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Becoming a Reiki Master

Becoming a Reiki Master
If you’ve been practising reiki for some time, you may be thinking about becoming a reiki master. But exactly what is involved in becoming and being a reiki master?
Most reiki practitioners choose mastery when they have fully immersed themselves in the practice. That way they are fully prepared and passionate to share their teachings with others.

What is a Reiki Master?

Reiki masters are true teachers and guides, showing students how to practice reiki well and heal others.
According to Reiki Australia, reiki masters can teach reiki in their own way, so long as it complies with a form of reiki practice.
Tradition says that reiki initiation is transferred from reiki master to student. It’s a powerful position that can greatly influence how students learn and what they take away from reiki as a healing methodology.
Reiki Australia says a master’s “lineage of initiation is his or her unbroken connection, back through successive Reiki Masters to founder Mikao Usui. It is through this lineage that the energetic connection to Mikao Usui and the original Usui System of Reiki Healing are maintained.”
While this is the traditional experience, today there is less ongoing contact between masters and students, so the lineage may not be as evident.

When to Become a Reiki Master

Most reiki masters will advise taking the first two levels of practice first, with plenty of practice in between. Doing this allows you to build your skills and get experience working with others and speaking confidently.
After level one, you can start treating yourself, people you know and even animals. If you then wish to extend your practice for mastery, you can continue on.
When undertaking your training, you can ask your master teacher for guidance in setting up your own teaching and taking the path to mastery.

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