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Exploring Mind Body Medicine: Interview With an Expert

Last Updated Nov 09, 2020

Mind body medicine is an attractive proposition given that it uses the power of thoughts and emotions to enable physical health. With a new diploma on its curriculum, the Diploma of Mind Body Medicine, ntpages caught up with Ondrej Bursik from the College of Complementary Medicine (CCM) to find out more about their offering.

Tell us about the new diploma & why it was created?

The Diploma of Mind Body Medicine was created as a result of an increasing need in our society to have practitioners who work in the area of health, wellbeing and optimal function. We train practitioners to understand the different facets of our being including our physical body, our emotional self, our energetic self, our bio chemistry and how these elements all integrate for optimal health of each individual. The Diploma incorporates many areas from complementary medicine including kinesiology, muscle monitoring, Traditional Chinese Medicine theories, homeopathics, nutrition, counselling and more.

Is MBM being used more in conjunction with conventional medical approaches?

Definitely. Mind Body Medicine is an approach which helps to identify the clients underlying problems / issues. The process of such an approach may include referring clients to GPs and psychologists and other conventional medical approaches or using a variety of techniques from the complementary medicine field.

Are integrated clinics becoming more widespread?

Absolutely. Integrated clinics where complementary medicine practitioners, and conventional medical GPs and other health professionals work together to bring about optimal health for each client are becoming more popular.

What career does the new diploma qualify a graduate to engage in?

The career paths that our graduates can aspire to are running a private practice as a Mind Body Medicine practitioner and Kinesiologist or work as part of a team in integrative clinics. Some of our graduates have gone on and worked in the industry of peak performance, stress management, learning difficulties, pain and injury recovery with sports teams. Graduates interested in further study have the option to study our Integrative Complementary Medicine Advanced Diploma or complete a Degree through a university like Charles Sturt University.

What student is this course suitable for?

Anyone who is looking for a career path where they can help others and be trained as a professional practitioner in the complementary medicine industry.

Is the Diploma locally & internationally accredited?

The Diploma of Mind Body Medicine is a government accredited Diploma which is also CRICOS approved (approved for International students ). VETFEE Help is available for this Diploma.

How do I find out more about a Diploma in Mind Body Medicine?

You can visit our website where you can download the full prospectus. We highly recommend attending our free information workshops or participating in our 2 day hands on workshops to get a good understanding of this modality and how we teach it.

Originally published on May 06, 2014

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