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Back Pain: a Burden or a Blessing?

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Aug 30, 2021

Back Pain: a Burden or a Blessing?

Most of us will at some time go through some experience of back pain.

It can be mild, moderate and sadly severe, depending on the nature and composition of the cause and effect.

The back is an extensive structure with components that extend beyond the spinal column and the skeletal mechanisms that hold us upright and together.

It does seem like a solid structure however, it is in motion at an energetic level, always sending and receiving information and messages from the brain and other parts of the anatomy and biology, encompassing who we are and how we move, or not, through life.

Depending on your views, attitudes and considerations, back pain can and may be both physical and metaphysical, meaning thoughts, emotions, people, places and events can be a part of the back pain and its encouragement to look at things within the landscape of your life, reveal it and then heal it. 

Understanding the Causes of Back Pain

From a biological perspective, we may link low-back pain to poor posture, weak abdominal muscles, excess weight, a degenerative disc disease, lack of physical activity, spinal stenosis or a damaged sciatic nerve that causes severe pain in the back that radiates down to the hips and legs. And while using a heating pad, taking muscle relaxants and undergoing spinal manipulation and other pain treatments may well help you with pain relief, it doesn't address the concerns of your unconscious mind, which are among the contributing factors to chronic pain, blood flow obstruction and a whole range of medical conditions. 

The Hopi Indians see the back as the 'Structure of Life'. We place many things behind us, not wanting to look or visit them again, the 'contrast', all the things we don't like in life, carrying them for our friends, family and often generational programs that limit our movements in life and keep us stuck, held back and or disabled.

Self-devaluation, negative self-talk, limiting language can also be a part of the pathways that hinder our ability to find the freedom and vitality in life and with our health on all levels of our Being.

The location of pain can give you clues or indicators on what may need to be addressed, remedied and resolved, to allow the individual to be happy, healthy, healed and whole.

Mother Nature makes no mistakes, if we are not listening and paying attention, her job is to protect her us from ourselves, take us from the 'game of life' and place us on the 'side lines', until we 'learn and let go' of what created the issue in the first place. Transforming the cause, not just the symptoms.

An Effective Solution for Back Pain Management

Undergoing imaging tests and a bone scan will help you see the physiological causes of your back problem and pain signals. It could be a bone spur, a dysfunction in the sacroiliac joints that causes low back and leg pain, or there might be an irritation of the spinal nerve root. Depending on what the tests reveal, your health professional will design a treatment plan to help you recover and go back to your normal daily activities.

A regular exercise program may be recommended for maintaining a healthy weight. Your doctor may also include gentle stretching or some form of manual therapy in your treatment plan to stimulate the connective tissue in and around your muscles. However, unless you address the underlying cause of recurring pain, which is oftentimes beyond the physical dimension of health, it will persist. The only way to eliminate it for good is by employing healing methods that address the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and energetic aspects of your being. 

Q: How can you help me understand my back pain?

A: Yes, through conversations your body and your unconscious mind asking the best questions to discover the layers of why this has shown up, helping you to join the dots, find the limitations and release them.

Q: How long does this process take?

A: That depends on what created the back pain in the first place? Symptoms can be multi-layered, so it can be addressing the issues layer by layer.

Q: What if I can't find what I need to know?

A: The body and the Being knows, it's in storage, in the biology, physiology and psychology, Body, Mind and Spirit. Waiting to be involved in the healing and recovery process. Subtle is better than a sledgehammer!!!

There are many ways of finding resolution for back pain, often it is a combination of healing protocols and approaches within a session. Creating an individual plan to suit each and every case as it presents, activating outcomes with success, ease and grace, simply, safely and effectively. 

My Holistic Tool Box is vast, 20 + years of study and healing/transformational applications. I will be working with all aspects of you, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically. Working smarter, not harder.

Everything in life can be a teaching moment or life lesson, symptoms, illness and dis-ease are all a part of the 'contrast' which encourages us and inspires us to change, shift and grow.

Imagine… your life, with a strong, healthy flexible back that supports you in all that you do…

Join me on the transformational journey so you can live your best life…as the architect of your own life…Build a Better Back…

FAQs About Back Pain

How can you tell if lower back pain is muscle or disc?

Back pain is muscular if it gets worse every time you move, especially when walking or bending. If you experience radicular pain that spreads down your buttocks and legs, then there may be something else at play. If you suspect it may be disc-related, it's best to get a diagnostic imaging test to determine whether there is an acute disc herniation present.

What is the best relief for lower back pain?

To relieve low back pain, make sure that you maintain proper posture at all times and avoid sitting for long periods of time. Also, it's important to increase your body's activity level through regular exercise. Stress is a major culprit of pain, so practise relaxation techniques and get enough sleep.

How do you know when back pain is serious?

When you experience a sharp pain that persists, unexplained weight loss, loss of bladder control, fever, stomach pain, and unexplained weight gain, your back pain could be more than a muscular problem. The location of the pain in your back might provide an indication of its severity.

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