5 Ways to Make Time for Exercise in Your Life

Exercise Therapy
Sep 16, 2013
Exercise Therapy There are a ton of reasons why you should partake in regular physical activity, including managing your weight and keeping your mind and body in shape. So if it is so good for us, why don’t many of us prioritise it?

Our increasingly time poor lifestyles seem to be the major culprit – we simply have less time for ourselves, more specifically our health and wellbeing. I juggle the life/work/family/ conundrum and believe it comes down to self-discipline in the end. It is all about being quite brutal and prioritising yourself – because let’s face it, if you fall apart, all the balls (remember the juggling) come tumbling down.

So how do you make time for exercise in your life? Here are 5 tips to give help you work it into your schedule:

How to Prioritise Exercise in Your Life?

  • Make time – no matter how busy your schedule is, there are always windows of opportunity for time to exercise. So you might like to get our calendar and look for the best time in your schedule to get some exercise in. This may involve say getting up earlier in the morning, or sacrificing a night in front of the television for the gym. You could even work out in front of the TV, with an exercise DVD.
  • Commit – scheduling exercise into your life is all about discipline. If you feel like you need a little nudge then consider working out with a friend or registering with a personal trainer. You are more likely to pass on exercise if there is no one waiting for you.
  • Lifestyle – consider making some adjustments to your lifestyle. If you commute to work, maybe think about cycling or even walking part of the way – if possible. Likewise for the weekend, if you use your car to drive everywhere, maybe some of those shorter trips could be replaced by pedal power or by simply walking?
  • Embrace Technology – the smartphone you have in your pocket is a potentially powerful tool. There are a myriad of apps that convert it into everything from a heart rate monitor to a pedometer. These tools can help you set goals and track your performance over time. Visit the various app stores for what is on offer for your variety of smartphone.
  • Be Spontaneous! – there is never a time like the present. If you have 5 minutes spare at your desk you can do a variety of stretches and resistance based exercises that don’t require you to be in the gym or outdoors.
I hope these tips have inspired you to make time for exercise in your life – it could transform your outlook!

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