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Guide to Trusting your Intuition

Guide to Trusting your Intuition
You wake up from a deep sleep, alarmed and breathing heavy. Your heart is beating very quickly and images are flashing through your head. You realise that you have just had a bad dream. In this dream you’ve seen yourself involved in a car accident. When you wake the next morning the feeling is still with you. Throughout your day you pay extra special attention as you drive in traffic, unable to stop seeing the flashes from the dream. Normally you don’t bother to put on your seatbelt, but today you feel it would be the wise thing to do. After work, just as you round the corner of your home street, a car smashes you from the side. You know in that moment, as you say a thankful prayer, that your intuition prompted you to put that seatbelt on.

What is Intuition and How Do You Use It?

Intuition can be attributed to many things, depending on your own personal beliefs. Some believe it is a guardian angel, while others trust that it is God. Many people see intuition as psychic knowledge and many just don’t see it at all. There are keys to building and using your intuition, if that is something you wish to pursue.


No matter whether you think intuition is another force speaking to you or your own higher self offering insightful thoughts, it is important first and foremost to listen. Listening to the wisdom that comes from within is vital to gaining clarity and to obtaining the desires you have in your life. Dreams and impulses are your mind and soul’s way of relaying truths to you. You must open the listening mechanism in your heart so you can hear from your greatest source.


Seeing the connection of events and ideas in your daily life is another important factor. Synchronistic occurrences can be seen as chance, but if you actually give merit to these events they will begin to make sense. Start to expect, even rely on coincidence, and it will work for you. The universe wants you to succeed, so trusting and expecting it to make sense will serve you greatly.


Learn to trust your feelings. Intuition can be felt as a physical response. There is a reason we have the saying ‘gut feeling’. When something is awry you can often register it as queasiness in the pit of your stomach. This is intuition literally grabbing you and making you pay attention. Start to pay closer attention to these physical signs.


There are many ways to increase the regularity of intuitive instances in your life. Meditation or quiet contemplation is a great start. Learning to clear or calm your mind will help with the listening aspects. Creating visualisations will assist you to see better the intuitive happenings around you. This is the essence to manifesting what you need and want. Your creative ability to picture and imagine what you look like happy, successful and in touch with the world around you will solidify these qualities in everything you do. Take time to listen to nature. See how things work together, and notice the habits in your life that keep you from coordinating harmoniously with nature. Intuition is your natural state. Let it flourish and nourish all that you do.

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