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5 Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

5 Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk
Want to minimise your risk of being diagnosed with cancer? Numerous studies point to lifestyle changes as crucial to steering clear of cancer and enjoying a long, healthy life. Let’s look at a few simple lifestyle changes you can make to minimise your risk.

Go Green

Green tea, that is. Packed with cancer-preventing antioxidants known as polyphenols, green tea can provide an enormous health boost. A recent study of 60 men who were predisposed to prostate cancer found that the group of men who had 600 mg of green tea supplements each day had fewer instances of prostate cancer than the men who didn’t.

A Good Dose of Vitamin D

Studies suggest that people with lower levels of vitamin D have a higher risk of developing cancer – some by as much as 50 per cent! In one study, women who were deficient in vitamin D had a higher rate of breast cancer. Health organisations, however, warn against having too much vitamin D as it can place pressure on the kidneys and liver. Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council recommends up to 80 ug of vitamin D a day.

Get Active

We all know physical exercise has many ongoing benefits for our health and is critical to enjoying a long life. A 2012 study published in the US Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that being active may prolong life for people with breast and colon cancer. Many other studies have discovered that keeping active can also reduce the overall risk for women developing breast and other cancers. But don’t think you have to take up a rigorous workout regime. A study published in June 2012 has found that just a brisk walk can minimise the risk of hormone receptor positive breast cancer, the most common tumour type.

Steam, Don’t Microwave

It may be easier to pop a few broccoli stalks in the microwave than get steaming. But a Spanish study reported that microwaving broccoli can destroy 97 per cent of the flavonoids that protect against cancer. So the message is clear: steam broccoli, eat it raw or throw it in a soup.

Get a Garlic Breath

It might not win you friends, but adding garlic to your food may also help reduce your risk of cancer. This is because garlic contains sulphur compounds which stimulate the immune system so that it can ward off cancer and prevent the growth of tumours. Several studies found garlic may help reduce rates of stomach and colorectal cancers.

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