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Go Alcohol-free on Dry July 2019

Go Alcohol-free on Dry July 2019

What is Dry July?

Dry July is a fundraising and awareness campaign started through the Dry July Foundation that encourages people to go alcohol-free during the month of July in order to create better awareness for cancer and raise funds for people affected by the illness.

This annual event started in 2008 with three mates - Brett, Kenny and Phil - who wanted to take a break from alcohol and decided to abstain for the month of July that year. While avoiding any alcohol that first year, they were also able to raise money by asking friends and family to sponsor them. Hoping to raise $3,000 to buy a TV for their local hospital's waiting room, they ended up raising $250,000, thanks for the support fo Adam Spencer. And from there, Dry July was born. 

Since then, Dry July has inspired more than 160,000 Aussies to go dry, raising $37 million for people affected by cancer, and funding projects at more than 75 cancer organisations across Australia. The funds raised have been used to provide invaluable services for cancer patients, their families and carers – whether it’s a lift to a life-saving appointment, guidance from a specialist nurse, connection to an informative voice, access to therapy programs or a bed close to treatment.

Where does the money go

  • Wellness Programs
  • Transport Services
  • Accommodation
  • Comfort Items
  • Entertainment Items
  • Facility Refurbishments
  • Hospital Equipment
  • Information Resources

Organisations they support

The Dry July Foundation is proud to support numerous cancer organisations across Australia. Some of the organisations who benefit from our fundraising include:

  • Cancer Council
  • Leukaemia Foundation
  • Look Good Feel Better
  • McGrath Foundation
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
  • Redkite

Aside from helping out people affected by cancer, joining Dry July is also very beneficial to participants. Abstaining from alcohol for a month certainly has great health benefits, including sleeping better, having more energy and of course, no hangovers. So not only are you helping other, you are also helping yourself.

To join Dry July 2019, you can register here.

Dry July 2019

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