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Dawn Wilson - Life Matters; Counselling and Wellness Solutions

Dawn Wilson - Life Matters; Counselling and Wellness Solutions

I have just clicked on the link you provided re my profile update and I can’t pick my jaw up off the floor!  It honestly looks amazing!! Thank you so so so very much.  I didn’t realise you guys would do this kind of stuff for me as a brand new member. I thought I had to start from scratch and ‘build’ my profile on the page… this looks great and is a great platform for me now to go into and expand further on. Can I just say that I am so used to having to do every little by myself for myself in my little counselling business that I am a bit overwhelmed at the kind of help you have just provided for me.  I am staggered.  Thankyou so much.  By business needs to grow and anyone clicking onto this would surely feel that is a professional representation of me as a person and as counsellor.  Wow it is wonderful.

I had just tried to motivate myself this morning to log in and start the process of figuring out what on earth to say and where to put it all – and this has given me a tremendous boost.  I feel I have someone else out there to is actually interested in me and what I can do to achieve some results in my sole practice. It is isn’t easy having to wear all the hats – and I am not creative at all – so anything that can be advised or suggested to me I am always very grateful for.  What  you’ve done already is more than I could have come up with on my own, even though yes I have the wordage on my little website – I don’t know how to do side banners and things so this is just great.


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