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Career Outcomes for Nutritionists

Career Outcomes for Nutritionists

Have you long been interested in nutrition and want to share that knowledge with others? Studying nutrition can help make your career dreams a reality. In this article we explore the many career outcomes for nutritionists.

Why Study Nutrition?

With obesity and food intolerances on the rise, there has never been a greater need for nutritionists. Drawing on traditional and modern approaches to nutritional medicine, you’ll help clients choose the right foods to help their bodies function as efficiently as possible.

As a nutritionist, you’ll devise a comprehensive nutritional plan for your clients and deliver expert dietary advice, alongside treatments including supplements and vitamins. Through your work, you’ll be helping your clients ward off disease and live a healthier, longer life.

What Are My Study Options?

Since nutrition is such a complex field, it requires in-depth study. When starting out, you might like to undertake a short course. This will provide you with a basic introduction into the modality without a big investment.

If you then decide that nutrition is for you, you can opt for a Diploma and advance to an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine. This latter will take around 104 weeks full-time or 208 weeks part-time to complete. Over this time, you’ll grow your knowledge of nutrition so that you’re capable of advising clients when you graduate.

With that in mind, it’s worth checking that you choose an industry-recognised course, so that you can practice as a nutritionist as soon as you finish studying.

What Are My Job Prospects?

As a nutritionist, you’ll enjoy a varied career helping a range of clients. Children, pregnant women and adults will all benefit from your knowledge. You could start out sharing a practice with another therapist, or work as a nutritionist in a school, hospital or other setting.

Regardless of where you work or who you treat, you’ll use a range of diagnostic tools to help your clients adopt a healthier eating plan and live a healthier life.

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