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Seeking Truth.....

I can remember, as a child, standing still in the sunny
courtyard at home in Sydney where I grew up, wondering about life.
It was one of those moments which seem to be outside of time,
where the intensity of light and space are poignant.
It was the day before I started school.

I can remember clearly a feeling
of something just out of my grasp,
just outside my field of vision,
just beyond my understanding,
just around the corner.
I can remember looking up at the ‘oh so blue’ sky
and feeling my smallness
in the grand space around me.
I can remember bees and the smell of honeysuckle.
I was not afraid, simply awestruck and kind of sad
because I felt I had lost something
I couldn’t quite remember owning.
I was struck with a sense of aloneness,
to which I assumed I had
no right to understand.
Time kicked in once more
and the years passed by.

I never in my wildest dreams expected to actually find a way of
looking at life which made sense and when I stand next to that little girl I get
goose bumps.
I feel so excited as I tell her that she is in for a most amazing ride through life,
that all she wonders about and searches for
will in fact become clear to her and become her reality.
Her life will be beyond her expectations.
I tell her that her life is going to be full of goose bumps,
just be patient though,
it will take a while.......
When I go back in time and be that little girl again,
I can feel the knowing and the patience
and the love which surrounds me.
I didn't know then, that the depth of stillness
was a precious gift from myself.

I have 59 years of life experience which has taken me on many
trips searching for the truth of my life.
Some places have been light filled and
many have been dark and a few downright dangerous.
I was introduced to meditation when I was 17 which I continued with regularity over the years.
Being a mother of 3 beautiful girls and 2 extrordinary grandsons
teaches me continually precious lessons in sacrifice, surrender and love.
As my last beautiful child was readying for school,
A page turned and I felt an urgency to
pursue my spirit’s yearning.

It was like a call to arms, in a sense.
Time to wake up and get moving on a new adventure!
There was no resisting the compelling call
and as is the wonderful way of life,
I was led into the Chinese Healing Arts, firstly through Tai Chi
and then into Qigong and its internal alchemy.
I was finally onto something here!
Practical tools to change the spots of the leopard!
Oh, my goodness, who was it who said you can’t do that!
Goosebumps! Again!

The Spiritual Warrior now had weapons which really work and a ‘cool as’ ancient carry-case.
It wasn’t long before I was teaching under the guidance of my most
patient, inspirational, thorough and knowledgeable Tai Chi Instructor, Syd Lewis.
In 2000, I begun teaching on my own while simultaneously
continuing to learn more about the Chinese Healing Arts through various systems.
These systems vary between highly complex and wonderfully simple.
All require daily practice,
self-reflection and
practical application.
From these practices, I have learned a lot about techniques,
philosophy and psycho-spirituality which is deeply embedded within the qigong practices.

Mostly I learnt a lot about myself and I was liking what I found. I read
everything I could find on the subject, I dug and delved into every art which
showed promise as a practical tool for self transformation,
for all systems are part of the Tao.
Through my own practice, more and more, I found inspiration rising up from the deep well within me,
the same deep well which connects us all to one-another.
Transformation of the self became my very own path of truth.
The best method to heal others, is to do what is required to heal yourself.
Become your own teacher. Trust that you can.
As my practice continued, my explorations took me here and there,
I came across my biggest awakening, the jewel in the crown!
Sheng Zhen Qigong.

In hindsight, I now know that the door of my Heart
was just about to be thrown open wide. The bolt had been eased,
the key turned in the lock and the door opened.
Goosebumps! Again!

The floodgates opened and I cried with happiness and gratitude.
Ahh! Haaa! The open heart is the doorway to health, healing and joy!

The ancient Taoist sages speak of the luminous birds which live in the center of the heart.
They are the "shen", the spirits of the heart.
It doesn't take much to frighten them away.
Love brings them back home
Loves keeps them there.



....Continually Learning.

Qualification Details

Wu Round Long Hand Form
Basic Push-Hands
Tai Chi Sword
Double Fans

Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor (Assoc.)
Sheng Zhen Gong Instructor


IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapies)
WTPA (Wushu and Tai Chi Practitioners Association)
TCAA (Tai Chi Association of Australia – Vic. Rep.)

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