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February 2011 NZ Local Directory Winner

February 2011 NZ Local Directory Winner

Bowtech - June Sobye

So what made June Sobye from Bowtech worthy of the $100 winner prize this month?

June Sobye clearly thought about how she could turn her readers into enquiring customers when creating her page. She thought about the frequently asked questions she gets asked and provided an answer for each of them. Her images also reflect the work she does and gives strong branding for her company.

Why is it beneficial to include frequently asked questions and how has the winning page done this so affectively?

Featuring commonly asked questions is a great way to tap into the state of mind of your reader who could be converted into your next client. By showing you understand their concerns and can address these, you help them progress forward to the stage of booking an appointment. Particularly if you present questions relating to the modality as a whole and then show how your particular service can assist with their needs.

By presenting these in a question and answer format it is easier to read than a whole long paragraph which covers everything. 
This technique is also a great way to educate new clients about modalities they may not have explored as yet. It will also save you time when you get enquiries as you would have already answered most of their questions.

I like how June has presented questions relating to a particular service and starts with broader questions such as 'What is it and how does it work?'  to questions relating to the individual such as 'Can the Bowen technique help me?'. She clearly understands what her clients need to know to help them take the next step to make an appointment. Her answers reflect her strong understanding of her modality.

Take a look at the winning page.


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