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Evolution in Our Own Lifetime

Author and Trusted NTP practitioner

Elizabeth Ellen

Empowered Alchemy

Elizabeth Ellen is an award-winning mentor, coach and leader in the field of empowerment and healing, bringing her unique creative process into discussions about neuroscience, human potential, and energy work. She is a leading expert in the field, a compassionate, holistic guide to healing Trauma and Fear related stresses, including a wealth of guided practices and exercises that draw upon current PTSD neuroscience, energy-based therapies, hypnotherapy and mindfulness practices.
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Last Updated Sep 28, 2021

Evolution in Our Own Lifetime

If we don't learn to Ride the Wave, we will get swamped in the Surf.
- by Elizabeth Ellen

Calling in new beginnings; however, we must have the courage and faith to live our current life with a new dialogue. 

That's right, begin changing our current perception of what is currently happening in our world.

Do you remember as a child, writing a story about how you thought life would be like in the year 2000?

Did you imagine cars flying like mini spaceships above the road with highways in the sky?

Did you pretend to be Maxwell Smart and dial your mum on your shoe heel, or more imaginable, 'making and receiving phone calls on your watch'?

This was when we were currently watching black & white TV with a big fat backside, and listening to Abba on our vinyl records. Colour TV was only for the rich, and if you were extremely lucky, you rented a video on the weekend.

We were taking photos on cameras and getting our film developed. Videos morphed into DVD's, into Blu-ray and now we have Netflix & YouTube.

This is called evolution. 

Now we are seeing businesses closing, more and more for lease signs going up every day. Our shopping malls are all but empty. We are now ordering online and getting our groceries delivered or pick & collect.

During our lifetime we have seen more technological developments since our parents were children.

What do they say? "Know your history or else it will repeat". World wars, Great Depression, Spanish Flu (ironically didn't begin in Spain), all created a massive need in our human life and this brought about invention and innovation, which has developed and increased our standard of living like no other era in history.

Have you ever asked, as the adult you are today, the same questions you asked, when you were a child growing up?

The year 2020 heralded in a brand-new decade, and look how quickly this year, this decade, changed our world. Remember the fires raging out of control, people losing their homes, their loved ones, animals, wildlife, our koalas opened our hearts like they have never been opened. We dug deep as a nation during difficult times, and we helped and supported each other, both physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.

A lot of the funds we so generously donated, still have not been forwarded to the people. Our infamous leader, Scott Morrison, felt it was OK to continue on with his plans and holiday in Hawaii, until the Australian people made such a loud noise of disapproval and he returned home, only to mismanage the Australian people's emotions.  

During the fires, Gladdie and Scotty, both under the guise of 'Smoke & Mirrors', passed through legislation, mandates and laws that escaped the people of Australia's notice. This is not the platform to write about such political measures; however, when we think about our beautiful Australia, and how lucky and free our country is or unfortunately was, where our forefathers have fought for our freedom, and now we have become so used to being safe and provided for, in a free and democratic country, we have been complacent for too long, whinging about our leaders, but still voting them in and not standing up for our rights individually, our families, our children and our nation.  

We have stood by, watching our leaders sell Australia out from underneath us and now we are being forced into mandates of vaccination, lockdown and masks against our freedom and will.

What is going to happen in the world in the year 2022, 2030, 2050, 2100?

Changes are taking place so fast; we are struggling to keep up and accept our current world we are living in now. However, it is tough times like we are currently living in, where our basic needs are to be addressed and innovated, it's just that it happened so fast.

Remembering back to 1999 and we were all fearful the world would collapse when the midnight hand struck 12 midnight. Do you remember the Twin Towers collapsing on that fateful night when our safety and ways of travelling in our world changed forever?

If we pretend being a child once again and we imagine being a superhero that we modelled every day in every way. Imagine floating out into your future, 10, 20, 30, 50 even 100 years from now and imagine writing a postcard back to yourself from the future, to yourself today.

Begin by using your own first name.

Dear ………

I am so excited to write to you today, from our favourite place in the whole world.

