost 100 per cent have quit smoking in just one session, with no nicotine withdrawals, no noticeable weight gain, no struggle and no relapse.

They quit without using patches, gum, or pills.
You can take the risk out of quitting now!

Peter Zapfella makes this personal pledge - if you fail to quit smoking in one session, if you relapse - whether it is one day, one week, one month or even one year or more following your original session - he will take you through a special INDIVIDUAL follow up session;

THERE IS NO BETTER OFFER AVAILABLE.*conditions apply – see below.

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When Woodside Petroleum decided to ban all tobacco smoking on it's offshore oil and gas platforms, they called in Peter Zapfella.

Peter made 8 visits, via helicopter, to the platforms operated by Woodside Petroleum on the North-West Shelf of Western Australia, from December 2007 to February 2008.

He worked one-on-one with around 80 workers who had to quit smoking in readiness for the planned 1st March total smoking ban.


Following the total ban, tobacco are now contraband on the off shore oil and gas platforms. Employee’s baggage is physically searched before boarding flights to the rigs.

Peter Zapfella returned to work with around 50 Woodside staff at the Woodside operated Karratha Gas Plant who wanted to quit smoking, in March 2011. Peter has been asked to return to Woodside's Pluto Project in August 2012, to take another 40 - 50 through quit smoking therapy.

Peter Zapfella has been conducting on site Quit Smoking therapies for Rio Tinto's mines at Tom Price, Cape Lambert, Port Hedland, Dampier, Argyle diamond mine in the Kimberley, as staff quit tobacco smoking, alcohol problems, depression, anxiety, phobias, other addictions and work related limiting beliefs (public speaking etc).

Peter Zapfella can visit your business and assist you and your staff achieve a possible return on investment of up to 1, 500 per cent. Call for a brochure now!

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Every smoker knows cigarettes are not good for them. Every smoker knows they spend too much money on tobacco. Research shows most smokers want to quit. So, why don’t they?
  1. Fear of nicotine withdrawals.
  2. Fear of stress and anxiety.
  3. Fear of weight gain.
  4. Fear of failure.
  5. Fear of loss. Loss of a long time "friend"?
  6. Fear of losing smoking social situations.
  7. Fear of success.
Until a smoker eventually defeats these fears they will make excuses and say they are ‘not ready to quit yet’.

The facts are;
  1. Fear of nicotine withdrawals. All reputable scientific research done in the past 25 years has confirmed that nicotine is NOT physically addictive, therefore there is no such thing as nicotine addiction or nicotine withdrawal – the whole nicotine addiction racket was designed to keep people smoking so the perpetrators could syphon off money from the unsuspecting ‘addicts’.

  2. Fear of stress and anxiety. Some people think that smoking some how relieves stress and anxiety when research actually proves smokers have higher stress levels than non-smokers. Smoking actually causes stress because smokers worry about when they can have their next cigarette, or if they have enough to make it through the day. Now they worry if they are allowed to smoke or what other people will think of their dirty little habit.

  3. Fear of weight gain. Some people who quit smoking put on weight only because they eat more – usually sugar based foods – as a substitute, They miss the ‘hand to mouth’ habit (see … thumb sucking) and the taste and smell’s associated with smoking.

  4. Fear of failure. The research proves beyond doubt that the pharmaceutical approach to quitting smoking (patches, gum, pills etc.) fail as much as 93 per cent of the time. No wonder people fear failure – they were always meant to fail – so they would return to buy more expensive pharmaceutical product designed not to work. The government sponsored quit program has a similarly high failure rate. Why? Because they want your money!

  5. Fear of loss. If tobacco has been a part of your daily life, and associated with almost every significant emotional event, then there may be a perceived threat of loss when it is gone. However when you quit the correct way with Peter Zapfella you will experience a feeling of freedom and release from slavery.

