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Art Therapy for Depression

Art Therapy for Depression

Many of the world’s greatest artworks were created when the artist was at a low point in their life. But lovers of fine art aren’t the only ones to value of the creative expression of emotions. Art therapists know that tapping into a person’s creativity can relieve feelings of despair, hopelessness, and other symptoms of depression.

Art Therapy Helps Express Emotions

Expressing our emotions is essential for good health. But sometimes it’s hard to express painful feelings or memories, especially if we feel hopeless or worthless. Art therapy taps into our creativity to help us release emotions that might be too painful to express in words. By delving into our creative potential art therapy can help express what the heart, mind and soul truly feel.

You Don’t Have to be ‘Arty’ to do Art Therapy

You don’t have to be a great artist to participate and benefit from art therapy. The goal of art therapy is for you to express what you are feeling. You can do this through many different mediums including painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, movement, music. The simple act of creating can be deeply liberating. It can also provide a platform for greater insight into your emotions. Often people find they express things in their art that they had forgotten or repressed.

Art Therapy Clarify Feelings of Depression

Sometimes we feel so confused we’re not sure what we’re feeling. Art therapy can help us make sense of our feelings and provide hope and clarity at what can be a very dark, lonely time.

Art therapy can help depression by providing an outlet to express feelings that may be hard to say. Art therapy can help resolve conflict, express emotions and also be a lesson in self-acceptance.

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