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Boost Your Art Therapy Business Through Effective Marketing

An art therapist in Australia with less than four years of experience can earn between $60,252 and $72,000 a year, according to compensation consulting firms. If this is you, don't ever think that being less experienced than others should hold you back from moving forward faster than you should. Remember, where your heart is, success thrives fast and easy. In this guide, you're going to learn five effective marketing tactics to boost your art therapy business.

1. Create an Art Therapy Website

To advance your career and business in this digital age, you have to exploit various technology tools to reach as many people as you can, and creating a website makes perfect sense. The internet has long transcended classified ads and moved consumers away from print and onto their computer screens (or mobile phones) to find what they need. Having an art therapy website not only makes you more accessible but also establishes trust.

2. Make the Most of Newsletters

The power of a newsletter cannot be undermined. It not only promotes new businesses and expedites their journey to success, but it also revives those that are struggling to stay afloat. A newsletter is a simple but sturdy bridge that connects you with potential clients, relaying new information about your business, events and blog posts on your website to ensure you're constantly on their minds.

3. Give a Demonstration   

Accepting a speaking engagement at the community school or local health centre, or giving a demonstration of your modality online, allows you to showcase your expertise in art therapy as well as encourage people to work with you. You can talk about, among other things, different forms of art media your clients utilise and how these facilitate in their healing.

4. Be Genuine

Your knowledge and skills at combining art and psychology can take you to greater heights, but only if these are supported with a genuine heart. Being sincere about helping people who are struggling with their deeply-rooted issues can create a significant change in their lives, and they will thank you in abundance in any way they can.

Happy clients will not have second thoughts about spreading the word about your talents. And as many successful marketers can attest to, marketing your business by word of mouth remains to be a time-tested method.      

5. List Your Business on the Natural Therapy Pages

Getting your art therapy business listed on Australia's No. 1 website for natural therapies and health practitioners can take it nowhere but up to the peak of success. It will drive more eyeballs to the features and benefits of your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to countrywide visibility, you get to receive technical support with the information on your listing and your latest offerings.

There goes our list of five effective marketing tactics to boost your art therapy business in Australia. Feel free to check out our other marketing tips for scaling your natural health business.

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FAQs About Marketing an Art Therapy Business

How can I promote my art therapy business?

Participating in different social media platforms to introduce your natural health business will get people's attention. Once you have their attention, you want to communicate with them regularly via email. Participating in health fairs, joining the community health centre's activities and distributing traditional brochures will also help promote your natural therapy business.

How can I increase my private practice referrals?

Once you have established a close relationship with your clients, ask them if they could recommend your private practice to individuals who might need your help. You may provide them with your calling card which they can hand out to friends who might be interested.

What type of therapist makes the most money?

Professionals who deal with mental and emotional health issues find their jobs financially rewarding. These include psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists, just to name a few.

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