  6. Fear of losing smoking social situations. Maybe there was a time when many people you knew smoked and it was socially acceptable. Times are changing and now most people look upon smokers are social lepers, misfits and emotional wheel chair cases. Maybe you started smoking because of ‘peer pressure’, now it is time to quit for the same reason. Plus of course – your own healthy future.

  7. Strange as it may seem, some people actually fear success. They see themselves as loser’s and cigarettes fit that image perfectly. If they quit smoking they fear other people may recognise them as having achieved something significant.
When a smoker eventually admits to themselves that all the excuses they had for smoking are now a farce. When they admit to themselves that tobacco smoking is really a game of suicidal ‘Russian Roulette’ it is time to quit playing games


Peter is based in Perth, Western Australia. Traveling to Darwin, Singapore and Manila regularly.

Peter will be attending the following locations soon:


Call Peter on 0432718026 or 08 95 352 358.


Peter attends the Hills Natural Health Clinic, in Glen Forrest on Thursday's June 4 and 18‬, July 2 and 16‬
. Call the clinic direct for your appointment 08 92988332.

DARWIN - ALICE SPRINGS - Northern Territory -

Peter is visiting Darwin every month to conduct therapies. The next proposed dates are September – Saturday 19 – Tuesday 22 – BOOK NOW
September – Thursday 17 & Friday 18 – Alice Springs – SOLD OUT
September – Wednesday 16 – Alice Springs – BOOK NOW
October – Friday 9 – Wednesday 14.
November – Friday 13 – Wednesday 18.
December – Friday 4 – Wednesday 9.
. Book Now. Email or phone 0432 718 026


Peter is visiting Singapore throughout the year to conduct therapies. Email or phone +61 432 718 026

MANILA - NEW in 2014

Manila and Cebu, January therapies. Book Now. Email or phone +61 432 718 026


Peter Zapfella will travel anywhere to assist people to quit smoking - if there are sufficient client numbers to make the trip viable. Inquiries welcome. Private individual sessions are available World-Wide via Skype.

Private therapy available World-Wide via SKYPE

Download 'Skype' FREE online at or
You can test your Internet speed for FREE at
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  • Overcoming Addictions/Dependencies (Marijuana, gambling, alcohol, sugar, chocolate, coffee, junk food, drugs, sex, etc) - Brochure available upon request.
  • Sexual problems (Performance and confidence issues - psychological erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, guilt, shame, gay & bisexual issues etc)
  • Stress & Anxiety - Brochure available upon request.
  • Depression - Brochure available upon request.
  • Nail and finger biting.
  • Phobias - irrational fears - Brochure available upon request.
  • Sadness, loss and hopelessness - Brochure available upon request.
  • Anger, frustration, rage - including domestic violence issues & road rage.
  • Needless worry - Brochure available upon request.
  • Psychological aspects of improved fertility (Excellent for IVF patients)
  • Hurt and fear
  • Guilt and shame
  • Embarrassment and humiliation
  • Low self esteem
  • Shyness and blushing
  • Build self confidence
  • Insomnia - Brochure available upon request
  • Childhood Abuse (physical, emotional and sexual etc)
  • Sports Performance (competition and skill improvement)
  • Self limiting beliefs (Self Sabotage etc)
  • Chronic Fatigue symptoms (may require other sessions)
  • IBS symptoms and more.....


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We all know that tobacco smoking can cause various forms of cancer, heart disease, emphysema, lowered fertility (for both women and men), premature ageing and even painful death – or do we? Recent research shows that many Australian smokers actually do not believe the evidence. Many third world smokers have no idea – because no one has ever told them. The first group are living in denial and the second group in absolute ignorance,
although we cannot blame them. But are you aware of the difference quitting tobacco smoking will make to your wealth?

Many smokers underestimate the financial benefit of quitting cigarettes; because it can also make you money, and lots of it!

If you are struggling to find the motivation to quit, understanding the many ways you will save money will really help. Examining how those savings can actually make you rich is powerful.

