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This week Debbie Rossi of Total Being Kinesiolgy talks about letting go of her fears in business..

When we are in our own business, especially businesses like ours in the natural therapy sector, we are our business. We are the face and person of our business and ultimately people buy our business because they buy us.

We do not follow others and conform to what a boss tells us to do. We are the person who is the business we are selling. As a result of this we often stand alone in our business and what we believe in.

In my Kinesiology business..

For a long time I would make up excuses and reasons why my business was not succeeding. Excuses like, I had no time to devote to my business or I did not have enough money to re-invest into my business or my kids needed me (these are just a few as the excuses go on and on). I focused on these excuses for a long time and I believed them to be true.  Yet they were not true, they were just the things I told myself because I did not want to deal with my fears.

When I focused on these excuses I did not have to focus on my biggest fears of putting myself forward for people to reject my business (and ultimately reject me) or that I was not good enough for this business to succeed. I continued to focus on these fears for a very long time, because they kept me safe in my little world behind my computer where I could put myself out there in a controlled way (through a post here or there on social media or an email to someone, all safe).

What did I do to get over my fears?

I took some of my own advice!

Through understanding what was going on underneath these excuses I have been able to break down my fears. And see them as just that an excuse, but the real reasons that I need to deal with is the underlying fear of not being good enough or the fear of failure. Once I am able to build myself up with more self-belief and self-confidence from the inside out, I can let go of my fears associated with me in my business.

My advice to you...

Do not let these fears paralyse you but to empower you into action. We all experience fears, which is okay, yet what we do with the fears will be the deciding factor in whether our business is successful or not.

Take action in your business and ultimately yourself by doing something every day that you feel uncomfortable in. It is in actions that you feel uncomfortable in that will propel your business (and yourself) forward.

Good luck in your business and I wish you all many successes!!!

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