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Consulting a Holistic Doctor

Consulting a Holistic Doctor

When was the last time you went to a doctor who took an overall approach to your health? It’s what holistic doctors do: treating the whole body, rather than separate symptoms. They believe that we all have innate healing powers and can heal ourselves by harmonising the body, mind and spirit.

Why See a Holistic Doctor?

Often, symptoms aren’t solo. They can be part of a bigger problem. Once you put all the pieces together, you can gain a greater awareness of your health and wellbeing and how it can be improved. This is what holistic medicine is all about: taking a holistic approach to health. A holistic doctor has the same qualifications as a GP, with relevant training in complementary medicine. They won’t just treat your symptoms; they’ll look at your entire physiology and treat the body as a whole. Often if one part of the body is out of balance, it affects other areas and systems. Most importantly, holistic doctors combine traditional therapies with modern medicine. They may propose acupuncture or naturopathy before prescribing medication. If you have a migraine, for example, your doctor won’t just write you a prescription for painkillers. Instead, they’ll asses your diet, sleep, stress and other elements to see what may be triggering the attack.

What Will the Holistic Doctor Do?

When you attend your appointment, the holistic doctor will ask you questions about your health and any concerns or ailments you currently have. They’ll then take time to assess your diet, lifestyle and fitness regime to see what could be improved to achieve optimum health and wellness. They’ll also consider your mental, spiritual and emotional makeup and how these can be brought into better balance. The doctor will draw on a suite of skills and treatments, without favouring one over the other. Rather, modalities will be combined and customised to suit your health needs and profile.

Finding a Holistic Doctor

It’s important to find a holistic doctor who understands your health goals. You should feel comfortable discussing these matters with your doctor. You can begin your search for a holistic doctor here on ntpages.

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