Research has shown that the chance of successfully changing a health-related behaviour increases by 50 per cent if there is a financial reward. Understanding the real costs of tobacco smoking will help motivate you quit for life.

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As a non-smoker, how much will you save?

If you are an average pack-a-day smoker, spending around AUD$20 a pack, then you are burning up around AUD$7,300.00 each year. At that rate, you have blown almost AUD$73,000.00 over the past 10 years! So work it out now. What are you wasting on tobacco products? Be honest with yourself.
  1. Average cost of a pack of cigarettes, or a pack of tobacco =
  2. Number of ‘sticks’ per pack =
  3. Cost of each individual stick is (divide total of 2 by total of 1) =
  4. On average how many sticks do you smoke per day? =
  5. Annual number of cigarettes (multiply total of 4 by 365) =
  6. Annual cost of cigarettes to you (multiply total 5 by total 3) =
  7. Cost of cigarettes to you over 10 years (multiply total 6 by 10) =
The total cost of cigarettes to you per annum (6) = …………………
Also add the additional costs, including lighters, matches, transport to retail outlet etc.

The Australian government has set a tax increase of 12.5 per cent each and every year on tobacco products. This has nothing to do with the manufacturers annual price increase – that is extra. The cost of a single cigarette ‘stick’ is currently around one dollar, making them the most expensive in the world.

Cancer Council Queensland spokeswoman Katie Clift says tobacco tax is the most effective way to reduce smoking rates.
"Any increase on tobacco excise is a welcomed measure to help curb smoking," she said. "Worldwide it's acknowledged that taxation is the most single effective way of reducing tobacco consumption, it's very important."

If you could quit smoking for life within a couple of hours for less than you wasted on tobacco products in the past few weeks – would you?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ … continue reading.

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Investing your savings.

If two 20 year olds, both have the same health and financial status.
One quits smoking, while the other continues to smoke. If tobacco was to only increase in cost at the rate of inflation …. say 3 per cent a year … the smoker would waste $677,000 by the age of 65. However the real cost is increasing at much more than that rate because of government taxes. (currently 12.5 per cent per annum)

If the non smoker had invested the same money in a quality share trust at an average of say …. 9 per cent they would have more than $5.4 million. Taking into consideration inflation, which would be the equivalent of around $1.4 million in today’s terms.

When you quit smoking, following therapy with Peter Zapfella, you could put aside the money you would have spent on tobacco products and invest it.

You would not even notice it, because the equivalent of that money is currently going up in smoke.

If you have a home loan, or any loan at all, you could immediately increase your repayments by the equivalent amount and save on interest payments BIG TIME. You could pay off the loan much faster. You could buy investment properties, blue chip company shares and more.

If you keep smoking, effectively millions of future dollars will be gone forever. Your hard earned money will flow to the shareholders of tobacco companies and government consolidated revenue (taxation).

If you could quit smoking for life within a couple of hours for less than you wasted on tobacco products in the past few weeks – would you?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ … continue reading.

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Other ways you'll save by quitting

Aside from the real cash savings you'll make by not buying tobacco products, quitting smoking will save you money in other ways too.

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Cheaper insurance

When you choose to quit tobacco smoking your life insurance premiums will be lower; your premiums could be as much as 50 per cent cheaper once you have been smoke free for 12 months (the time period depends on individual companies), for exactly the same amount of cover.

Private healthcare, income protection, home and car insurance are all cheaper for non-smokers - because poor health in the future is a much lower risk for non-smokers.

When you successfully quit with Peter Zapfella, let your providers know and start enjoying the benefits of reduced insurance premiums.

If you could quit smoking for life within a couple of hours for less than you wasted on tobacco products in the past few weeks – would you?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ … continue reading.

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Better health > more money.

Once you quit smoking for life you will feel healthier and be less likely to take time off work because of illness. This will have a positive impact on your income, particularly if you are self-employed.
  • No more frustrating searches for a retail outlet that sells your cigarette brand. Save time and save money wasted on fuel too.

