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Tantra Sydney

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Tantra Sydney
Address Sydney NSW
Servicing Areas Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Cains, Darwin, Australia Wide, International
Phone 0426116042

"With an open heart & capacity for deeper intuitive communication, I provide a safe space for you to explore your sexual bliss & embrace its transformational healing power"

*Tantric Massage*Relationships Counsellor*Tantric Sex & Lifestyle Coach* Bodyworker (incorporating Chakra, energetic & spiritual healing)*

About Taryn

Tantric Massage, Tantric & Energetic Healing through bodywork & breathwork, tantric coaching, sex therapy, relationships counseling

In endeavouring to be an authentic practitioner, I've harnessed my passion for healthy living and established a business within a fascinating industry focussed on sexual healing and body worship.

Having over 15 years’ experience in the area of sexuality & health, I'm degree educated (BA Communications) with a background in media & PR specialising in sexual and nutritional health. Here I was fortunate to have worked with many experts in the field of impotence, menopause and nutrition.

My profound experience in meeting the many wonderful people who lived with debilitating disease or dysfunction, primarily erectile dysfunction & prostate cancer, made it evident for me that the real benefit of promoting healthcare would be to better understand the grass roots of wellbeing.

An abundance of resources became available and soon I was studying again (Dip Holistic Counselling & Dip Transformational Life Coaching), learning more and better understanding the communication link between our bodies and minds, finding evidence to show having a positive mindset and a healthy lifestyle (regular physical activity and good nutritional eating) can enhance positive energy flow, helping in the prevention of disease and cultivating positive self-esteem.

My counselling lecturer was a shaman practitioner, making it his focus to introduce us to the magic of bodywork & breathwork; introducing me to another field of possibility in relation to the secrets that our body can often hold (at a deeper, cellular level - often repressed feelings or memories of trauma may sit at this deep, unconscious place as yet untapped).

Studies in alternative health (Tantra and energetic healing) & psychology highlighted the many ways in which our lives can become more about ‘being’ and less about ‘doing’, inspiring me to honour pro sex work attitudes and encourage healthier positive views on sexual freedom..

This is how I can assist.....


By mentoring, it is my approach to guide you through a process of identifying relational needs, helping you understand what feels good and what doesn’t; emotionally, physically and spiritually utilising pranic/energetic healing, breath work & Tantra.


Once we become acquainted You can feel safe to explore your deeper desires - whatever they may be. Tantra is a spiritual journey more than anything, and with bodywork I provide ample space for your body to connect with the natural energetic experiences that transpire in such a setting.

Do you need to express yourself without fear of judgement but don't know where to start? Are you in need of touch & more deeper intimacy or do you wish to explore the depths of sensual lovemaking (maybe just bored with casual sexual encounters or need to learn more skills in soulful & intimate pleasure?)

Once we have considered your needs, come in and relax, get naked if you wish and begin exploring your sexual horizons in safety and comfort.

In relation to counselling; often when battling issues of low self-esteem or struggling with stressful relationships (love relationships or our own personal one) it’s important to have someone neutral on hand as opposed to our best friends or people who give caring advice. I am able to listen and reflect back with guidance, helping you to gain the strength and courage it may take to master positive thoughts and feelings. To be centred and in control will allow a better flow of energy and create balance in your everyday life.

Living with love, laughter and passion is essential for everyday health. Feeling pleasure is our human right - and loving yourself first is vital.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

Diploma Transformational Life Coaching
Diploma Holistic Counselling (transpersonal psychology)
Certificate Tantric Teachers Training (Incorp; Shiva & Shakti studies, dance, kriya yoga, pranayama breathwork)
Certificate Energetic Healing (Chakra resonance & clearing)

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