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Food Rules for Kids

Food Rules for Kids

Food Rules for Kids

Here are seven food rules that will help you optimize your kids eating habits and health. Trying to be the best parent you could possibly be for your child can be an arduous job. Feeding them can add further challenges.

While most parents understand, and recognize the importance of good nutrition for their child’s wellbeing, many need help when it comes to putting theory into practice.

Model it

Your children will mimic your behaviours.  The healthier choices you make, the healthier choices your children will make.
  • Let fruits and vegetables be accessible in the kitchen.
  • Keep the ‘junk’ food as a treat.


Vary the foods offered at meal times and snacks
  • It is important to vary the health foods you eat.  Offer different choices of flavours, textures and colours in order to increase the development of your child’s palate.

Focus on your child’s needs

Focus on quality, not quantity.  Children have a way of knowing when they are full.  Force feeding them until their plate is empty may encourage them to lose that innate instinct.

Healthy foods

Do not Give Up on the Offer of Healthy Foods
  • More than one or even three exposures of a new food may be necessary to get your child to try a new food.

Keep it fun and exciting

Shopping together makes it more fun for you and your child.  It also allows them the opportunity to make their own choices, under your guidance of teaching them what is healthy and what is not.

Cooking together will encourage your child to eat the food that is made.

Do not make it become a battle

Keep portions small.  You can always serve more if your child is still genuinely hungry.
  • Serve new foods with familiar foods.
  • Enjoys the meals together and make them relaxing for you and for your child.  Remember eating meals together is also about family time.

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