  • Cigarettes contain toxic chemicals in quantities far above safe limits, which in turn cause abulia, an underlying factor in Alzheimer’s disease. Smoking was associated with a doubling of the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. (lancet. com volume 351, page 1840)

  • Around 50 per cent of men who continue to smoke into their 40's experience erectile dysfunction. Findings published in the international journal Tobacco Control, found that one in ten Australian men aged 16 to 59 has impotence and smokers are far more likely to suffer droop.

  • Medical research proves cigarette smokers suffer disproportionately from mental disorders. (reference:

  • Smoking is not what it used to be because most people find the habit abhorrent, even offensive.
The good news is that as soon as a person quits smoking, at any age, the body commences to detox and heal. Because nicotine has a half-life of only 30 minutes it means that within 3 hours of your last cigarette only 1.5 per cent of that nicotine is left in the body. The short-term benefits of quitting are great! There are about 4800 chemicals contained in a cigarette out of which between 70 and 100 can cause cancer. Smoking is not only lethal for the smoker himself but also for the people being exposed to the secondhand smoke.

Quitting smoking before it causes you serious health problems impacting your earnings is another financial motivator to quit tobacco smoking.

If the answer for you is ‘Yes’ … continue reading.

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Corporate savings through employers quitting.

For employers, the advantages of you being a non-smoker include:
  • Potential saving of more than AUS$5,000 per annum for every smoker employed, through lost productive time.

  • Overcome the destructive/negative feelings that non-smoking employees feel when they continue to work, while smokers take 'smoko breaks' throughout the day, yet they are paid the same.

  • A safer working environment for all. With fewer smokers overall, therefore fewer passive smokers, means over-all health benefits for all employees.

  • No more unsightly, stinking cigarette butt’s in ashtrays and on the ground outside the entrance of the business. No more staff standing around puffing on cigarettes. A far better corporate image.

  • The business and employees better health, vitality and self- esteem.

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Add it all up.

When we add up all the direct (purchase of tobacco product) costs, indirect (insurance and lost work time) costs, plus the more than likely costs of ill health in the future (half of all long-term smokers die because they smoked). Tobacco smoking is financial suicide.

If you could quit smoking within a couple of hours, with no nicotine withdrawals, and no weight gain. No patches, pills or other products, no on-going sessions – how much would that be worth to you? In financial terms alone it could be worth millions of dollars – to YOU – plus your continued good health.

If you could quit smoking within a couple of hours for less than you wasted on tobacco products in the past few weeks – would you?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ … continue reading.

How difficult is it to quitting smoking?

The information Peter Zapfella presents is clear and concise. The emphasis is on understanding the smoking addiction - how it formed in the first place, how it operates and how to logically 'pull it apart' - so it can end immediately without withdrawals, weight gain or side effects.
  • In truth smoking does not 'relieve stress', aid in 'concentration' or cause 'relaxation' - it's all an illusion at the unconscious level of mind.

  • Why it is difficult and unpleasant to quit smoking using willpower (including the government funded 'Quit' program), nicotine replacement therapy etc.

  • Compelling proof that nicotine is NOT the addictive drug 'they' say it is. The truth is, it's all an urban myth - promoted by certain multi-national drug companies with products to sell. Nicotine has NEVER been proven to be addictive.

  • How to be a happy non-smoker, with no sense of loss or deprivation.

  • The vast majority of Peter Zapfella's clients find the process positive, inspirational, empowering and totally effective.

  • Reports suggest the overall success rate of Peter Zapfella's quit smoking program is around 96 per cent. Independent studies conducted by Woodside Energy, have shown a 100 per cent quit late with no relapse into smoking of their (80) staff at work, at 24 months from their original quit smoking session with Peter Zapfella.

