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Last Updated Sep 30, 2020
Health & Wellness

When my body feels tight and sore, I get a massage. If I’m feeling lethargic, I go for a long walk. When I’m run down and feeling fluey, I take a dose of vitamins and tea. Any time my body needs healing, I’m quick to treat it. Something I’ve never done, however, is take the time to heal my soul.

Out of curiosity, I booked in for a divine healing session with spiritual teacher Alana Fairchild, who helps her clients “find their way from struggle to grace, with the loving assistance of higher spiritual guidance.” I was a little nervous walking down the garden path to her door, as I’m much more of a thinker than a feeler!

I entered Alana’s warm, dimly-lit room and immediately felt at peace. My apprehension eased as Alana explained how the session would unfold. With her kind, smiling eyes and soft voice, she told me that anything might come up during the healing and that I was free to respond any way I wished. She may sing, chant or ask me to repeat something. Alana said this would be my higher spirit guide communicating with my soul – my essence.

With eyes closed, I was guided through some vivid visualisations. Alana asked me to picture warm light filling my body. I imagined my feet were forged to the earth with deep-reaching roots. As I envisaged energy surging through my body, my skin began to tingle. It was a gentle buzzing, like little electrical beads vibrating on its surface.

I then heard the most enchanting musical notes pour out of Alana, as she gently touched my forehead and heart. Her sweet song drifted around me and I was captivated by the heavenly sound. It was unlike anything I’d ever heard. She sang words of guidance, related to recent challenges and thoughts I’d been having. It really did seem as though something higher, something outside of myself, was leading me. My stresses seemed to melt away and, on Alana’s advice, I pictured the past pouring out of my throat and back. It was such a strong, surprising sensation that I couldn’t help but weep. I felt safe and secure as tears drifted down my cheeks. It was an incredible release!

When the session ended, Alana gently guided me back into the room and I opened my eyes. I felt relaxed and at peace, as if I’d woken from a deep sleep and was drifting out of a dream. 
Alana said I should be gentle on myself over the next few days, as I processed what had come through in the session.

As I walked back down the garden path in a calm daze, I took a deep, exhilarating breath. I was so happy to have undergone some serious soul therapy!

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Originally published on Feb 13, 2012

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