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Top 3 Hypnosis Courses to Help You Stop Overeating

Last Updated Oct 21, 2020

"From the moment we're born, we're nurtured with food, rewarded with food, and so emotional connections to food are normal," according to Michelle May, MD, author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat. Compulsive overeating, however, can often be used as a coping mechanism for negative emotions, and can be detrimental to your physical and mental health in the long-term. Many people are turning to hypnotherapy as an effective and permanent way to curb binge eating habits.

How does hypnosis help you stop overeating?

Those times when we're giving in to the temptations of sugar,  the subconscious switches into defence mode. This is why you are inclined to automatically reach for those comfort food snacks and overeat. Our subconscious has been wired to think that sweet snacks or the feeling of fullness equates to "safety."

In other words, overcoming food addiction requires something more than willpower. The subconscious is more powerful than you think. You need to retrain this part of the mind to release those natural cravings, and their link to certain moods. This is where hypnotherapy comes in.

Hypnotherapy will alter your mind's reaction to certain foods by unlocking the part of the brain that controls your emotions. Using the power of hypnosis, hypnotherapists will work with you to address the root cause of your eating habits and relationship with food. The goal is to get rid of the subconscious, emotional triggers that lead you to impulsively overeat certain foods. Instead of forcing yourself onto new diets that never stick, hypnotherapy is a long-term solution will help you to embrace a healthier lifestyle. 

Top 3 hypnotherapy Courses to help you stop overeating

The issue of overeating is a common reason for many people turning to hypnosis. These courses will provide you with the qualifications to use hypnosis to change your eating habits, and help others do so. Check out our top 3 courses to help you stop overeating:

1. Tad James Co.

As experienced hypnotherapists in a long-standing practice, the Tad James Co. provides courses that have proven to be effective in changing unhealthy eating habits.  Through a fast-tracked weekend hypnosis course, you will receive a practical experience in hypnosis training by a certified hypnotherapist. 

2. Soul Anchorage

Soul Anchorage works with educators, health and community workers and individuals to achieve real results for those suffering from overeating. They offer a certification program for neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, hypnosis and NLP coaching for the ACT and surrounding region. You will obtain the necessary skills to develop a healthier relationship with food and nutrition by working with trained hypnotherapists. 

3.  Mindset Mastery NLP 

The Mindset Mastery NLP provides a three-day course and certification that will allow you to work through any negative feelings about yourself, and how this is linked to overeating. You will learn through captivating discussion, informative demonstrations, fun interactive exercises that will teach you to use hypnosis for yourself and others. 

Want to explore more courses in your area? Explore all other hypnotherapy courses available in Australia.

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Originally published on Jul 22, 2020

FAQs About Hypnotherapy & Overeating

Is hypnosis the best option to stop overeating?

Using hypnotherapy to change your eating habits is effective when you are motivated and keep an open mind to embrace this change. Hypnosis should always be used in conjunction with regular exercise and other healthy habits.

Will my overeating issue be fixed forever?

By reprogramming the subconscious part of the brain, your view of food will be changed for good. However, a large part of this is up to you - It is important that you remain dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Can hypnosis help me lose weight?

Yes, by changing your perception of unhealthy food, you could experience significant physical changes, when used in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Does hypnosis work for everyone?

With a positive mindset, hypnosis has a real potential to change your life for the better. You must work with the hypnotherapist, and embrace all aspects of the training to receive the maximum benefit.

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