  • Most smokers have tried the various nicotine replacement therapies – nicotine patches and gum (and the other variants – including lozenges, inhalers, pills and E – Cigarettes) Most people do not know that independent university research shows these products have a 93 per cent failure rate. The drugs Bupropion (sold as Zyban) and Varenicline (sold as Champix) have awful side effects for many people and low success rates. © Copyright 2014 Peter Zapfella

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Many quit smoking methods result in the quitter gaining weight. These quitters are substituting food, particularly carbohydrate and sugar rich foods, for cigarettes.
During therapy Peter explains in some detail why this occurs and how Emotional Alignment Therapy (EAT) overcomes this challenge. Some people who have quit using EAT say they have subsequently lost weight. Usually because they are following a more active lifestyle following quitting.

We know that nicotine is a stimulant, however it's direct effect on weight loss is often over stated, particularly by those pushing the 'nicotine addiction' story. Smoking cigarettes to keep the weight off is just a stupid excuse to justify tobacco smoking. If you want to reduce your weight - cut the fat producing foods from your diet, quit smoking and get healthy by exercising more.

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  • No more frustrating searches for a retail outlet that sells your cigarette brand.
  • Freedom from addiction and dependency on cigarettes.
  • Improved sense of taste.
  • Improved sense of smell.
  • Improved complexion.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Improved sleep. Nicotine is a cause of insomnia.
  • Improved breathing.
  • Improved hearing.
  • Improved voice tone.
  • Improved singing voice.
  • Improved blood pressure.
  • Improved energy levels. Carbon monoxide in the blood blocks oxygen up-take.
  • Improved chances of finding a partner. Only around 20% of adults smoke.
  • Improved chances of finding a healthy partner. Smokers suffer more illness and more 50 per cent more likely to die early as a result of smoking related diseases.
  • Improved eyes, less irritation from smoke
  • Improved resistance from asthma.
  • Improved circulation.
  • Improved appearance, less skin wrinkles as you age.
  • Improved fertility rates.
  • Improved role model for children.
  • Improved impression of self when meeting people for first time.
  • Fresher breathe.
  • Cleaner, healthier teeth and gums
  • Clearer thinking.
  • Clear of nicotine in body within 24 hours.
  • No smokers cough.
  • No yellow tar stains on teeth and fingers.
  • No longer a social leper.
  • No more constant reminder that I am not in control of my own life.
  • No more boxes of tissues for my nose and coughed up phlegm.
  • Pain free chest.
  • Longer more active life.
  • Lower risk of house fire.
  • Lower risk of emphysema.
  • Lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Smokers double risk.
  • Lower risk of circulatory problems.
  • Lower risk of heart disease.
  • Lower risk of several types of cancer.
  • Lower risk of stroke.
  • The contraceptive pill plus cigarettes increases risk by 10 times.
  • Lower risk of osteoporosis.
  • Lower risk of diabetes.
  • Lower risk of gastro-intestinal problems and complications.
  • Lower risk of common bronchial infections.
  • Lower risk of male impotence
  • Lower risk of miscarriage.
  • Lower risk of still births.
  • Lower risk of congenital birth defects including cleft lip, palate, limb reductions.
  • Lower risk of children being born with autism and asthma.
  • Lower risk of low birth weight.
  • Lower risk of sudden infant death syndrome SIDS.
  • Lower risk of children suffering asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.
  • More money in pocket.
  • Cheaper life and health insurance rates.
  • Cleaner, fresher smelling home.
  • Cleaner, fresher smelling work place.
  • Cleaner, fresher smelling car.
  • Less wrinkling of the skin or depletion of collagen.
  • Better self image.
  • Better confidence.
  • Better role model for kids.
  • Better sleep patterns.
  • Better immunity from colds and bronchial infections.
  • Stronger life force.

Around 50 per cent of men who continue to smoke into their 40's experience erectile dysfunction. Findings published in the international journal Tobacco Control, found that one in ten Australian men aged 16 to 59 has impotence and smokers are far more likely to suffer droop.