I know you know you were expecting great change, but man, you should now see the street where we grew up as kids, how much it has changed.

Where once we lived in what was called housing commission, is now a wealthy suburb, can you imagine parking our old bomb car in a glass bubble up on our roof, where we call Google to warm the motor and the seats, prior to us pressing the button on our own elevator to carry us from downstairs, up into our aircraft. That's right, motor cars driven on the roads no longer exist. Can you imagine this ever happening in human history?

Our towns and cities look completely different, where once there were shops to purchase goods, now we order them online.

Our houses have mostly been pulled down and replaced as renovation is already a past hobby that no longer exists, or very rarely can people be bothered to renovate as the materials, lifestyle and needs have changed so completely.

If you are to imagine being a fashion designer, and already you have experienced changing fashion in our own lifetime, imagine floating out into the future to the year 2032, and imagine the handpicked selection of clothes you will be wearing. Design a new range of clothes for an upcoming fashion parade, or won't these events even exist.

How will we purchase our clothes?

How will we travel?  

What will 'government', economics and shopping be like?  

Is education still important, how will the educational standards be assessed and measured?

How will children be educated?  

Will family life be different?  

What spiritual and psychic gifts will we have?  

What will the new spiritual technology offer? Will animals be affected? 

It is said it only takes 0.05% of the world population to bring our current chaotic dark world into a peaceful 'Golden New Age'.

Can you imagine living your life on Mother Earth during this time of confluence and change?

We are nearing this tipping point now.

It is said in the writings of Nostradamus and the Mayan and Hopi Indians that this time on earth will change from the Industrial Iron Age and become the Age of Aquarius and be known as the Golden Age.

Could we be living in this powerful time of change today?

The time is now to stand up for our human rights, our freedom, before we lose it all through complacency. 

How do we just turn off one way of living and thinking and become reprogrammed into a new way of living and thinking?

This is known as the evolution of life and it isn't like turning on or off a light switch. No one said it would be easy to enter into a new way of thinking, feeling, actioning our thoughts instantly and becoming what we want manifest immediately.

After the tipping point, when this energetic vibration begins to resonate to a new vibration, which will be known as the fifth dimensional blueprint for Earth and will be slowly activated...

Some of us will resist, for whatever reason. Some will want to hold onto the old world, but over generations, we will continue to evolve, just like we have always done.

Already we are amazed at our children and grandchildren how they easily navigate technology, even my 2.5-year-old grandson can call me on his parent's master Google pad and call out "Grandie" and my smart phone rings, with his delightful little face, excitedly showing me his new fort, he and his daddy just built in the lounge room.

When technology is currently beyond our comprehension, we already know it's time to ask our kids or grandkids for help and guidance. If we are already noticing this change in technology in our world today, imagine floating out into 2032 but also to 2050 when every single thing will be on a much higher frequency beyond imagination and the world will have dramatically changed. Can you imagine?

How do we learn to let go of the old traditional ways and accept new ways of looking at life and learning to accept change when times are so uncertain?

As modern humans, we need to learn to feel safe, in our own energetic body and feel safe in reprogramming our unconscious mind, so we become comfortable living our own lives aligned to our own values or highest beliefs that maintain our own status quo instead of continuing to struggle with feelings of being stuck or repeating cycles of sabotage hoping to get different results, where we repeat those unwanted beliefs of our forefathers, which no longer serve our optimal highest good.

Can you imagine aligning your mind fully to your highest vibration and bringing towards you unlimited happiness, ease, peace, success and abundance as we head into a new way of living our lives, operating our business and connecting and commuting with others today and into our unknown future? 

The time is now to create your highest vision and build upon your highest intelligence and create an innovative way of healing, communication and empowerment.

If we don't learn to ride the wave, we will get swamped in the surf.

If you are ready to play 100% and learn to navigate your new way of innovating yourself, your family, relationships, health and well-being, spirituality, career and align yourself to achieving abundant success on your terms, call Elizabeth for a complimentary 15-minute consultation. Book in and Breakthrough today.

To learn more, visit www.empoweredalchemy.com.au.

Originally published on Sep 20, 2021

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