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An Introduction to Crystal Sound Healing

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Last Updated Sep 01, 2020

Modern society, with its many scientific wonders, has managed to forget a great deal of ancient information that once served humanity. What has been called magic or folklore by the analytical minds of today was once commonplace for our ancient ancestors. They managed to live in accordance with nature, and to listen and look for answers that could only be discovered through introspective searching. Our "New Age" movement is actually a resurgence of "Old Age" ideas and understanding. Amongst these ancient ideas were the uses of sounds and crystals to promote healing.

Vibrational Healing

Sound is vibrational energy. Religions and healers have used it for centuries, because it is able to cross over from our third dimensional existence into the higher dimensions. Sound penetrates our bodies, and brings our minds into altered states of awareness.

Quartz crystals have the ability to hold electromagnetic energy. They hold light and information of a vibrational nature. They have been utilized for centuries by lightworkers for accessing higher realms of thought and power.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Metal singing bowls have long been used by Tibetan monks for healing and clearing energies. Each bowl resonates at a specific key or frequency. These frequencies match the frequencies that are associated with the chakras.

It is now possible to create singing bowls out of pure quartz crystal. This amplifies the strength of their frequencies. The bowls are used to bring a harmonious vibration back into areas of the energy body that happen to be imbalanced.

Combination of Light and Sound

Quartz crystal is like a prism in that it has the ability to divide white light into the spectrum of colours. The human body gives of an energy field known as an aura. This aura is colored just as a spectrum of light. The human body has crystalline qualities in its bones, blood and DNA. The crystal singing bowls move both light and sound into the gross and etheric bodies. Here is how it works.

  • Each chakra is associated with a sound and colour. Specific organs and glands are also affected by each chakra. Emotions are also associated with each chakra.
  • When a person experiences an emotional or psychological trauma, they store the event memory in an area of their energy body that is governed by a particular chakra.
  • The chakra becomes imbalanced by the event memory, and the imbalance is measured by the change in frequency and/or colour of the chakra. It can also be detected through symptoms that are present in defined areas of the physical body.
  • A therapist/healer detects the imbalance by striking each bowl and running it along the body. When the tone of the bowl becomes distorted as it passes over the body, then an imbalance is detected. They then use the sounds of the crystal singing bowls to remove the improper vibration, and replace it with a corrected one.
  • Once vibrating at the right frequency, the physical body should no longer show symptoms, and the mental and energetic bodies can vibrate with clarity. The overall result is optimal health.

Modern technology has now provided us with the means to produce the highest quality crystal bowls. Mixed with the ancient ideas of sound healing, this unique approach to healing and wellness in something that should be considered by everyone.

Originally published on Dec 16, 2011

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