In addition, medical research proves cigarette smokers suffer disproportionately from mental disorders.

Cigarettes contain toxic chemicals in quantities far above safe limits, which in turn cause abulia, an underlying factor in Alzheimer’s disease. Smoking was associated with a doubling of the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. (lancet. com volume 351, page 1840)

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"Thank you so much for changing my life. The last few days have been a blessing. Everything I do is easy (beyond anxiety and depression). I have the energy of 6 people and not a bad feeling. When ever I have the chance I will send people your way for help as well. When I start my personal training business I will hand out your flyers if that's all right. Thank you once again." - Clinton (Mandurah, Western Australia)


'I went to see Peter about my Panic Attacks. I also had claustrophobia, insomnia, compulsive behaviours, negative emotions and low self-esteem. My Doctors medication was very addictive. I needed a better solution. After my first visit to see Peter I walked away a different person. I also feel lighter; when I am walking it is an amazing feeling like floating on air, no effort at all. My husband could not believe the difference in me.' -
Dale Palmer. Wanneroo. Western


“Thank you Peter, eight days. I am feeling very, very good. Your visualisation (Zap Away Method) was so effective that out driving with my sister and mother last Sunday, I was just describing what I had to do
to obliterate the thoughts of smoking and I became violently ill. Sister pulled over and I fell out vomiting again and again. I was sick and shaking for perhaps an hour. Now I think I am more afraid of the image than I
am of smoking. My breathing is clearer, and I have lots of energy, focus is clear and feeling good. I know it is not a miracle but it does feel a little like it!” - Colleen C (Perth Western Australia)


'Dear Peter, I came to you in January 2009 and successfully gave up smoking after 30yrs, not touched them since, fantastic....' - Lynette O'Donnell Perth, WA


'I have now been smoke free for 4 months and I feel amazing. I have not had a craving or urge to smoke since my first visit. The only thoughts I have had of smoking are purely observational ones. I was recently at a restaurant with friends and two of my smoker friends left the table to go outside into the cold, wet conditions for their fix, and I thought to myself "I used to do that". While they were away they missed some fantastic conversations and our meals arrived while they were still outside.
On another occasion a smoker friend of mine who cant believe I don't smoke any more kept offering me a cigarette. I kept saying 'No thanks. I don't want one.' She was surprised that she couldn't convince me to have 'just one'. The thing is...I really do not want one. I have no desire at all to smoke, and do not miss it in the slightest.' - Melissa Le-Cocq, Perth WA.


'Funny thing happened (following therapy yesterday), last night was the first time in about 5 years that I slept through 7 hours and was woken by my alarm (I don’t know what you do, but you do it well ! ) '
Thanks, David Bergl, Perth WA.


'Hi Peter I came to see you last December (2008) to work on my OCD driven intrusive & obsessive 'slug' thought that was producing excessive anxiety and affecting my life. This seems to no longer be a problem anymore. I would like to see you again at the earliest opportunity to work on the symptoms of my BDD condition ( Body Dysmorphic Disorder). I will discuss in depth with you when we meet. Looking forward to your response.' Warm Regards DM. Perth WA (ID withheld)


‘We are all doing really well after your session with our team. 8 out of 9 employees that came to see you (in Port Hedland) a month ago are still not smoking, we are all very happy.’ – Tim Hipworth. BIS Industrial Logistics. Perth. WA.’


‘I just thought I should drop you a line to let you know that I still have not had a smoke since the day I was over there in WA with you in June 2004, and I don’t feel like one. More smokers should do what I did and give it away. Thanks for helping me.’ Bruce Squelch. Bartercard. Toowoomba. QLD.


