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Transition Evolution

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Rowan Bradley
Servicing Areas Peregian Beach, Queensland
Mobile 0400 383 154

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself” – Rumi

About Transition Evolution

Transition Evolution offers Counselling and Workshops for Individuals, Couples, Boards and Groups. We have the knowledge and experience to help you and/or your team align with your path.

Evolving Boards

We can help you to evolve your Board so that:
  • You can create an even better organisation;
  • The decisions you make really do change people’s lives for the better, and create a better world;
  • You move away from the common mistakes and issues, improve performance and impact.

We can support you as you create impressive governance, justice, truth, trust and insight at pace. These underpin your decisions, use of power, behaviour in relationships; how you set the tone and transform the rest of the organisation.

Evolving Organisations

We can help you to evolve your organisation into a really great one so that:
  • What you decide at your Board can be turned into a living reality;
  • People are glad they work with you – or wish they could;
  • Customers and service users love the quality of what you create and offer – and they want more of it;
  • You can truly change people’s lives for the better and create a better world.

Call to chat about how we can help and hear more about our track record in helping to evolve organisations of all kinds – private, public and charitable and both large and small.

Evolving Relationships

We can help you to evolve as an Individual or a couple with Counselling, Yoga, Meditation and Psychotherapy:
  • You as an individual –developing your own mastery in relating, often triggered by a need arising from a work or a personal situation.
  • You as a couple – when you want to deepen your intimacy, or solve the issues that are reducing your quality of life, and probably impacting your success at work.

About the team at Transition Evolution

Rowan Bradley

I embrace both Eastern and Western modalities in an effort to better understand the mind-body connection.

I have studied the field of Psychiatry, where I worked as a Nurse, Therapist and Educator. This has allowed me a greater understanding of the complex challenges that many of us face in our lives. This study and experience has also enabled me to relate to people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

The studies of Psychotherapy, Meditation and Yoga and work in healing centres have provided me with an integrative approach, and a foundation from which I’m able to explore the life situation of individuals, couples and groups – enabling them to complete cycles and create new ones.

My passion is to help and support individuals within evolving relationships. My workshops combine knowledge, insight and intuition to create transformative change.

Rhian Bradley

My goal is to assist people who really can make a difference in the world, and my focus is twofold - business leaders and children – two groups who shape the present and are the leaders of the future.

I have comprehensive experience in organisation design and development and my approach is three-fold –
  1. to help people think better and deeper together and have transformative conversations. My skills lie in helping Boards and organisational leaders have necessary dialogue that may not have occurred otherwise.
  2. Re-designing part or all of an organisation and restructuring it so that it’s aligned with its purpose. I use my innate ability to see the interconnectedness in all things to help create a new alignment that leads to greater harmony and success.
  3. I enjoy leading projects in concert with business leaders to turn unhelpful or negative situations around, enhancing the overall experience and outcomes of everyone concerned.

Whether in a large organisation, or in my role as Chair of a small international charity I am inspired by the rhythm and interconnectedness of the natural world. It is nature’s creativity, generosity, beauty and eternal striving for balance that I seek to emulate in my life and work.

For more information about how Transition Evolution can help you and your organisation achieve your goals, call, visit the website of click on one of the buttons below to instantly message us


  • Diploma of Yoga Teaching
  • Practised Yoga Teacher, Energetic Healer and Counsellor

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