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Dorn Therapy & Back Pain

Dec 10, 2020

Do you want to reap the benefits of chiropractic and exercise from a single modality? If so, Dorn therapy is what you need. Developed by Dieter Dorn in Germany sometime in the 70s, hence the name of the modality, this painless, hands-on therapy was primarily used to treat back and joint pain. Nowadays, it's used to treat a wide array of conditions. Moreover, it allows you to maintain your body's natural structure minus the high cost of therapy. 

What is Dorn Therapy?

The Dorn method is a type of holistic manual therapy that corrects misaligned vertebrae and restores the normal functions of the joints. While other forms of manual therapies are heavily reliant on the therapist, the Dorn method allows you to correct the position of your joints and spine by yourself and ultimately relieve pain. In doing so, you prevent future injuries and reduce your healthcare expenses.

What Are the Benefits of Dorn Therapy?

Several decades since its discovery, the Dorn therapy has shown to produce far-reaching benefits in people's lives. Qualified practitioners of the modality have been treating not only back pain but also a wide range of other structural and non-structural problems, including:

How Does the Dorn Method Work? 

During a treatment session, the therapist will first check the length of your legs to identify where the structural problem lies. The practitioner will then apply gentle pressure to the joints and work on correcting them. Note that the practitioner and client work together to adjust the dislocated joint or vertebra. As the former applies pressure to a specific joint in the body, the latter performs guided movements to bring the bones back to their normal position.

How Can the Dorn Method Help Relieve Back Pain?

Back pain is almost always caused by misaligned vertebrae resulting from injury or bad posture. To find out if your spine is uneven, all you have to do is check your legs. If one is longer than the other, that's a clear indication that you have an alignment problem. With the assistance of a certified Dorn therapy practitioner, you'll be able to correct your dislocated joints or vertebrae in no time and eliminate excruciating back pain for good.

For back pain, the therapist will first inspect the sacrum and thoracic areas of your spine. Once they have identified the misaligned area, they will apply gentle pressure to the affected joint while you swing one leg back and forth to guide the joint back to place. During therapy, the practitioner educates you on how to carry out these movements regularly at home to maintain good posture and prevent potential dislocations.   

To find a qualified Dorn method therapist in your area who can assist with your back pain, head over to the comprehensive list of accredited health practitioners on the Natural Therapy Pages.

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FAQs About Dorn Therapy & Back Pain

What is the main cause of leg length difference?

Sitting with your legs crossed leads to leg length discrepancy because the bone in the upper leg is forced out of the hip socket. It can also be due to excessive pressure placed on the hip joint when you bend down with straight legs.

Is the Dorn method a safe treatment?

Yes, Dorn therapy is a safe, noninvasive treatment approach for back pain and other structural problems. The process does not involve force as the therapist and client work together to correct the dislocated joint or vertebrae. It has been practised since the 1970s, and there was no instance that it garnered any negative reviews.

How many sessions are necessary to correct misaligned joints and spinal problems?

The number of Dorn therapy treatments that you need will depend on the problem you're seeking help for. Most people see immediate results after a single treatment, while others who suffer severe conditions require up to three sessions.

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