'Hello Peter. I saw you last week with regards to smoking and weight loss. I am pleased to report that I have not had one cigarette, despite all the "Christmas cheer" and being around full time smokers almost daily, and I have done this without suffering any cravings - thanks' . DF. Perth WA (ID withheld)


Peter, I have been to you before for smoking and it worked amazingly. I am over weight by about 10 -15 kg after having 2 children and have tried various methods to shed these kilos. I am wanting to be hypnotised to assist me in making better health choices to lose weight.'
Regards BD (name withheld)


‘Hello Peter, I came to you for smoking it is so far working wonderfully!! I just wanted to know if you have a solution for a women’s lack of sex drive at all?’ DJS. Perth WA (ID withheld)


'Hi Peter, Geoff and I came to see you for a 'zapping'. I will admit I was a bit skeptical after the session, but I thought I would let you know, we haven't had a puff since we came to see you. Thank you! Any one that can make my husband Geoff quit smoking, must be really good, and guess what, you did it. Amazing! I will be recommending you to all the smokers I know. Kind regards.' - Karen Turner. Kalgoorlie. WA


‘Peter it's 7 months for me (thankyou) wish I saw you a few years earlier...a good friend of my is trying but can’t get there…please help her ....on your next visit in Karratha.' David. Karratha WA (ID withheld)


'I became a regular smoker at age 5. After 26 years of smoking I can now begin to live life. Thank you very much Peter, this has actually worked and now I can experience life without cigarettes.' - Jeff Bernsten. Newman. WA


‘Hi Peter I visited you in April this year, pleased to tell you I am a non smoker. My husband visited you a few weeks later and he too has broken the now to the rest of the family!............Regards Lana Calkins Perth WA


'Peter, I am so pleased with the results with not smoking and also the result of reducing stress/anxiety and increasing happiness that I am often recommending people to come to see you. For smoking, for weight loss, depression, anything at all that I think you can help with.' - Melissa Le-Cocq, Perth WA.


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Call +61 (0) 432 718 026 or +61 (0) 8 95 352 358 for a no-obligation chat or send an email with your inquiry to Peter. He will call you back, have a no-obligation chat and then book an appointment. IT'S THAT EASY!

See BLOG's at

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Personal appointments are usually available 7 days a week in Perth (when not conducting regional therapies). In regional area's personal appointments are usually available at either 8am, 10.30am, 1pm, 3.30pm or 6pm.

Video-Phone appointments are available world-wide by arrangement. You can use your existing computer and a free 'Skype' program.
Pay an online $150 deposit by bank transfer or call +61 (0) 432 718 026 using your Visa* or MasterCard*, then Peter will send you an email with preparation material to complete before your appointment.

Attend your appointment on time. First you will be asked to complete some paperwork – so bring your reading glasses if you use them. Bring any cigarettes you still have left over with you to the appointment.

The tobacco smoking addiction will be explained to you, and how it formed and how it will be ‘pulled apart’ with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Alignment Therapy (EAT) - NOT the old traditional hypnotic approach to quit smoking.
The balance of the fee will be payable before your appointment commences with either cash, or a valid Visa*, MasterCard* or PayPal. Other cards and cheques can NOT be accepted. Fees are charged according to duration, time and location of therapy - phone or email for a quote. * only by prior arrangement. (Fee's are based upon the Australian Psychological Society recommended schedule for 2008 - not 2014. Peter Zapfella and Coral Conrad do nto claim to be psychologists)

The balance of the fee will depend on the appointment time and location (regional area's cost more than Perth Metro). Skype therapy is charged at Perth Metro rates. Private Health Insurance companies may or may not provide a refund - depending on your company and schedule. You are responsible to check with your company if you are covered.

You will receive support materials at the appointment, including a 500 page book on CD ROM along with recorded MP3 support material. You are expected to complete all tasks assigned to you.

Remember - Peter Zapfella makes this personal pledge - if you fail to quit smoking in one session, if you relapse - whether it is one day, one week, one month or even one year following your original session - he will take you through a special individual follow up session; ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE. There is no better offer available to smokers anywhere.


