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Relationship Repair

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Servicing Areas Dee Why, New South Wales
Mobile 0424 241 303

Relationship skills coaching

Relationship Repair

Welcome to Relationship Repair

Relationship counselling protects your most valuable asset in life. Your relationship bond and family well-being.

Relationship Repair is dedicated counselling and coaching, that will repair relationship bonds broken through infidelity, poor communication or stress.

Distressed couples typically experience either escalating arguments or silent withdrawal from each other. Problems and misunderstandings that are not resolved effectively, can leave each person feeling either hurt and sad, or angry and frustrated. This can damage the vitally important connection to each other.

Common conflicts can be found in a variety of issues such as; difference in emotional expression, miscommunication, infidelity, lack of intimacy, work stress, depression and many other problems.

Relationship Repair also works with individuals who may have difficulty regulating their emotional reactions. With the use of specialised natural medication and behavoural support, the side-effects of stress and irritability can be relieved.

Please contact Relationship Repair for an obligation-free discussion of your needs and an assessment of your problem.

About Maggie

Relationship Repair is Facilitated by Maggie Nowland.

Maggie is a Relationship Educator and Counsellor. She works in Private practice and in Mental Health as a Registered Nurse, and teaches skills for obtaining quality in life. She is also a Natural Therapist.

She has 30 years of professional experience, helping and supporting people.


"My wife was just about to walk out the door and leave our marriage, when I decided to contact Maggie. My wife was particularly concerned that she would be made to feel at fault in the sessions. But Maggie made us both feel heard and understood and by the finish of our first session we were feeling more optimistic. We continued to discover more and more about each other (even after many years of marriage) and have found better ways of talking and understanding each other. It's definitely improved things" C.R. Manly.

"My husband was not too keen to seek help for our marriage, but I knew I couldn't go on. His relationship with his family was overtaking our relationship and he jumped whenever they called. Especially with his mother. Maggie taught us many things and we now have a better relationship with each other and he knows that our family must take priority even though we love and respect his family. Everyone is much happier." Mary P. Beacon Hill.

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