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Decembeard 2019: Help Us Beat Bowel Cancer

Last Updated Aug 21, 2020

Decembeard Australia: Grow a beard, raise funds and help us beat bowel cancer.

Now on it's seventh year, Decembeard is a month-long awareness and fundraising event that encourages men to grown a beard during the last month of the year to help raise awareness and monet for bowel cancer patients and research. The ultimate goal of the event is to have a lasting impact on the health future, where no one dies of bowel cancer and every patient is able to receive the support they need.

Women and children are also encouraged to rake part by making or faking a beard, as well as asking their fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriend, partners and male friends to learn more about bowel cancer, and possible growing a beard for Decembeard.

Established in 2011 by a UK charitable group called Beating Bowel Cancer, Decembeard was started as a fun way to draw attention to UK's second biggest cancer killer, bowel cancer. The event was brought to the local shore by Bowel Cancer Australia.

The Decembeard has also expanded all over the world, with men growing beards for bowel cancer in Canada, Ireland and New Zealand, all of which have their own local version of the program.

Bowel Cancer Australia

Bowel Cancer Australia is the leading community-funded, non-NGO charity dedicated in the prevention, early detection, research, quality treatment and care for people suffering with bowel cancer. The group aims to have an everlasting impact on health future where no Australian dies from bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer facts

One in 11 Australia men will develop bowel cancer in their lifetime, especially those who are 50 years old and above. There are actually 8,500 men diagnosed with bowel cancer every year. It is the third deadliest cancer in men, killing 2,900 men every year, 10% of which are under age 55.

Factors that affect bowel cancer risk include diet, lifestyle, age, personal and family health history and heredity.

There are no visible and obvious symptoms for bowel cancer in its early stage. That is why it is important to always get checked as early detection is key and can save your life. There are signs that can point to the possibility of the disease, such as:

  • persistent change in bowel habit
  • change in appearance of bowel movements
  • blood in the bowel movement or rectal bleeding
  • unexplained tiredness, weakness or weight loss
  • abdominal pain, especially if severe
  • a lump or pain in the rectum or anus

To learn more about Decembeard 2019, check out

Decembeard 2019 for Bowel Cancer Awareness

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Originally published on Oct 30, 2019

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