7 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil

Health Products
Oct 09, 2013
Health Products

In case you haven’t heard, coconut oil is the cool kid on the block. Everyone’s using it – it’s being chucked into curries, smoothies, muffins and even rubbed on skin. But why is coconut taking the nutritional world by storm? And why should you use it? Let’s take a look…

Coconut Oil Can Be Used in High Heat

Many cooks are swapping other oils for coconut oil in cooking. It could be because coconut oil is a medium-chain saturated fatty acid, and so it has a higher smoking temperature than other monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils. So if you’re making a stir fry or another dish that requires a high heat, reach for the coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Can Curb Sugar Cravings

If you’ve been trying to ditch the sweet stuff, coconut oil may just help you stay on track. Advocates say a teaspoon of the oil may be all you need to ward off an afternoon sugar craving. Why? Apparently coconut oil is a ‘good’ fat that keeps you fuller for longer, especially compared to one-hit-wonder sugary foods.

Coconut Oil is a Cheap Beauty Product

You don’t need to keep coconut oil confined to the kitchen; it can also work wonders for your skin and tresses. Coconut oil fans say it’s also a miracle exfoliator, teeth whitener, frizz easer, makeup remover and intense moisturiser. 

Coconut Oil is Good for the Gut

Have a bad tummy? Beat bloating and a sluggish gut with coconut oil. Studies show it’s able to treat a range of digestive disorders and stomach bugs. This is because the fatty acids found in the oil are anti-microbial, so they soothe bacteria, parasites, candida and other nasties.

Coconut Oil Protects Against Diabetes

Research out of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research has found that coconut oil may help protect against insulin resistance. In doing so, it may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Apparently this is because the luscious oil contains MCFA fats, which are absorbed into our cells and converted into energy. This means less fat is absorbed and insulin sensitivity is improved. A nutritionist or dietician can give you more handy hints on incorporating coconut oil into your daily diet.

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