• Available in the comfort of your own home.
• Available almost anywhere in the world. Skype-to-Skype (on your broadband connected computer) anywhere in the world. Download for free at


There are sometimes good reasons why a person has relapsed into their old behavior. Therefore we offer a FREE one-on-one (not group) special follow-up session if required. It must be taken at a time and place nominated by Peter Zapfella or Coral Conrad.
By attending, the client agrees to follow instructions and tasks without limitation. Maximum sixty minutes free of charge. If a client fails to appear, or is late for the nominated appointment, fails to pay all outstanding amounts due, or fails to complete tasks as instructed, then all warranties and guarantee's become void.
Like any medical or therapy procedure there can be no definite guarantees of success. No doctor, psychologist, acupuncturist or counselor can give a 'money-back guarantee', and we do NOT either. Truth is a 'money-back guarantee' is an invitation to fail.
By booking an appointment for therapy you agree that if for any reason you cannot attend a booked appointment, you will email or call Peter Zapfella by phone (04 32718026) as soon as possible, so that someone else can have the opportunity of using that appointment time. You also agree that if you fail to give more than 24 hours notice of cancellation/postponement of an appointment you will promptly pay $150. The balance of all fees are payable and due at the commencement of appointments. If you fail to give notice and fail to appear for your booked appointment you agree to pay the full fee for the reserved time. In addition you agree to pay for all professional collection costs and fees reasonably incurred in recovering the debt, plus interest and administration fees as detailed below. If a client is not ready to make THE change/s in their life, or if they are ill, have a comunicable disease (e.g. Colds and flu’s etc), they should postpone their appointment until they are healthy. Peter Zapfella reserves the right to end a session or therapy if a client is un-cooperative, unwell or under the influence of drugs etc. CYBER-BAND is a registered trade mark. Class 44 – Hypnotherapy. number 1463052.


Available world-wide via 'Skype' free online download. Get Skype for free at You can test your Internet speed at Ass Peter Zapfella



Inquires are welcome from suitably qualified and experienced Hypnotherapists, RN's and other therapists, world-wide, who are interested in being considered for training in these dynamic and effective Australian developed therapies. Email your BMI, qualifications, experience and contact details.


PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION - HYPNOTHERAPY from Introduction through to Advanced levels, with International Accreditation by the American Board of Hypnotherapy & NLP.

PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION - NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) with International Accreditation by the American Board of Hypnotherapy & NLP.

  • Internationally Accredited Trainer and Master Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP (USA 1995. Sydney 2001. 2008. Tad James & others. Advanced Neuro Dynamics.USA)
  • Internationally Accredited Trainer and Master Time Line Therapy tm (USA 1995. Sydney 2001. 2008. AND.USA)
  • Originator, Trainer and Master of Emotional Alignment Therapy
  • Co-Originator and Master of CyberBand (R) Hypnotherapy for weight control and FREE of SMOKING - for life!.
  • Master Neuro Semantics (Sydney. 2001. Dr Michael Hall & Dr Rev Bobby Bodenhammer)
  • Master Hypnotist (USA 1995. AHA. USA)
  • Diploma Hypnosis (Melbourne 1995 Australian Academy Hypnotic Science - now VQA and DEST recognised)
  • Senior First Aid Certificate - always current
  • Currently a former member of... Clinical member (0908270) - Australian Hypnotherapists Association, Certified Hypnotherapist (1097) - American Board of Hypnotherapy, Certified Master Practitioner (0291) - American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Certified Master Practitioner (2093) - Time Line Therapy Association.
  • Peter has almost 20 years clinical experience throughout Australia.
  • Peter quit tobacco smoking back in 1983.
Peter is a Metaphysical Counsellor with more than 25 years experience and training in various metaphysical studies. For instance he has studied personally with Dr. Deepak Chopra MD (US), Dr. Wayne Dwyer MD (US), Stuart Wilde (UK) and many others. In addition he has been initiated into the Shamanic Sciences of Huna and various meditation practices, after traveling to Asia and Hawaii.

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