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5 tips for a healthy Christmas

5 tips for a healthy Christmas
Christmas is often a time to overindulge, to say ‘sod the diet!’ and scoff delicious treats throughout the festive season.
But if you’re prefer to take a healthier approach this year, consider these top tips for a healthy Christmas:

1 Fill up at breakfast

Start your festive days with a healthy, filling breakfast. Pick protein like eggs and mushrooms, to avoid snacking before the big Christmas Day lunch or festive functions.

2 Water down

Drinks contain empty calories, and it’s easy to knock them back in the Christmas spirit. So, stick to water whenever possible – up to 8 glasses a day. Spice it up with sparkling water and lemon or orange slices, and set a limit on the vino.

3 Make smart swaps

Christmas Day is a healthy eater’s biggest challenge; many of us consume an extra 6000 calories just on that day alone!
But you can still enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner without the guilt or heavy feeling, by making a few smart swaps.
For instance, choose low-fat nuts like chestnuts, and only eat unsalted nuts. Pretzels and popcorn are other smart snacks.
Avoid filling up on sugary snacks, and skip the buttered rolls at lunch. If you’re making a pie, use healthier filo pastry, and serve fruit and vegetable sticks to keep the hungry ones going between meals.

4 Make it a veggie affair

One of the best tricks to filling up on fresh fare over Christmas is to go for the veggies first. Load your plate with plenty of variety, and keep just a small portion of the plate for meat and treats.

5 Get active

Let’s face it, Christmas time is meant to be about relaxing, taking time out, and being with the ones we love. So while you shouldn’t feel bad about taking a day or two off the gym or boot camp, it’s still important to be active. Why not include the whole family and enjoy a pre- or post-lunch walk? Or take a cricket set or ball down to the park or beach and get everyone moving. Keeping active isn’t just fun, it will also help manage your appetite and prevent unnecessary snacking.

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