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5 Steps to Becoming a Personal Trainer

Last Updated Aug 21, 2020

Do you want to be your own boss while staying fit at the same time? Do you have a passion for helping others with their fitness and health goals? Why not consider a career in personal training?

In this article, we take you through five steps to becoming a personal trainer and making an impact on your client's life!

1. List the Qualifications You Need

It’s like baking or cooking. You couldn’t make delicious cakes without an oven or whip up a savory stew without meat. Besides your zeal for developing strong, healthy bodies, you have to know what qualifications you need to be recognised as a personal trainer.

Your journey to the fitness industry begins with a Certificate III in Fitness, the minimum requirement to be a gym instructor or group exercise instructor. From here, you can progress to Certificate IV in Fitness, a nationally accredited program specific to personal training.

2. Know the Coursework 

Once you have identified the training programs you could potentially undertake, find out what’s included in each coursework. As a foundation course, the Certificate III in Fitness will take you through the core principles of anatomy and physiology in relation to developing and maintaining a healthy physique.

The Certificate IV is the national qualification for every personal trainer in Australia. It provides an in-depth study that further increases your knowledge about fitness, body composition and nutrition. Completion of this course will enable you to collaborate with other health professionals, develop an exercise program that is suitable for a client’s needs, or even set up your own fitness centre.

3. Look for the Best School

Now that you have the information you need about each training program, the next step is school selection. While you have many options out there, it pays to narrow down your list to those that are nationally accredited and offer more flexibility in terms of schedule.

Onfit Training College is one of the best schools to consider. Aside from its Certificate III and IV programs, it also provides a Diploma of Fitness, an advanced qualification for personal trainers who want to take their career to the higher tier of the fitness world.

4. Choose a Learning Method

Nothing compares to having a healthy learning environment. Some students would consider the classroom a conducive place to learn, while others prefer to study from the comfort of their home and at their own pace.

To ensure yourself of the best learning experience, see to it that your choice of learning platform is suitable for your needs. If you maintain a 9-to-5 job, you’re better off enrolling in an online course. That way, you can work your study time around your day-to-day schedule. 

5. Gain Membership in a Professional Organisation

Upon completion of an accredited fitness training program, you are eligible to join a relevant professional organisation, which is crucial to the advancement of your career. Registered members can build on their skills through continuing education, gain access to potential clients and work with other healthcare professionals.

Among those that you would want to join are the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA), Fitness Australia and Sports Medicine Australia.

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Originally published on Jul 16, 2020

FAQs About Becoming a Personal Trainer

What qualifications do I need to be a personal trainer?

To qualify as a personal trainer in Australia, you have to complete the Certificate IV in Fitness. To be admitted to this program, you should have successfully completed the Certificate III in Fitness.

How hard is it to become a personal trainer?

It depends on your personal drive. If you're passionate about fitness and health and determined to help others achieve their goals in these areas of their lives, you'll find the road to becoming a personal trainer motivating rather than difficult.

What personal trainer certificate is most respected?

The Diploma of Fitness is the most respected personal trainer certification. With this qualification, you can hold a leadership position in a fitness centre and oversee exercise programs designed for fitness professionals.

Is it worth becoming a personal trainer?

Yes. Aside from enjoying a lucrative job, you can help a lot of people boost their strength and improve their overall physique.

Can you make a living as a personal trainer?

Yes. A certified personal trainer in Australia makes, on average, $29.39 per hour or $49,854. The more experienced ones earn around $72K a year.

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